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timberland ladies boots DPD officer kicks in door to save dog from burning home

A Durham police officer on his lunch break was able to save a dog, but the residents of 503 Valleymede Drive lost just about everything else, firefighters said.

Durham police Cpl. Dante Ferrell saw smoke coming from the home and was the first to report the fire.

“I work in Internal Affairs, so I don’t have boots on. I kicked the door with some 2 year old dress shoes, so I felt more of it on my foot than I liked,” Ferrell said. “I had to kick it two or three times. My biggest concern was whether or not the dog was going to bite me once I kicked the door.”

Ferrell was able to get the dog out and to determine that no one was home.

“Oddly enough, I know the owners,” he said. Their sons played Little League together.

“I saw it, I knew it was more than a cookout or somebody burning leaves in their backyard. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Unfortunately for the house, it wasn’t, but I’m just glad somebody got here in time to save the dog,” he said.
mens timberland boots on sale DPD officer kicks in door to save dog from burning home

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timberland boots kids DPD Fires Officer For Excessive Force

Charities In 2017 RevealedForbes has revealed their list of America largest charities as well as how much of your money will actually go towards their respective causes.

Just Want Him Caught Blind Vet Scammed By ContractorFirestone police are searching for a man they say scammed a blind Air Force veteran and retired Longmont firefighter out of several thousand dollars.

Coloradans Donate Thousands Of Toys To Boys Girls ClubFrom early in the morning to late afternoon on Friday, the King Soopers at Colorado Blvd and Yale Avenue saw a steady stream of donations.

New Construction Project Will Make It Easier To Get Onto Pena BoulevardA new construction project in Denver will make it easier to get onto Pena Boulevard.

Finally, Snow! Put Those Winter Driving Skills To The TestDrivers hit the roads on Thursday morning with the first measurable snow in Denver since Oct. 9. That has the Colorado Department of Transportation reminding drivers to prepare for icy roads and slippery conditions.

Can Do This Those Looking For Work Attend I 70 Expansion Job FairThe Colorado Department of Transportation is gearing up for a major project that will change the landscape of Interstate 70 through the central part of Denver.

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Officer James Medina in the jail cell with Seryina Trujillo (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) The Denver Police Department has fired a veteran officer for what it terms inappropriate force against a female prisoner in a police department holding cell last July.

The department announced the firing of Officer James Medina last Wednesday.

his actions taken as a whole are not in line with the values of the police department, said Cmdr. Matt Murray.

Medina is appealing his termination which his attorney calls a jerk reaction. a letter from Denver’s Deputy Director of Safety ordering his firing, the department says Medina used disproportionate force against Seryina Trujillo and Ms. Trujillo at great risk of serious bodily injury or death. had arrested Trujillo earlier on July 10 for allegedly attempting to interfere when officials were taking her boyfriend into custody. Police say she spat on one officer and kicked Medina, a 16 year veteran, in the face.

Trujillo was transported to the Denver Police Department’s District 2 substation on charges of assaulting an officer and interference. According to video of what happened next, obtained by CBS4, when Officer Medina took Trujillo into a holding cell, he ordered her to remove her belt and shoes, but the woman did not immediately comply with the order.

When Trujillo continued to ask questions but did not surrender her shoes and belt, Medina engaged her in a physical struggle which was captured by a video camera in the cell. During the struggle, the officer can be heard numerous times telling Trujillo not to bite him.

Officer James Medina appears to put his knee on Seryina Trujillo neck (credit: CBS_

Eventually Medina was able to pin Trujillo to a bench in the holding cell and he placed his right knee against her neck. When he got off Trujillo, the woman went limp and fell to the floor, apparently unconscious. She remained blacked out on the floor of the cell for several seconds before appearing to regain consciousness.

Officer James Medina in the jail cell with Seryina Trujillo, who appears to be passed out (credit: CBS)

Police administrators say Medina never obtained medical attention for Trujillo, never reported his use of force, and used poor tactics in dealing with the prisoner.

Four days after the incident another officer told a supervisor about what had happened in the holding cell.

case came to light because the police department did its job correctly, said Murray.

In the letter firing Medina, the Manager of Safety’s Office said, Medina used extremely poor judgment when he made the unreasonable decision to forcibly remove Ms. Trujillos’ belt and shoes without seeking the assistance of other officers, and this bad decision escalated into the inappropriate use of force when Officer Medina engaged Ms. Trujillo in a physical confrontation and struggle that placed her at great risk of serious bodily injury or death. department says Medina placing his knee on Trujillo’s neck was extremely dangerous and unnecessary.

have repeatedly talked about the fact there is a culture of change within the Denver Police Department demanded by the community and this is a part of it, said Murray. is an expectation that officers act differently than Officer Medina did in this case. This is clearly not consistent with our values and this is not treating people with respect. Sgt. Glenn Mahr on the DPD Tactics Review Board also reviewed the videotape and suggested Medina used force against Trujillo because she was displaying aggression toward him. But Mahr said it was imprudent for Officer Medina to take his gun into the cell because Trujillo could have gotten ahold of the officer weapon and used it against him.

Mahr also noted that it would have been more appropriate for Medina to obtain the assistance of other officers to gain compliance from the female arrestee.

As part of the investigation, a division chief at Denver Health Medical Center, Marc Schershel, was also asked to review the videotape. He said Medina used force and techniques, but expressed concern that the officer decided to go it alone in the holding cell without other officers.
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timberland bromilly boots black Dozens killed in double suicide attack in Syrian capital

timberland calderbrook boots Dozens killed in double suicide attack in Syrian capital

(Adds more details and background)

BEIRUT, March 15 (Reuters) Two suicide bomb attacks killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens more in Damascus on Wednesday, state media reported, in the second such spate of bombings in the Syrian capital in five days.

The first suicide bomber targeted the Palace of Justice, the main courthouse in central Damascus near the Old City. Justice Minister Najem al Ahmad told reporters the initial death toll was 31, mostly civilians.

The second suicide blast struck a popular restaurant in the al Rabweh area of Damascus to the west of the first attack causing several casualties, state media reported.

State news agency SANA cited the Damascus police as saying that there were 102 injured in the courthouse attack and 28 injured in the restaurant.

Analysts who follow Syria have predicted that as jihadist rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al Assad suffer military reverses, they will increasingly turn to guerrilla attacks in territory controlled by the government.

As well as the Damascus bombings of recent days, which coincide with the sixth anniversary of the protests that sparked Syria’s civil war, attackers also twice struck the government held city of Homs in the past few weeks.

On Saturday scores of people, most of them Iraqi Shi’ite pilgrims, were killed in a double suicide attack in Damascus claimed by an alliance of jihadist groups known as Tahrir al Sham.

Their military chief, the former al Qaeda leader in Syria, Abu Mohammad al Golani, had vowed more attacks after claiming multiple suicide attacks in the city of Homs last month. (1120 GMT) as the police tried to search him and stop him from entering the building, state television cited the Damascus police chief as saying.

Syrian state television broadcast footage from inside the courthouse showing blood splattered on a floor littered with papers,
timberland bromilly boots black Dozens killed in double suicide attack in Syrian capital
a shoe and broken tiles and stones. Images from a hospital showed a man in a suit on a stretcher with blood on his clothes.

The explosion hit the courthouse “at a time when the area is crowded” with lawyers, judges and civilians, harming a large number of people, Ahmed al Sayyid, a senior state legal official told state run al Ikhbariya TV.

He later added that 45 people had been wounded.

Assad and his allies describe all the rebels fighting against the government, which include jihadists as well as nationalist groups supported by the United States, Turkey and Gulf monarchies, as terrorists.

“The attack came as a retaliation against the latest victories of the Syrian army and the political victories in Geneva and Astana,” Ahmad said, referring to recent peace talks in Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

State media reported that the second bomber had entered the restaurant and detonated the device after having been chased by security forces.

“These are people who blow themselves up to kill others..,” Interior Minister Mohammad al Shaar told state media, adding that the security personnel were pursuing other suspects involved in the bombings.

In late February an attack in central Homs killed dozens of people with coordinated shootings and suicide bombs that targeted two security headquarters and led to the death of a senior official.

That attack was also claimed by Tahrir al Sham, which includes the Fateh al Sham group that was formerly known as the Nusra Front until it formally broke ties with al Qaeda last year.

Another suicide attack in Homs on Tuesday killed one person and injured two others, a witness told Reuters. (Reporting by Ellen Francis in Beirut and Kinda Makieh in Damascus; Writing by Tom Perry and Angus McDowall; Editing by Ken Ferris and Gareth Jones)
timberland bromilly boots black Dozens killed in double suicide attack in Syrian capital

timberland euro sprint mens boots dozens hurt after Virginia white nationalist rally is dispersed

timberland boots for girls dozens hurt after Virginia white nationalist rally is dispersed

At least three people were killed and 35 injured after a violence filled Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., where white nationalists had gathered for one of their largest rallies in at least a decade, only to see their event end in chaos and national controversy.

Bloody street brawls broke out between dozens of anti racism activists and far right attendees, many of whom carried shields, weapons and Nazi and Confederate battle flags. One woman was killed when a driver plowed a sports car into a crowd of protesters; he was arrested and charged with murder and other crimes. Two troopers died when a Virginia State Police helicopter crashed near the city after monitoring the chaos.

By the end of the day, top political officials around the nation, both Republicans and Democrats, were nearly unanimous in denouncing racism and the violence that stemmed from the rally, which was called off before it could even begin.

But in a television statement that drew criticism from many of his fellow Republicans, as well as from Democrats, President Trump blamed the violence “on many sides, on many sides.” As he did repeatedly during his presidential campaign, Trump avoided direct criticism of the nation’s burgeoning white nationalist movement, whose leaders have openly and repeatedly embraced Trump’s presidency.

His position drew widespread rebukes. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, one of Trump’s rivals from last year’s race, for example, said it would be “very important” for the country to hear Trump “describe events in Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists.”

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was far blunter.

“I have a message to all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today,” McAuliffe said in a Saturday evening news conference. “Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. Shame on you.”

McAuliffe added, “You came here today to hurt people, and you did hurt people.”

Saturday’s violence involved political forces that have been building on the left and the right for years, as anti racism activists and white power advocates have battled each other on the Internet and increasingly in the streets over the meaning of the nation’s traumatic racial history and its course for the future.

The original reason for Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally was a battle over Charlottesville’s ordered removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. The statue is one of many Confederate symbols loathed by anti racism advocates but embraced by many white Southerners, who see them as part of their heritage, as well as by white nationalists, who believe in a separate nation for white people.

As the date drew nearer in recent weeks, the event became a kind of Woodstock for the far right. White nationalists and neo Nazis made plans to travel from around the nation to attend and see movement luminaries such as Richard Spencer, who were proud supporters of the president’s candidacy in 2016 in large part due to his immigration agenda.

The night before the main demonstration, scores of white nationalists drew condemnation as they marched through the empty University of Virginia campus bearing tiki torches and chanting, “Blood and soil!” an old Nazi slogan “You will not replace us!” and “White lives matter!”

They outnumbered, surrounded and scuffled with a small group of anti racist demonstrators who had come to protest them.

Saturday was a different story. Before the “Unite the Right” rally could even begin, neo Nazis, white nationalists and other far right figures began brawling with large numbers of opposing protesters.

White nationalists in helmets, who were holding plastic shields, and anti racism protesters, carrying red banners, could be seen skirmishing with each other on a city street, with someone spraying what appeared to be a crowd control substance at the counter protesters. Virginia state police said pepper spray was being released by crowd members.

The violence led officials to declare a state of emergency and shut down the event. Angered, far right leaders fled the area. Some anti racism activists burned Confederate flags that they captured from their adversaries.

“Up until now, I’ve never had a feeling that my own government is cracking down on me,” a shirtless and damp looking Spencer said in a livestream video after he escaped the scene, saying that anti racists had attacked him with pepper spray and that he was kicked by police officers holding shields.

In a tweet to his allies, Spencer added: “My recommendation: Disperse. Get out of Charlottesville city limits.”

Protesters were jubilant, waving flags calling for solidarity and chanting anti racist slogans such as “Black lives matter!” One man dressed in a clown suit with rainbow colored suspenders held aloft a poster that read, simply, “SHAME.”

Soon after, the driver of a gray sports car with Ohio plates drove toward a crowd of protesters and then accelerated suddenly, plowing into at least a dozen people, sending bodies, shoes and personal belongings flying through the air.

A 32 year old woman who was in the crosswalk was killed, police said. She has not been identified while officials work to notify her family. The Democratic Socialists of America said two of their members were among the wounded.

When police showed up after several minutes, they were met with angry cries from some in the crowd who felt the response was too slow.

“Where were you?” one of the protesters demanded. “Where the [expletive] were you?”

The driver, identified by officials as James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was detained shortly after and charged Saturday night with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of failing to stop at an accident that resulted in a death.

Shortly after, two state troopers died when a State Police helicopter crashed in the woods outside Charlottesville. The wreckage was fully engulfed in flames, according to images from local media.

“Our state police and law enforcement family at large are mourning this tragic outcome to an already challenging day,” the State Police superintendent, Col. W. Steven Flaherty, said in a statement.

In televised remarks, Trump remarked on the “terrible events” and condemned “in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides, on many sides.”
timberland euro sprint mens boots dozens hurt after Virginia white nationalist rally is dispersed

cheap timberland boot Downtown stalwart leaves

timberland sunglasses uk Downtown stalwart leaves

A downtown retailer since 1949, Fodemesi Shoes is leaving the core in a bid to survive.

can watch my business fade away, owner Rick Fodemesi told The Free Press on Wednesday. five years, I be gone. I guarantee. maker of custom shoes and orthotics has seen its business cut in half in the last five years. Fodemesi, 57, hopes to turn that around at a former paint store on Wellington Rd., south of Commissioners Rd.

His father, Frank, built the store at 123 Dundas St. for $1 million in 1983, but Fodemesi said he sold it for $800,000, reflecting a decline in the value of core properties. A medical practice will move to the concrete and steel, 15,000 square foot building after Fodemesi moves out in September or October.

keep thinking my father would be rolling over in his grave, Fodemesi said of Frank, who died in 2003. said to me has been good to me all my life, it the place to do business, Fodemesi recalled.

Fodemesi said that by the mid 90s Fodemesi was doing more than $1 million in business before decline began with the flight of retailing to the suburbs, part of mall ification of Canada. the time his father died, he said, Frank was well aware the core was in decline.

Today the core is chock a block with pawn shops, cheque cashing operations, tattoo parlours, head shops, gold buyers and other businesses that show its decline as a retailing power.

has changed incredibly in the last 30 years, Fodemesi said.

He said core boosters insist its new role is primarily as an and lifestyle destination.

don know how to make orthopedic footware and orthotics entertaining, Fodemesi said.

Parking is the biggest problem for his clients service is key in his business.

Fodemesi said every day he hears complaints from his customers about parking and accessibility. Congestion and road closings relating to Budweiser Gardens has also created problems.

still like downtown, he said. wish we were staying. It comes down to what my clients want. said the new store at 527 Wellington Rd., which had been eyed for a methadone clinic, will be smaller but will allow him to better showcase the three dimensional computer software for scanning feet he has begun selling to other orthotic makers.

He has five staff members on Dundas and expects to add to that slightly at the new, 5,000 square foot location he rent.

Across the road is Parkwood Hospital. that will be a benefit, Fodemesi said of the elderly patients treated there.

He said with his focus on service that distinguishes his business he must move, and he optimistic business will turn around.

do want to start paying myself again, he said.


disappointing to hear Rick (Fodemesi) is leaving, says Bob Usher, chairperson of the London Downtown Business Association:

Usher said he was aware of the shoe retailer and custom shoe maker concerns about accessibility for his customers.

completely understandable, he said. clients are getting older and older. This is a great family business. It just changing times and changing demographics.
cheap timberland boot Downtown stalwart leaves

timberland boots for babies Downton Abbey star Simone Lahbib reveals her dramatic make

timberland euro sprint black Downton Abbey star Simone Lahbib reveals her dramatic make

Downton Abbey star Simone Lahbib reveals her dramatic make under as show hits Highlands for Christmas specialSCOTTISH actress Simone joined the cast for the two hour festive edition as it heads north of the border but had no idea the excitement her role would create.07:55, 23 DEC 2012Simone Lahbib has joined Downton for it’s Christmas special

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DOWNTON ABBEY is coming to Scotland for a Christmas special and guest star Simone Lahbib is only now realising just how special it is.

The Scots actress might be made up to be part of one of the biggest shows this Christmas but she also relished playing a dowdy maid with no make up.

Simone joined the Downton cast for the two hour festive edition but had no idea the excitement her role in the award winning show would create.

She said: “I knew it was really well regarded but I didn’t grasp just how popular it is.

“I only found out when people asked me what I was up to and I would say, ‘I’ve done a film with Richard Jobson, an episode of New Tricks and I’ve got a part in Downton Abbey.’ And they’d go, ‘WowDownton Abbey!’

“They would just jump out their skin, not interested in anything else, so I have garnered how big a deal it is from people’s reaction and how excited they were including my mum.

“On a Sunday night, she’ll be watching with the phone switched off and the doors barricaded shut so nothing can disturb her. I’m starting to get the picture now.”

Simone’s mum might struggle to recognise her in the Christmas special.

Despite joining a starry cast led by Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith and Laura Carmichael, Simone’s role as a maid is far from glamorous.

She said: “I had no core make up, nothing which makes you look better or heightens your features.

“My make up did the opposite found the lines, made them deeper and craggier, gave me hairy eyebrows but I loved it. I was saying, ‘Can you give me a bit more jowl?’

“The make up artist said I was the first person who had ever asked her to look even worse.”

For the Christmas special, the Crawley family travel to Duneagle Castle in the Highlands to visit relatives Lord and Lady Flintshire.

It was filmed at Inveraray Castle on Loch Fyne, the seat of the Duke of Argyll, chief of Clan Campbell.

While the Crawleys enjoy traditional Highland activities including deer

stalking and attending the ghillies’ ball the Downton servants have to adjust to the downstairs etiquette of a different household.

It is run by Lady Flintshire’s maid Wilkins, played by Simone, who takes no prisoners and soon locks horns with Downton’s own maid from hell O’Brien, played by Siobhan Finneran.

Simone, 47, said: “When the job was pitched, they said that she was a Scottish version of O’Brien so that really gave me a clue in what I wanted to do with her.
timberland boots for babies Downton Abbey star Simone Lahbib reveals her dramatic make

timberland earthkeeper shoes Download SNES Emulator and ROMs to the R4 Card

timberland earthkeepers chukka Download SNES Emulator and ROMs to the R4 Card

The R4 card, has many capabilities including being able to play the classic super Nintendo games on the Nintendo DS. This guide will provide directions as to how to download an SNES emulator and games.

Make sure to download the latest version, which will be the first link as you scroll down the page. It will be a zip file, so a program such as winrar, is required to unzip and extract the files.

Create a separate folder on the desktop. Name it “test” or whatever you want. Drag the emulator zip file into the test folder and unzip the files there. You will notice a few different files after you have extracted the zip file. Insert the micro SD card containing the appropriate firmware, into the USB adapter. Navigate to the folder of the device, where the firmware and other files are. Create a new file and title it SNES; make sure to include all capitals. Don put the SNES folder into any other folders. It is to be completely independent. This folder will store the emulator and SNES ROMs. Do not include any other files.

Return the micro SD to the r4 SDHC cartridge, and input into the DS. After turning on the DS go to the games section on the left of the screen. There you will see the SNES emulator. When you click on the emulator it will direct you to a blank screen; this is because you don have any ROMs on the file yet.

Hover the mouse over the ROM files navigation bar. A drop list will appear. Navigate to Super Nintendo and click on it. An A Z directory of SNES games will appear. Select a SNES ROM to download. Click “download your file” and save the ROM to your desk top. It a zip file so it will have to be extracted.

My personal thoughts on the emulator are that it could use a little more work. For example, the game stages on most ROMs are really distorted to the point where game play is impossible. Some games don even start at all. I wouldn really count on getting any high expectations from the SNES module for the DS, but there are games that you can play without any problems. Just test out the games and see if everything works out well. There might be updates for a newer emulator, so you might want to look into that whenever possible. Some updates might have been made to improve GUI issues with the games. I really hope this was able to help.
timberland earthkeeper shoes Download SNES Emulator and ROMs to the R4 Card

timberland motorhomes Down s syndrome and my brother a personal story

cheap timberland uk Down s syndrome and my brother a personal story

In 2005, when my brother Euan was still a schoolboy, we used to play a lot of Tekken 5 together. If you re new to this famed video game series, it s a one on one martial arts simulation a ferocious yet endearingly flamboyant experience in which kangaroos trade blows with Bruce Lee clones, and winged demons grapple with Mexican wrestlers. And I m fairly sure Euan is the most savage, unprincipled Tekken 5 player ever to lay his traitorous fingers upon a PlayStation 2 controller. Some combatants prefer to open a bout with a stunning punch to the lower body, but Euan was rarely that noble. Wait a minute, I want to show you something, he d declare, scuttling out of reach. I d dutifully wander over to his side of the arena, all patronising solicitude, and he d kick me in the face.

Euan is a dirty fighter. But he s also one of the most fearlessly imaginative people you ll meet. And in its own small way, our shared gaming hobby is proof of this.

There have been greater feats of cunning than his Tekken 5 antics, but I like that this gambit ducks right under the question of manual dexterity. Because on those, purely functional and sportsmanlike terms, my brother has a bit of a mountain to climb. He has Down s syndrome, a genetic disorder that reportedly affects one in every thousand babies born in the UK each year, which often hampers development of fine motor skills. I ve never been entirely sure what Euan thinks of his condition if you re reading this, Euan, I apologise in advance for any stupid assumptions. Still, I can t help but wonder whether his refusal to fight on terms that leave him at a disadvantage reflects something larger, a rejection of the role society wants him to play.

We expect disabled people that s to say, the vast spectrum of individuals branded as such for convenience s sake to be passive, unaware, content to live within tacit, carefully managed social nooks in exchange for support and guidance. We don t expect them to recognise such overtures for what they are: well meant, but limiting. We don t expect them to break the rules. We don t expect them to cheat.

By contrast, most video games outright encourage you to misbehave, or at least refrain from bringing down the gavel when you do: it s what makes them such wonderful, liberating escapism. Just look at Timesplitters 2, the work of Nottingham based developer Free Radical Design. A deranged cartoon shooter, it tracks how each player conducts him or herself over the course of match, and offers an appropriate award. As a rule, I d end up with something like hypochondriac (for picking up medical kits when you re unhurt) or backpeddler . My brother, meanwhile, walked away from each round with a toxic cocktail of judgments usually including most cowardly , bully or ricochet king . He s a sneaky player.

Euan and I don t play Timesplitters 2 anymore, mainly because the disc has come to resemble a half digested beermat. Nowadays we re fond of Gears of War: Judgment for the Xbox 360, a science fantasy shooter in which granite jawed marines scuttle around blasting hideous cave mutants with chainsaw guns. It s an opportunity for Euan to flaunt his own, oddly 80s sense of machismo, equal parts Steven Seagal and The Village People he s taken to somersaulting his character in time to a raucous rendition of Everybody Mambo. There s nothing in the game s world or fiction that accounts for this behaviour, of course. It s just his personality at play.

Another favourite is Left 4 Dead 2 (also on Xbox 360), a brilliant riff on B movies from Valve Software, the games industry s indefatigable pioneer and prankster. Though a world apart from Timesplitters in most respects the idea is to carve a path through hyperactive crowds of Danny Boyle era zombies, from one safehouse to the next Left 4 Dead 2 compares to Free Radical s game in that in effect it is a personality test. The nature of the threat isn t pre determined but protean, shifting in response to your traits and tactics.

Cower for too long at the mouth of a street, and Valve s vaunted Director , a bundle of code with a Stanford complex, might sneak a few grumpy corpses into the road behind you, a none too subtle hint that you re letting an unseen audience down. Split from the group in a fit of zeal and you re asking to be pinioned by an elite nasty like the Hunter (imagine one of David Cameron s huggable hoodies, cross bred with a panther). Euan gets along famously with Hunters. He s also well acquainted with the Witch, a sinister, weeping apparition who won t bother you, providing you don t bother her. Suffice to say that we seldom leave a Witch to her own devices, and I m usually the one who winds up a broken ruin in the process.

And yet my brother has never once abandoned me to my fate. His delight at leaving me in the lurch is exceeded only by the satisfaction he seems to feel at being my rescuer: it s another way, I guess, of refusing to be the kind of individual he s expected to be.

Each of Left 4 Dead s chapters or campaigns concludes with an all or nothing gauntlet run or final stand in the face of overwhelming odds. You might have to defend a rock stadium while waiting for a rescue chopper,
timberland motorhomes Down s syndrome and my brother a personal story
using concert pyrotechnics to set the undead on fire, or refuel a car in the middle of an infested shopping mall. We re rubbish at these sections, but that s OK dying in Left 4 Dead is often much more fun than surviving. The point isn t so much to succeed as to share the experience of a protracted and hilarious failure, as best laid plans fall to the Director s tricks and only human feats of incompetence or treachery.

Games like Left 4 Dead can be every bit as exhilarating and convivial as a real life sport. It s frustrating that so many people continue to regard them as degrading and desensitising. Parents should ration a child s consumption of corrosive videogames, father of three Nick Clegg observed on LBC in September, adding that players occupy a sort of hermetically sealed world really of their own, and that can have a very detrimental effect . The idea of joining in, much as you d join your kids for a game of football, doesn t seem to occur to Clegg but how are we to lure people out of that world , assuming this is necessary, if not by comprehending what makes it so enticing? And what possibilities are we dismissing in the process?

My brother has been playing video games for well over a decade. If this has had a very detrimental effect on him, he hides it very well, though I suppose there is that slightly unnerving fixation with James Bond. This has been the cause of some strife: I ll travel home for the weekend armed with a critical darling like Bioshock Infinite think Martin Scorcese s Gangs of New York meets David Mitchell s novel Cloud Atlas only to discover him tucking into his battered old copy of Quantum of Solace, a middling adaptation of the Daniel Craig film. I ve hidden the disc on occasion. Not proud.

My brother s dedication to Quantum of Solace may actually have been constructive, much as I hate to admit it. Years ago, he d ask me to help out with the game s number puzzles (hacking into an electronic door lock, for example) and Quick Time Events on rails sequences that are shot and edited like the action bits in any garden variety blockbuster movie, where you tap buttons on cue to make it through unscathed. Nowadays, Euan is able to perform these without assistance. Is this evidence that his time in 007’s shoes has honed his reflexes and improved his numeracy? Possibly. There s growing support for the idea that far from damaging youngsters, games can actually aid cognitive development and have educational benefits.

Equipped with tools, objectives and obstacles, a game is analogous to a classroom, a crucible in which to test out and master all sorts of principles. That the principles transferred (eg where best to punch a kangaroo) may not be worth the trouble is no argument against the medium s efficacy. Among the organisations that acknowledge this is the National Security Agency: in documents published by the Guardian in November, our friendly neighbourhood G men note that both the US army and Lebanese Hezbollah have developed games for training and recruitment. I like to think that the NSA has a file on Euan. He could certainly teach them a thing or two about underhand tactics.

It s possible that children with Down s syndrome have more to gain from edu tainment software than they do traditional teaching methods, as I learned during a conversation with Gillian Taylor, an occupational therapist at UK gamer s charity Special Effect. People with Down s syndrome are very visual learners, she tells me. So they learn much better from visual materials than auditory materials or other learning styles. If you think about how much computer games give you visually, I think that could be a real benefit. This may be especially true of touchscreen games, which allow players to meddle with an image without first mastering a control device.

I m not trying to claim that every child born with the condition belongs in a virtual reality booth. In Gillian s view, people with Down s syndrome are as different as people generally, in terms of the spectrum of skills that they have some will go to college, like Euan, others may not, and blanket solutions are of use to nobody. But where a real classroom may seem threatening to a person who isn t as literate or socially adept as his or her peers, games at least offer a controlled environment in which to hang out and experiment with concepts.

Learning something isn t necessarily the point success of any kind is good for you, whether you experience it in the real world or not. Motivation can be a problem for people with Down s syndrome, Gillian observed. If they re not getting any success with things, they re not going to develop the self esteem, and they re not going to want to try, and therefore the skills aren t going to build. The right game can offer the right challenge, enabling them to enjoy success, which in turn motivates them to progress further.

The right game can be hard to find, unfortunately, which is why Special Effect puts on roadshows throughout the UK, where players of all abilities can try out the charity s colossal library of tailor made control devices, many of them based on commercially available hardware, like Sony s DualShock pad. Examples include a peripheral that allows you to drag and drop virtual chess pieces with your eyes, and an intricate device that makes it possible to play a 3D shooter using chin movements, voice commands and a switch mounted on the side of a chair.

Our role there is as facilitators to help them experience a range of games with different speeds, cognitive levels and control complexities, says communications chief Mark Saville. The magic happens when they experience games that match their abilities. These events are also on opportunity for friends and loved ones to experience these titles; in helping those with disabilities get to grips with a game, Special Effect is helping to lower the entry threshold across the board.

Perhaps the leakiest preconception about video games right now is that they can t be shared that gaming is an adolescent cult practise, inaccessible to any except card carrying enthusiasts. But a world is only hermetically sealed if you insist on being outside it and ultimately, the loss is yours. Playing games with my brother has made me more conscious of his spontaneity, his guile and resourcefulness, his intellectual independence and irreverence. It s one of many ways he reveals himself not as a disabled person but simply as his own person,
timberland motorhomes Down s syndrome and my brother a personal story
as hell bent on deciding his own destiny as anybody else.

timberland kids uk Douglas Coupland designs for Roots

timberland earthkeeper boots sale Douglas Coupland designs for Roots

The ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection includes apparel for women/men/children, accessories, leather goods, design items, furniture, limited editions, original art and a series of pop up stores. This is the first time Douglas Coupland has designed fashion wearables.”For more than 10 years I’ve been intimately exploring what it means to be Canadian,” says Coupland. “This partnership with Roots is an amazing opportunity to keep that dialogue going with an even wider, more diverse audience.”The theme created for the ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection is “Canada Goes Electric” and brings together Douglas Coupland’s recognizable perspective with the Roots reputation for quality goods and craftsmanship.”For the first time in our history, we stepped back and left the design to an outside designer,” explains Don Green, Co founder of Roots. “Visually the collection is strong but beyond that, Douglas Coupland has once again shown his trademark humour and brilliance in exploring a new medium, in this case fashion. He has put forth a hopeful and positive message about this great country of ours and the results are impressive.”The ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection launches in pop up stores, select Roots stores and online on July 8, Prices range from $3.99 to $1,973 for an extremely limited edition silver leather “Centennial” jacket that is hand signed by the artist and incorporates some of the collection’s most recognizable elements and icons.This collection is a partnership between Roots and Douglas Coupland, with producer Chris Nanos from Radke Films and art sales handled by dealer Daniel Faria from Clark Faria.Established in Toronto in 1973, Roots has evolved into an internationally celebrated lifestyle brand. From a small store selling a single product (Roots negative heel shoe), Roots now has 125 stores in Canada, United States and more than 40 stores in Asia. A privately held company, Roots has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Toronto, numerous licensees, employs thousands of people in Canada and abroad.
timberland kids uk Douglas Coupland designs for Roots

timberland classic boat shoe Doubts grow over UK government

timberland high heels Doubts grow over UK government

government acknowledged Wednesday that it has made no detailed assessment of the economic impact of leaving the European Union, as its lack of preparation for a momentous break became clear.

David Davis, the official shepherding Britain departure from the 28 nation bloc, said the nation should be prepared for a profound shift in the way the economy operates on a scale similar to that of the 2008 financial crisis.

have said there are no impact assessments, Benn said. government want? you actually telling us that the government hadn at that point and still hasn undertaken the assessment? Benn asked.

Davis told the committee he didn need a formal impact assessment.

not a fan of economic models because they have all proven wrong, Davis said. you have a paradigm change as happened in 2008 with the financial crisis all the models were wrong. as the day wore on, the government last minute planning became more evident. would aim to have once it leaves the EU. In testimony before the House of Commons Treasury Committee, Hammond said it was too soon to have such talks.

He said that would happen once the EU accepts to move the Brexit talks on from the divorce issues to the question of future relations, like trade.

are not yet at that stage and it would have been premature to have that discussion before we reach that stage, he said. including Northern Ireland leaves the EU.

But the agreement was scuttled at the last minute when the Democratic Unionist Party,
timberland classic boat shoe Doubts grow over UK government
which props up May minority government, warned it wouldn support a deal it saw as undermining Northern Ireland place in the United Kingdom. relations with the rest of the EU. cash contributions and that the way forward, he added.

May was expected to hold talks with top EU officials later this week.

Britain and the EU have only days to clinch a deal on the divorce terms the Irish border, Britain financial exit bill and the rights of citizens hit by Brexit before a Dec. 14 15 EU summit that will decide whether Brexit talks can move on to future relations and trade.

The lack of progress so far has raised concerns that Britain may not have a deal by the time it officially leaves on March 29, 2019, and heightened fears that May government could collapse.

Business leaders in particular are expressing alarm at the lack of certainty in the process. The chief executive of manufacturers organization EEF, Stephen Phipson, warned that inability to secure a transition deal before Christmas would be costly.

international companies appreciate the nuances of complex negotiations, they will assess the situation based on the facts at hand and all they will be able to see is the probability of a cliff edge looming on the horizon, he said.
timberland classic boat shoe Doubts grow over UK government

womens roll top timberland boots Double Your Space With A Wood Closet Organizer

timberland womens boots cheap Double Your Space With A Wood Closet Organizer

Over the years we accumulate many belongings. When we have a small closet these belongings can really pile up and become very unorganized. When you buy a wood closet organizer, you can actually double the space in your closet. For someone with many belongings this is a good thing. For example, an increase of twice the closet space can mean the difference between having a few pair of shoes and many pair of shoes.

You can buy closet organizers with drawers, shelves, shoe racks, and clothes hanging rods. You can have some systems customized into a configuration that meets your closet storage needs. Of course having a custom wooden organizer for your closet can be a little pricey. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, you can buy metal, wire, or particleboard closet organizer kits. These kits are pre built “systems in a box” complete with shelves, drawers, and shoe racks already included in them.

Wooden organizer kits come ready to install but they need to be assembled before you can install them. The kits come with the instructions and are easy to put together. Once assembled you can then install them into your closet.

If you need extra shoe racks, shelves, or drawers you will have to buy them separately to customize the system for your specific needs. For instance, the shoe aficionado with many pairs of shoes will need extra shoe racks. Someone with a lot of clothes may need more clothes hanging rods. However, if you desire more than a few basic modifications, you may need to go beyond a pre built kit and have a completely custom system designed and installed for by a local cabinet shop or contractor.

You can buy a wooden closet organizer system in several different kinds of wood. They come in pine,
womens roll top timberland boots Double Your Space With A Wood Closet Organizer
oak, cedar, birch and maple.

If you want the look of wood but not the cost then you could get an organizer made from particleboard and laminate. The base material is made of pressed wood particleboard, and covered with a thin wood veneer or a durable laminate material such as melamine or vinyl.

These systems look like a solid wood organizer but cost considerably less. You have the option of buying a complete ready made kit or individual shelves, rods, drawers, and shoe racks to make your own closet organizer. Going the individual pieces route will be a bit more expensive because each piece will cost you. When you buy a kit, it all comes together for one low price.

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Excellent, Larry. Thank you for taking the new article directory technology and making it work to the max. I encourage everyone to keep contributing and contributing regularly. I can attest to the fact that this site is already a strong directory in a field of many. Kudos to Larry!

Matthew C. It is full of nice little surprises that make the whole process of writing,

reading and publishing articles a complete delight. This is one that comes out tops and beats the rest hands down.

Eric Garner

I did a Google search and came across your site. It was exactly what I was looking for and was elated to find such a broad range of articles. As I am launching a free magazine in a small town in Florida, I wanted to be as resourceful as possible while still being able to provide some content that is interesting and well written. Your site has all the variables in the mix. Excellent Site hitting all the notes in the scale sort of speak.
womens roll top timberland boots Double Your Space With A Wood Closet Organizer

timberland workwear Dots begins liquidation sales as it closes all 360 stores

timberland resole Dots begins liquidation sales as it closes all 360 stores

CLEVELAND, Ohio Dots LLC, the discount women’s fashion retailer that began as a single Cleveland area closeout store, is selling off all of its clothing, furniture and fixtures as it closes its Glenwillow headquarters and liquidates about 360 stores nationwide. 31, 2013. Estimated at $293.7 million for the current fiscal year that ends Jan. 31, 2014.

Dots filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Jan. 20 and closed 36 underperforming stores, including the one at Macedonia Commons in Macedonia, as part of efforts to keep its doors open while it sought a buyer.

Dots’ Chief Executive Lisa Rhodes said at the time that “We are in the process of turning the business around, and the filing is another step toward doing that.”

But last Thursday, Gordon Brothers Group, a global advisory, restructuring and investment firm based in Boston, announced that it had been awarded the job of overseeing Dots’ going out of business sales.

Gordon Brothers will also shut down corporate headquarters and warehouses at 30300 Emerald Valley Parkway in Glenwillow and terminate all 96 employees there by May 17. It is cutting another 43 jobs from its New York City manufacturing facility.

That’s in addition to the more than 3,000 workers at its 360 retail stores.

Dots has 19 stores in Northeast Ohio, from Elyria to Mentor to Canton. Customers at the Dots in the Church Square Shopping Center at 7909 Euclid Ave. said they had noticed for months that the merchandise wasn’t as plentiful or as well made as it used to be, nor was it being replenished as often.

“I feel it’s a big blow to Cleveland and its economic situation,” said Stephanie Kenney, who started shopping at the Euclid Avenue store after the Lakewood Dots store closed about a year ago. We know you’re disappointed, but we’ll be back soon!” No one was answering the customer service number listed on the site on Monday.

Dots, founded in 1987 by Bob Glick, built a large and loyal following by offering private label clothing in sizes 0 to 24 at prices that seemed almost too good to be true (recent sales offered $5 tops, $7 dresses, $10 jeans, and $12 boots).

The brand caters to fashion and price conscious women ages 25 to 35, considered one of the highest spending demographic groups in retail.

When Dots opened its 400th store at Steelyard Commons in 2009, then President Rick Bunka said he saw the potential for Dots to become a 1,000 store chain. Dots was acquired by New York private equity firm Irving Place Capital for an undisclosed price in January 2011.

Mark Cegelka, mayor of the Village of Glenwillow, said Dots provides a major source of income tax revenue to the the village and to the Solon City School District, but that he feels especially bad for the 96 workers losing their jobs at company headquarters. He said that at one point, the Glenwillow facility employed 200 people, but that the new owners moved 50 jobs to New York soon after they took over.

“Dots, known for its affordable women’s fashion, has struggled against competition from both online retailers and other brick and mortar discount retailers that have greater resources and wider brand recognition,” Gordon Brothers said in a statement. “The retail chain has experienced trouble throughout the economic downturn with a significant decline in store traffic. Dots’ financial difficulties have been exacerbated by a number of largely unsuccessful changes in product pricing and marketing, as well as a burdensome lease portfolio.”

Rhodes said in bankruptcy filings that “The company’s cash needs are significant and liquidity continues to be strained.” Although Irving Place Capital invested significant resources, Dots struggled to pay its bills.

Around October 2013, some vendors started demanding payment on a much shorter timeframe or when goods were delivered, while others were paid for new products but never delivered. That, coupled with competition from specialty retailers and large national chains, including Target and Walmart, cut into Dots’ market share and profitability.

The Jan. 20 bankruptcy filing said Dots had between 1,000 and 5,000 creditors, including its founder, Robert Glick. Dots estimated its assets at $50 million to $100 million, and its liabilities at $100 million to $500 million, primarily business related.

But Rhodes and others seemed optimistic. “The Chapter 11 process will create the opportunity to right size the Company’s store footprint” and emerge as a “financially stable company, albeit under new ownership,” she said at the time.

Dots President David Minnix said in a statement that “Our employees continue to do a tremendous job maintaining high quality standards and they are dedicated to fully serving our customers during this transition. We appreciate the continued support of our valued customers over the years and hope they take advantage of the significant savings during these sales events.”

View full sizeSigns stuck in the snow around Dots’ Euclid Avenue store tell passers by that the Glenwillow retailer is “Going Out of Business” and that “Everything Must Go.”Janet H. Cho, The Plain Dealer

Retail consultant Robert Antall, managing partner of Consumer Centric Consulting said that “Gordon Brothers is the ‘go to’ company for liquidating a retail chain.”

“I don’t really know what happened, but my speculation is the loss of the founder, Bob Glick, was the beginning of the end,” he said.

“Retailing is an entrepreneurial business. Most successful retailers are led by a CEO who has clear vision for the company and a feel for consumer desires and the merchandise they like. When that person retires or sells the company, frequently the company struggles. Dots appears to be a classic case.”

“Bringing someone in from the outside, no matter how successful elsewhere, often does not work. Often this is compounded by private equity ownership who are not retailers and who frequently load up the company with debt and unrealistic expectations,” he added. “Of course, women’s apparel is a tough business. If you lose sight of the customer’s wants and needs, you quickly lose market share.”

Cegelka said he is hopeful that Dots’ relatively new headquarters and warehouse facilities will be attractive to another company willing to relocate to Glenwillow.
timberland workwear Dots begins liquidation sales as it closes all 360 stores

timberland calderbrook Dorothy’s ruby slippers come to London

timberland classic boots Dorothy’s ruby slippers come to London

The original ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (1939) will go on public display in Europe for the first time ever.

The sparkly shoes, on loan from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, will be displayed part of the Victoria Albert museum’s major autumn exhibition, Hollywood Costume.

One of the most famous lines from The Wizard of Oz is “Click your heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home’ and you’ll be there.”

The ruby slippers were designed by Adrian,
timberland calderbrook Dorothy's ruby slippers come to London
MGM Studios’ chief costume designer and Hollywood’s foremost designer of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Each year the slippers attract millions of visitors to the Smithsonian. They will be on loan to the V for four weeks as a result of “exhaustive negotiations” between the museum’s guest curator Professor Deborah Nadoolman Landis and the American archive.

“The Ruby Slippers transcend Hollywood costume design and have the power to transport us to the limits of our imagination,” Landis said. “These precious shoes exemplify the best of cinema storytelling because they evoke memory and emotion.”

Their loan was confirmed less than a month before the show is due to open on 20 October.

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timberland calderbrook Dorothy's ruby slippers come to London

timberland boot Dorothy’s dress from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ finds new home

black leather timberland boots Dorothy’s dress from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ finds new home

It might be Oz, Kansas or simply somewhere over the rainbow.

While the destination may not be known, there’s no doubt the blue gingham dress wore by Judy Garland, as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” has a new home.

The price was not the broom of the Wicked Witch of the West, as the Wizard of Oz demanded from Dorothy to send her back home to Auntie Em in the classic 1939 movie. Rather, someone this weekend paid $480,000 for Dorothy’s dress, according to Julien’s Auctions.

The costume was one of several pieces of Hollywood history up for sale from Julien’s auction house in Beverly Hills, California.

Two of the auction’s biggest ticket items were traced to late actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. A purple skirt worn in Canada by Monroe, as she was filming “River of No Return,” sold for $50,000, while a gold blouse and matching Capri pants fetched $43,750.

Buyers of the items were not identified.

Other signature clothing auctioned off included a Steve McQueen racing jacket for $50,000, a dress Julie Andrews (as Maria) wore in “The Sound of Music” for $38,400, and a black gown worn by Jaclyn Smith of “Charlie’s Angels” fame for $15,000.

The “Wizard of Oz” was responsible for another big seller during the two day event. One auction winner shelled out $33,750 for a collection of studio and publicity images tied to the MGM film.

It remains to be seen if Dorothy’s dress will be reunited with her ruby slippers.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures with the help of “angel donors” including actor Leonardo DiCaprio acquired one of four pairs of the iconic red shoes last February.

That set are called the “Witch’s Shoes,” because they were likely seen on the Wicked Witch of the East when Dorothy’s house fell on her in the film, according to the Academy. They’re also likely the pair Dorothy, as played by Garland, had on in close ups, such as in the memorable scene when she clicks the heels of the red shoes three times to head home.
timberland boot Dorothy's dress from 'The Wizard of Oz' finds new home

baby timberland Door To Door Shoe Sales

timberland clearance sale Door To Door Shoe Sales

Edward Carlton Angell, 81, sold shoes door to door, ‘a piece of Americana’

September 29, 1997By Fred Rasmussen Fred Rasmussen,SUN STAFF

For years, a carefully dressed door to door salesman was known by his simple greeting: “Edward Angell. I sell Mason Shoes all leather arch support and cushioned insoles.”

It was Edward Carlton Angell’s natural born salesmanship and genial personality that kept him trudging area streets and banging on doors for more than 30 years selling mail order shoes and, at Christmastime, cards.

Mr. Angell, who was known as “The Shoe Man,” drowned Sept. 21 in a pond while visiting his brother’s farm in Millen, Ga. He was 81.

Mr. Angell, seemingly a charming anachronism, maintained the best traditions of the Fuller Brush man or “drummers” of old who went door to door and town to town, selling products to people who couldn’t get to stores, didn’t drive or were too busy.

In doing so, Mr. Angell went directly to his customers armed with catalog, order forms, and “Brannock Device” for measuring feet.

“Eddie Angell was certainly a piece of Americana,” said Herb Steinmetz, vice president of sales and marketing for the Mason Shoe Co. of Chippewa Falls, Wis.,
baby timberland Door To Door Shoe Sales
founded in 1904.

Today, the company which began making logging boots for lumberjacks and river men, offers many styles of shoes for men and women.

But times have changed, and according to Mr. Steinmetz, the “Eddie Angells of the company have been largely replaced by computer catalog ordering.”

Because Mr. Angell didn’t own a car, he traveled aboard transit buses to Harford Road, Reisterstown Road, York Road and even Hunt Valley, where his daily sales perambulations began.

Despite a hip replacement a few years ago that left him with a slightly loping gait, he refused to slow down.

“He’d walk all day long,” said Dick Rudolph, retired owner of the Towson Bootery and friend for more than 50 years.

He described Mr. Angell as a “docile and hard working man who was highly intelligent.”

Mr. Rudolph added, “I bet Eddie walked more than a million miles during his lifetime. I thought the guy would live forever.”

Susan Duel, administrator of the Presbyterian Home of Maryland in Towson, where the former Hamilton resident retired in 1994, said:

“He kept on walking just so he could say hello to his old customers. He really missed them.”

Donning his carefully brushed fedora and in cool weather his favorite London Fog trench coat, Mr. Angell set out daily from the retirement home for the streets of Towson.

“No matter what the weather, he’d walk to Towson every afternoon. He was a real figure there,” said Ms. Duel.

She remembers the man with the butch haircut, loud voice and “heart of gold” who was unfailingly courteous and very thoughtful.”

Born with cerebral palsy, Mr. Angell was a Towson High School graduate and continued his education at the University of Maryland.

He worked for several local dairies and ice cream plants and later was a civilian employee at the old Edgewood Arsenal and Fort Detrick.

He looked forward each year to taking the overnight train to Georgia and visiting his brother, Dr. John N. Angell,
baby timberland Door To Door Shoe Sales
a retired physician who lives in Savannah and has a farm in nearby Millen.

timberland cabot Donna Karan posts up

timberland shirts Donna Karan posts up

want that customer, whether they’re on the stairmaster in their living room or going to Club Reebok,” said President Anna Bakat of the Donna Karan Shoe Co.

rather they be in our footwear than Nike, Reebok, or anyone else. There’s no question.”

Seventh Avenue stars will soon check into the game; Calvin Klein with suede sneakers made in Italy and Tommy Hilfiger with basketball shoes made in China.

Brett Barakett of Salomon Brothers forecasts that in three years the designers will sell $600 million worth of sneakers, grabbing a seven percent share of the athletic footwear market. (148K WAV) or (148K AIFF)

high fashion shoes will also sport high price tags. DKNY’s cross trainers will cost about $125.

High fashion, high price. DKNY’s cross trainers will retail at about $125.

won’t be left out of the new game. Its Rockport shoe line signed a deal to make shoes for Ralph Lauren and scouting reports said his line is the one to watch.

year, its Polo Sport label will offer a full range of shoes from cycling to snowboarding and the globally known brand will have a strong teammate in Reebok.
timberland cabot Donna Karan posts up

timberland clothes Donna Brazile criticizes Barack Obama’s ‘titanic ego’ in her new book

timberland ladies shoes Donna Brazile criticizes Barack Obama’s ‘titanic ego’ in her new book

had three Democratic parties: The party of Barack Obama, the party of Hillary Clinton, and this weak little vestige of a party led by [Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz] that was doing a very poor job getting people who were not president elected, Brazile wrote, criticizing the former DNC chairwoman for incompetence. Her criticisms focused primarily on the three. She even wrote at one point, left it in debt. Hillary bailed it out so that she could control it,
timberland clothes Donna Brazile criticizes Barack Obama's 'titanic ego' in her new book
and Debbie went along with all of this because she liked the power and perks of being a chair but not the responsibilities. This was especially odd considering Obama was in his second term as president, so he was unable to run for the position again, she said.

Brazile said Obama, Clinton and Schultz loved the Democratic Party dearly and sincerely but it of its vitality and were continuing to do so. Bernie Sanders (I Vt.). Several Democrats shared their support of Brazile claim, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D Mass.). Warren told CNN Jake Tapper on Friday, we got to do as Democrats now is we got to hold this party accountable. None whatsoever. Schultz later argued that the primary was the books and the rules. A WikiLeaks email leak a few months later revealed that Brazile provided Clinton’s team with some key details of the presidential debate questions ahead of time.
timberland clothes Donna Brazile criticizes Barack Obama's 'titanic ego' in her new book

timberland sandals mens Donations for refugees in Calais

timberland waterproof boots Donations for refugees in Calais

Today Dr Christopher Roche (School of Management) and Alaa Al Khourdajie (a PGR student from Economics) are driving to Calais to deliver donations from staff, students and local residents to the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp as part of a convoy organised by Bath Welcomes Refugees.

They will then volunteer withHelp Refugees until the end of the week.

“Staff can donate online or check the list belowfor required items.

Supplies: You can purchase items from theLeisure Fayre website, all items will ship directly to the Help Refugees warehouse in Calais.

Please make sure that items are well packed and labelled.

You can drop off your items at the University of Bath Trade Union Office (1E2.1) at the following times:Alternatively, you can take donations to the Bath Labour Office, 136a Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BG. Times: 10.30am to 1pm all week days (to 3.30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays)
timberland sandals mens Donations for refugees in Calais

timberland boots brown Donald Trump’s vile comment to pregnant widow of US soldier moments before she wept over his coffin

timberland calderbrook Donald Trump’s vile comment to pregnant widow of US soldier moments before she wept over his coffin

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Donald Trump told the pregnant widow of a US soldier killed in combat that her husband “knew what he signed up for” moments before she greeted his coffin.

Lance Sergeant David Johnson, 25, was among four elite special forces killed when their patrol was ambushed by Islamic militants in Niger.

The US President has been criticised for failing to speak about the incident, amid increasing reports that the mission was flawed.

Trump failed to meet Sgt Johnson’s coffin when it first arrived back on American soil on Saturday and went golfing instead.

Trump’s bungled handling of the Niger killings has become worse by the day.

He caused controversy on Monday by claiming that unlike past presidents including Obama he planned to personally call all of the families of the soldiers killed.

It was a blatant lie and relatives of fallen troops and previous White House staff members came forward to attest to it.

Delilia O’Malley tweeted to Trump: “When my brother was killed, Pres Bush listened while I screamed at him then held me as I sobbed, you fat fing liar.”

This is why sister of US soldier killed in Iraq War branded Donald Trump a “fat, fing liar”

Critics claim Trump is trying to detract from increasing evidence that the patrol in Niger was a botched mission.

Lance Sergeant David Johnson was among four Green Berets killed when their patrol was ambushed by Islamist militants in Niger. Here with wife Myeshia JohnsonThe Green Berets team was ambushed on October 4 by militants linked to ISIS armed with machine guns and grenade launchers.

Sgt Johnson’s team reportedly didn’t have air support and were in unarmoured pickup trucks.

It took two days to recover one of the American bodies.

US forces do not have a direct combat mission in Niger, but their assistance to its army does include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in their efforts to target violent extremist organizations.

US military deployments are on the rise in Africa. Navy Seal killed in a raid on an al Shabaab militant compound in Somalia became the first US combat death in Africa since the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” disaster in Mogadishu.

In Niger, Washington has deployed around 800 soldiers, runs a drone base in the capital Niamey, and is building a second in Agadez at a cost of around $100 million.

US Special Forces help local troops develop counter terrorism skills to tackle threats from al Qaeda linked groups, Nigeria’s Boko Haram and Islamists who have pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

Court caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heard
timberland boots brown Donald Trump's vile comment to pregnant widow of US soldier moments before she wept over his coffin

timberland slippers Donald Trump to pull feds out of K

14 inch timberland boots Donald Trump to pull feds out of K

Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:HomeNewsPoliticsTrump to pull feds out of K 12 educationQuiz: How well do you know your guns?President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K 12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.The order, dubbed the Federalism Executive Order, will launch a 300 day review of Obama era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less, Mr. Trump said. administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states give power back to localities.know local communities know it best and do it best, said Mr. Trump, who was joined by several Republican governors for the signing. time has come to empower teachers and parents to make the decisions that help their students achieve success. DeVos and Vice President Mike Pence were on hand for the ceremony, which was attended by about 25 people,
timberland slippers Donald Trump to pull feds out of K
including teachers, lawmakers and the governors.The executive order is not expected to have an immediate impact on school districts. Policy changes will follow a report on the findings of the review.The review will be spearheaded by the Department of Education Regulatory Review Task Force, according to the order.Ms. The order, however, creates a review for identifying those areas and makes clear her mandate from the president to take action.Reducing the federal government role in K 12 is part of Mr. Trump reform agenda, which also includes the expansion of school choice programs.Among those at the signing ceremony were Govs. Kay Ivey of Alabama, Gary Herbert of Utah, Paul LePage of Maine, Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Terry Branstad of Iowa, who also is Mr. Trump nominee for ambassador to China.Also in attendance were Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, the Republican chairs of the two chambers education committees.
timberland slippers Donald Trump to pull feds out of K