timberland chelsea boots sale Are Special Martial Arts Shoes Necessary When Training

timberland blue boots Are Special Martial Arts Shoes Necessary When Training

Martial arts shoes come in a assortment of diverse forms from footwear you can wear both to and from training to shoes integral to your training.

In my opinion the very first question is what would classify as a martial arts shoe?

Well it not going to be what you wear on your feet out on the streets they could be anything from high heels to trainers or boots so not necessarily appropriate for martial arts training, or maybe I should rephrase that, not appropriate for traditional martial arts training. These days you see more and more martial arts that are heading towards a realistic approach and so introduce outdoor shoes into the training, but should you really be wearing hobnail boots or high heels in the dojo and on the mat?

Personally I think no, I can see the sense in realism behind it all, but not on the mat, a number of reasons really, I a traditionalist at heart I suppose and its all part of the respect aspect of it for me, but I also don

9;t want to damage the mats I train on, they aren cheap to replace on a regular basis so we treat them with respect, look after them and over the years of getting thrown on them they look after us. People train in all sorts of different places, and for those of you who train in sports halls, how many of you walk past a sign that says no outdoor shoes?!

So how can you vary things, train realistically, and keep training in your normal place of training, martial arts shoes have got to be the solution there surely? There are a wide range of possibilities these days which should fulfill your requirements around protection for your feet, style and practicality. Whether it be to give you that sense of safety you want or that feeling of reality in your training.

In my opinion I don like having students in my class sporting shoes whilst training, what we do is Ju Jitsu, and I believe shoes get in the way, losing some of the feel, but, I really think it can cause m

ore damage to your training partner having a shoe grinding in your face or neck. But that just my opinion, and solely looking at my particular art. Break that out to things like Self Defence, Taekwondo or Boxing, and you could quite easily be benefiting from several years of technological innovation, there are some really nice leather training shoes now to give you the support and protection you need.

All that, even before you think about those traditional martial arts shoes, the Zzori sandal, these days I generally see Aikido practitioners making use of the Zori Sandals more than others but hey, we all can! Then of course you have the other arts that make use of their own type, the Ninja Tabi and the Kung fu shoes to name but two, I keep thinking of obtaining some Zori myself for going from changing room to mat, don know why I haven to be truthful, in fact, I think I will!
timberland chelsea boots sale Are Special Martial Arts Shoes Necessary When Training

timberland earthkeeper 6 Are Shoe Or Heel Lifts Safe For Sporting Activities

discount timberlands Are Shoe Or Heel Lifts Safe For Sporting Activities

Are shoe lifts or heel lifts safe? This is a question I get asked quite often, the answer as with most things in life is not a simple yes or no. Shoe or heel lifts as quoted by Wikipedia “Heel lifts (shoe lifts in the UK) are a wedge shaped shoe insert which fits in the heel portion of a shoe, with the purpose of adding elevation under one or both feet for therapeutic purposes.” Obviously these inserts will increase height and this is the purpose that the majority of people will buy them, the therapeutic purposes referred to are generally to aid with leg length discrepancy, where one leg is shorter than the other thus causing back pain or an uneven gait or stride. For leg length discrepancy shoe or heel lifts can be an excellent solution when used correctly and prescribed by a competent expert in the field.

Whenever shoe or heel lifts are used, the footwear of the user will become like a ladies’ high heel shoe, the heel is in an elevated position thus increasing the height of the wearer or balancing the lengths of legs that are unequal. This provides both those seeking height gain and those who suffer the painful consequences of leg length discrepancy with an answer to their woe’s, however many people are prone to use these lifts without consulting a medical practitioner and so are putting themselves at risk of injury, sometimes serious injury.

Imagine a lady,
timberland earthkeeper 6 Are Shoe Or Heel Lifts Safe For Sporting Activities
wearing high heel shoes and participating in the well loved sport of basketball. As is perfectly obvious to the rational thinker, the lady in question will indeed gain an advantage while standing still and attempting to make a shot but as soon as she needs to be mobile, all perceived advantages are lost, her center of gravity has been altered and she will be unsure of her footing, risking a fall or a twisting of her ankles. The same principle will apply should our erstwhile lady take to the sport of boxing. Height is considered a major advantage in this sport and rightly so but to attempt to box in high heel shoes would surely result in disaster. Maybe a darts player or someone who plays pool, billiards or snooker might benefit from the extra height supplied by shoe or heel lifts but any sports where mobility is required would surely be risking too much.

Shoe or heel lifts are an amazingly successful addition to a podiatrist’s armory and have helped countless people but no medical practitioner who values their patients safety would ever advise their use during sporting activities where motion is critical. Shoe or heel lifts can safely add height when used with common sense, wearers should realize that their center of gravity will change and even walking under normal conditions will take some getting used to. Most shoe or heel lifts will fill the shoe to an extent that the ankle will protrude above the heel portion of the shoe, this portion of the shoe is designed to aid the stability of the wearer when shoes are worn. It is advised to only wear these lifts while wearing boots or shoes with an extra high ankle shroud, this will help with stability and should prevent serious injury.
timberland earthkeeper 6 Are Shoe Or Heel Lifts Safe For Sporting Activities

timberland boating shoes Are Schools Breaking Up Friends

timberlands for men Are Schools Breaking Up Friends

On the first day of school when the class list was posted, I was shocked to discover that my son had absolutely zero former classmates in his class. None. Not one.

Across the playground, there were quite a few other kids in tears after discovering that their best or closest friends would not be in their new class, either.

“Being a supply EA and working at a number of different schools, I have spoken to a few principals and a number of teachers who admit that in largely populated schools they shuffle the kids around each year to encourage new friendships.”

“While the intention may be honourable, they don’t seem to take into account the fact that they are actually separating close friends and therefore eliminating any sense of comfort and familiarity,” she explained.

“Although it is important to get to know your peers, it shouldn’t be at the expense of breaking a bond that two children have formed.”

Now, I fully appreciate the fact that there are many factors at play when structuring classes,
timberland boating shoes Are Schools Breaking Up Friends
and that it is no easy task to come up with balanced home rooms.

However, if staff members are actively trying to place two best friends in different classes simply to shake things up, I think it is a mistake.

I was fortunate enough to attend the same elementary school from JK through to Grade 8. It was a small class and our group of students moved through each grade together. We became so close with one another, we felt like brothers and sisters. It was wonderful.

While it may be admirable to shake things up a bit in the older grades, it seems almost cruel to separate good friends in the younger grades without good cause.

One mom I spoke with the other day admitted that her son is always starting a new grade without any close friends. At first, she seemed to think it was a good idea.

Then she thought about it a bit more and realized that because of this practice, her son does not have a “best friend.” In fact, she surmised that he does not have any close friends because his classmates are always changing.

I understand that in the workplace it is an important skill for employees to be able to work and get along with a variety of people.

But surely that is a skill that can be learned later in life and not when kids still have a mouth full of baby teeth.

Children these days go through so much. Many of them have had to deal with either divorced parents or a parent who is entirely absent from their life. They may experience the death of a beloved grandparent or sometimes even a parent. And many children move homes and switch schools regularly.

Allowing them to go through the primary grades with one or two good friends can provide a huge sense of comfort and allow for greater confidence. Kids who are constantly shuffled around and placed in stressful and upsetting environments often become shy and introverted. Or worse.

A recent study titled “School Mobility and Prospective Pathways to Psychotic like Symptoms in Early Adolescence” finds that moving schools often can fuel low self esteem and even impact brain chemistry.

Essentially, children who change schools three or more times were at greater risk for bullying and having friendship difficulties.

Lead researcher Swaran Singh said that “changing schools can be very stressful for students” and may even increase the risk of psychotic symptoms independent of other factors.

It would stand to reason then that changing classmates every year especially those nearest and dearest to a student might also have a negative impact on young minds.

Part of a school’s responsibility is to provide a safe and nurturing space for children to learn and grow. If that environment is constantly changing to the point of causing tears even among older students perhaps it is time to rethink this strategy.
timberland boating shoes Are Schools Breaking Up Friends

timberland sale co uk Are pineapples the future of ethical vegan footwear

timberland mens shoes uk Are pineapples the future of ethical vegan footwear

According to Alicia, is a natural and sustainable, non woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibres. These fibres are the by product of the pineapple harvest and therefore require no extra land, water, fertilisers or pesticides at production stage.

resembles luxurious grainy leather and is soft but strong, light and breathable. extra water, no damaging fertilisers and no animals are harmed. What not to love?

Well the price perhaps women shoes start from 129 while men versions start from 180.

There is another upside to the shoes though.

The company uses Portuguese shoe factories where fair wages are paid.

Alicia visits the sites multiple times each year to ensure her company commitment to environmentalism and sustainability is being adhered to.

She says, this new material fits perfectly in with Bourgeois Boheme’s conscious sensibilities and dedication to support innovation and technological advancement. shoes are the ethical future, it would seem.
timberland sale co uk Are pineapples the future of ethical vegan footwear

timberland snow boots for men Are my small breasts a result of a hormone deficiency during puberty

euro sprint timberland Are my small breasts a result of a hormone deficiency during puberty

My question is whether during puberty my body did not produce or release enough of the hormones needed for breasts to grow and that would explain the appearance and size of my breasts which resemble very beginning female puberty or early adolescent breast development?

Can a test be done to determine this and is there any ethical medical treatment to increase breast size?

I compare my breast development to a small person who has a growth hormone deficiency and is short, but I know that the seriousness of mine compared to them is inconsequential.

Could a specific type of doctor be able to help me? I have not asked my GP that question, as I was too embarrassed? I am not fixated on having much larger breasts but actually having breasts would be nice compared to nubs.

I have wondered, given the smallness of my breasts, whether a deficiency during puberty, might have occurred.

AnswerThis is not a trivial problem and should receive the same attention as any other medical problem.

Basically, there are two kinds of explanation for your problem the first is a genetic disorder (even though there is no similar problem in other female family members), and the second is a hormonal problem around puberty.

There is a third group which is patients who have neither of the above problems (a kind of ‘all the rest’ group).

In the first group, no treatment is likely to help the breast size, but in the second group there may well be effective medical treatments.

See, the issue is not just your appearance, but maybe one day you’d want to have a baby and might want to breastfeed not possible if your breasts have never developed!

There is also another reason to take this problem seriously the lack of breast development may be only one sign of an underlying treatable hormonal problem.

There are doctors who specialise in such problems and your GP might even know a local specialist clinic, so I think that (setting embarrassment aside) your first step should be to see your GP.

Ask for a referral to either an endocrinologist (who specialises in hormonal problems), or, maybe a gynaecological endocrinologist (who specialises in hormonal disorders of females).

Good luck. It might be that you discover a successful treatment is just around the corner!The NetDoctor Medical Team
timberland snow boots for men Are my small breasts a result of a hormone deficiency during puberty

tall timberland boots Are floorboards ruining your life

discount timberland Are floorboards ruining your life

We asked if you had experienced any problems as a result of a neighbour replacing their flooring and whether there should be restrictions on what can be installed. Our upstairs neighbour had a little sausage dog that used to leap off her bed in the middle of the night. A dog, even a small one, leaping on to a hardwood floor at 3am can bring you from sound sleep to fully awake in under a second.

John Paisley, New York, USA

We have lived in our Victorian semi for 20 years with few difficulties. When new neighbours bought the adjoining house they ripped up the carpets and put wood and laminate everywhere. The effect was unbelievable. We hear every sound, every conversation, every footstep and worse the constant rumble of bikes and trikes from their four children. A surveyor explained that the effect of laying down wooden flooring was worse for us because the joint chimneys were acting as sound boxes and the shared floorboards meant that sound was travelling all around us on all three floors. Our house is now unsellable.

Sally Petworth, Brighton, UK

After having been in several flats and apartments with laminate flooring neighbours above, below and next door, there clearly is a need for some sort of legislation regarding hard surface flooring and the related noise.

Ross Robertson, Fife, Scotland

Carpet is most definitely the answer.

Jeremy Ball, Tavistock,
tall timberland boots Are floorboards ruining your life

I understand completely. Our upstairs neighbours have bare floorboards and we hear everything. This even includes them using the toilet! It’s driving my flatmates and I to distraction and we seem unable to do anything about it, as they own the property. There should definitely be more legislation with regards to the level of soundproofing required in buildings.

Marie Anne, New York

I tried to fix my squeaky floorboards in consideration of my neighbours below. They complained about the noise of me doing this. My floors were sanded when I moved in, and having discovered how expensive carpet is, I don’t think there is much chance of acquiring any in the near future. I’ll just have to continue tip toeing and playing hopscotch in my own home. We had no complaints for eight years then new neighbours moved in downstairs and started complaining about noise. We did everything we could to cut back noise, including wearing cloth soled slippers, laying rugs throughout, unplugging the music, taking the kids to the park after school when it is sunny and generally being as considerate as possible. The complaints only became more regular. We are all miserable now and our freedoms are very restricted. Our neighbours are now asking us to inform them beforehand if we have visitors to our property and have recently sent us a hefty bill to soundproof one of their rooms. We have done everything we can short of pulling up the original floors and amputating the kids but they are still threatening us with legal action. But I do not blame them as it is the building that is shoddily built with no soundproofing whatsoever! I can hear everything that goes on in both flats. I’m thinking of buying a house very soon!

Some of the suggestions here are ridiculous asking neighbours to wear slippers? Preventing toddlers from wearing shoes? If you live in a tenement or block of flats you should realise that you live in close proximity to other people. I understand that you might not want to hear other people’s noise, so why not put some music on, watch the TV. Or maybe take a step back and see if you are overreacting.
tall timberland boots Are floorboards ruining your life

timberland field boots Are FiveFingers KSO good parkour shoes

black and gold timberland boots Are FiveFingers KSO good parkour shoes

Depends on your parkour, I imagine. I doubt you’re going to be taking big drops or doing really explosive moves in these, but I bet they’re great for really technical, precise movement and navigating natural areas.

On the other hand, you probably go “barehanded” all the time. Why treat your feet differently? Scrapes and blisters turn into calluses, right? I’m a fan of training barefoot, I think you can learn a lot. But I’m honestly getting kind of sick of all these barefoot advocates pushing their $80 specialty shoes. 5 Fingers are to the barefoot movement what Priuses are to the zero emission car movement.

Permalink Reply by Seng on April 26, 2010 at 12:08am

I just got a pair of these and wore them around one day so far. Didn’t seem like a big revelation, YMMV depending on what your gait is like. I haven’t done parkour in them yet. The grip on the top of the toes is disconcerting it feels like I’m dislocating my toe when it slips off the end of my toe (usually only when I’m dragging my feet, like while coasting on a shopping cart). Had I not had a big coupon and store credit, I would not have bought them since $85 is not a small amount for such a limited piece of footwear. Fun for a change of pace, but regular running shoes are still going to be my choice for parkour. actually that’s not completely true, since I’ve used them ideally to protect a slightly jammed toe while training barefoot in the gym and INSTEAD I SPRAINED IT really bad at least a couple of times, delaying tremendously the recovery. This because of the reasons explained by Seng (and I never thought about it.)

Now that I think about it, the worst sprains weren’t mistakes (=catching on something) even if that did happen , but simply pop vaulting and over bending the toe due to the extended shoe grip. 🙁

My toe sprain got better only when I went back to training barefoot (indoors), and started taping the big and second toe together for enhanced support when applying pressure to it, .

Also (and again agreeing w/ Seng): when you start an explosive sprint (like a basketball first step), you are leaning so forward and keeping your foot so close to the ground that it’s very likely to slightly drag the front/top of your toes on the ground; anything catching or tripping you at that point could be responsible for an ankle/knee injury (used to happen all the time while playing “ball” with old conceived running shoes, which had a bit of a “tongue” to facilitate “rolling”.).
timberland field boots Are FiveFingers KSO good parkour shoes

timberland wellington boots Are expensive running trainers a waste of money

timberland on line Are expensive running trainers a waste of money

If you are one of the two million people Sport England tells us participates in some form of running activity every week, and you are thinking about buying some new trainers, then as a discerning Telegraph Men reader you are probably the sensible sort who will try their best to match their new shoes to their own, particular foot type.

You maybe look at the print your bare foot leaves on the shower mat high arch or low arch? You’ll maybe try to figure out whether you overpronate or underpronate once you figured out what means. (If you overpronate, the foot tends to roll outwards as it strikes the ground.)

If you are really sensible, you probably be doing what the running magazines tell us to do and visiting a specialist shop for a spot of gait analysis before being fitted for a pair of running shoes that will take into account your own particular biomechanical foibles.

That is the sensible way of doing things, right?

Wrong, says Roger Kerry, Associate Professor in the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham. In fact, the latest research is telling us that all the gait analysis stuff is a load of old horlicks.

think we are at this point where we have been putting a lot of value on shoes and gait analysis in terms of injury prevention, and it is turning out to be a red herring, says Kerry. was never about the shoe.

Kerry, who has twenty years as a practicing physiotherapist under his belt with a special interest in sports, now spends much of his time impressing on his students the importance of looking at the latest research and constantly re examining the treatments they offer in the light of the emerging evidence. It is an approach that is gaining him a reputation for shattering some of the long cherished beliefs in sports therapy.

Kerry tells me that the last couple of years have seen the publication of a number of good, high quality studies about the relationship between runners footwear and their injuries. Some of these are large scale, observational studies conducted on the American military.

turns out that it doesn really matter if you pronate, or if you overpronate, and it doesn matter whether you have that pronation adjusted or not in your footwear. It makes no difference to the injury rate, or prevention of injury. says Kerry.

In fact, one Canadian study concluded that attempting to correct foot might actually cause injury.

In Kerry opinion, to concentrate on the shoe is to distract from the real cause of runners injuries, which boils down to not putting enough work into training.

have this belief system, that we want to start running further,
timberland wellington boots Are expensive running trainers a waste of money
or running faster, so we say to ourselves: know what I do I go for a gait analysis and that will prevent injury. But that sort of mindset isn desperately healthy, cautions Kerry.

evidence suggests that the causes of injury seem to be more to do with your running technique and background strength and condition. And often shoes are seen as a bit of a mask for those things. So people may have got a really good shoe now because they have had their gait analysed, but they are not as strong or as well conditioned as they should be to prevent injury.

Kerry isn arguing that the shoe doesn matter, just that the emphasis should be put on comfort rather than the biomechanical correction side of things.

Kerry does a bit of running himself. Is he practicing what he preaches?

running shoes are 20 quid from Aldi, he says. are comfortable, they don restrict my forefoot, don give me blisters and they are fine. Find something that is comfortable and works for you, and if they do, it doesn matter if they are twenty quid or a hundred and twenty quid.

None of this is going to be music to the ears or produce an endorphin high in a UK sportswear industry that is projected to be worth over 5bn by 2016.

Andy Rayner is Manager of London Strype Street branch of Runners Need, a chain of specialist running shops that puts a lot of emphasis on gait analysis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rayner says that his experience leads him to disagree with Prof Kerry’s opinion.

Rayner accepts the overall conditioning argument but he believes that while a running shoe cannot compensate 100pc for underlying biomechanical problems, if weaknesses are there a corrected shoe can prevent them from turning into injuries.

of the common injuries with overpronation would be things like iliotibial band syndrome, or shin splints, that sort of thing, says Rayner, a competitive athlete himself who runs for Blackheath and Bromley Harriers.

can have all the conditioning in the world, but if you have really poor footwear then you are more exposed to those sorts of injuries than if you had the correct footwear. he says.

Rayner considers the corrected shoe matched to the individual runner gait to be a crucial factor in preventing injury.

idea of the gait analysis with us is to put you in the most neutral alignment we can. So that basically means that when you are running and your footstrike is repeating over and over there is less chance of those forces translating into overuse problems. says Rayner.

The stresses and forces argument is a convincing one and it has persuaded runners to part with large wads of cash since the sports footwear industry first told us we had a problem back in the 1970s.

Run a marathon and your foot will strike the ground a bone crunching 42,180 times; on each strike a force two and a half times your own body weight will reverberate up your legs. Well that just isn natural, is it? Surely you’re going to need expensive shock absorption to cope?

Professor Kerry remains resolutely unimpressed. He considers statistics like this to be

longer distances is a quite natural activity,” Kerry maintains.

But again, it all comes down to conditioning and training. Our lifestyles today mean that we are just not used to running long distances.

problems come if someone says: I can run three or four miles,
timberland wellington boots Are expensive running trainers a waste of money
so what I do is buy these marathon running trainers and go and run a marathon. says Kerry.

timberland men Are expensive running shoes a waste of money

timberland shoes uk sale Are expensive running shoes a waste of money

Yet in this extract from his controversial new book, Christopher McDougall claims that injury rates for runners are actually on the rise, that everything we’ve been told about running shoes is wrong and that it might even be better to go barefoot.

By CHRISTOPHER McDOUGALLEvery year, anywhere from 65 to 80 per cent of all runners suffer an injury. No matter who you are, no matter how much you run, your odds of getting hurt are the same

At Stanford University, California, two sales representatives from Nike were watching the athletics team practise. Part of their job was to gather feedback from the company’s sponsored runners about which shoes they preferred.

Unfortunately, it was proving difficult that day as the runners all seemed to prefer. nothing.

‘Didn’t we send you enough shoes?’ they asked head coach Vin Lananna. They had, he was just refusing to use them.

‘I can’t prove this,’ the well respected coach told them.

‘But I believe that when my runners train barefoot they run faster and suffer fewer injuries.’

Nike sponsored the Stanford team as they were the best of the very best. Needless to say, the reps were a little disturbed to hear that Lananna felt the best shoes they had to offer them were not as good as no shoes at all.

When I was told this anecdote it came as no surprise. I’d spent years struggling with a variety of running related injuries, each time trading up to more expensive shoes, which seemed to make no difference. I’d lost count of the amount of money I’d handed over at shops and sports injury clinics eventually ending with advice from my doctor to give it up and ‘buy a bike’.

And I wasn’t on my own. Every year, anywhere from 65 to 80 per cent of all runners suffer an injury. No matter who you are, no matter how much you run, your odds of getting hurt are the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, fast or slow, pudgy or taut as a racehorse, your feet are still in the danger zone.

But why? How come Roger Bannister could charge out of his Oxford lab every day, pound around a hard cinder track in thin leather slippers, not only getting faster but never getting hurt, and set a record before lunch?

Tarahumara runner Arnulfo Quimare runs alongside ultra runner Scott Jurek in Mexico’s Copper Canyons

Then there’s the secretive Tarahumara tribe, the best long distance runners in the world. These are a people who live in basic conditions in Mexico, often in caves without running water, and run with only strips of old tyre or leather thongs strapped to the bottom of their feet. They are virtually barefoot.

Come race day, the Tarahumara don’t train. They don’t stretch or warm up. They just stroll to the starting line, laughing and bantering, and then go for it, ultra running for two full days, sometimes covering over 300 miles, non stop. For the fun of it. One of them recently came first in a prestigious 100 mile race wearing nothing but a toga and sandals. He was 57 years old.

When it comes to preparation, the Tarahumara prefer more of a Mardi Gras approach. In terms of diet, lifestyle and training technique,
timberland men Are expensive running shoes a waste of money
they’re a track coach’s nightmare. They drink like New Year’s Eve is a weekly event, tossing back enough corn based beer and homemade tequila brewed from rattlesnake corpses to floor an army.

Unlike their Western counterparts, the Tarahumara don’t replenish their bodies with electrolyte rich sports drinks. They don’t rebuild between workouts with protein bars; in fact, they barely eat any protein at all, living on little more than ground corn spiced up by their favourite delicacy, barbecued mouse.

I’ve watched them climb sheer cliffs with no visible support on nothing more than an hour’s sleep and a stomach full of pinto beans. It’s as if a clerical error entered the stats in the wrong columns. Shouldn’t we, the ones with state of the art running shoes and custom made orthotics, have the zero casualty rate, and the Tarahumara, who run far more, on far rockier terrain, in shoes that barely qualify as shoes, be constantly hospitalised?

The answer, I discovered, will make for unpalatable reading for the $20 billion trainer manufacturing industry. It could also change runners’ lives forever.

Dr Daniel Lieberman, professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, has been studying the growing injury crisis in the developed world for some time and has come to a startling conclusion: ‘A lot of foot and knee injuries currently plaguing us are caused by people running with shoes that actually make our feet weak, cause us to over pronate (ankle rotation) and give us knee problems.

‘Until 1972, when the modern athletic shoe was invented, people ran in very thin soled shoes, had strong feet and had a much lower incidence of knee injuries.’

Lieberman also believes that if modern trainers never existed more people would be running. And if more people ran, fewer would be suffering from heart disease, hypertension, blocked arteries, diabetes, and most other deadly ailments of the Western world.

‘Humans need aerobic exercise in order to stay healthy,’ says Lieberman. ‘If there’s any magic bullet to make human beings healthy, it’s to run.’

The modern running shoe was essentially invented by Nike. The company was founded in the Seventies by Phil Knight, a University of Oregon runner, and Bill Bowerman, the University of Oregon coach.

Before these two men got together, the modern running shoe as we know it didn’t exist. Runners from Jesse Owens through to Roger Bannister all ran with backs straight, knees bent,
timberland men Are expensive running shoes a waste of money
feet scratching back under their hips. They had no choice: their only shock absorption came from the compression of their legs and their thick pad of midfoot fat. Thumping down on their heels was not an option.

timberland footwear Are Crocs shoes as green as they appear

timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots Are Crocs shoes as green as they appear

Last weekend, the sun came out for about 15 minutes, so we sat in the garden of the village pub with our coats off. When the landlady came out with our ham sandwiches she was wearing eye popping sandals in shocking pink, with mauve soles. Crocs! Look at you! They’re the only Crocs in the village.

“Tell you what,” she said. “They’re the most comfortable shoes I ever had in my life.” And so fashion forward, eh? Up there stylewise with Nicole Kidman and Teri Hatcher and erm, Britney! She beamed. Now, I know, I know, that Crocs are last year’s trend; I know they’ve slipped off the bottom of the Going DOWN style register; I know you’ve binned yours already. But in my sleepy little corner of Hampshire, your celebrity driven global trends take a long time to travel west of Basingstoke. So I praised her modishness.

But I was slightly bemused to see a picture of George Bush wearing Crocs on his (five week) summer holiday down on the ranch. Bemused because (whatever you think of George Bush and most of what I think is unpublishable) you have to say the guy’s a dapper dresser. Texans aren’t shy of male swagger. For white tie balls the men wear hand tooled, high heeled cowboy boots along with their weskits and tails. (I’ve seen ’em, in Houston: it’s called the “Texas tux”.) But Crocs aren’t dapper. Some would say they’re pig ugly, others say that they’re OK for five year olds on the beach. Nobody would say they’re dapper.

Crocs Inc’s own advertising copy says their shoes are “soft, lightweight, superior gripping, non marking and odor resistant”. (That last being a very big deal for Americans, who resist smelly trainers in a big way and buy only the kind you can machine wash.) They say the reason they don’t smell is because they’re made (mostly in China) of a ” revolutionary” new material called Croslite. Crocs has only been around for five minutes, but they’ve become a market phenomenon, opening new global outlets and concessions by the thousand. Its quarterly results have been astonishing, and the company is consistently tipped by brokers and stockbloggers.

One tipster, who thinks Crocs Inc is “the next Nike”, wrote on July 27: “Back in February, the stock was trading at $40, and now on a pre stock split basis the shares are trading at $116, nearly a triple.” I haven’t checked the price since the market tumbled, though, so don’t all rush.

Crocs Inc’s own advertising copy does not say (but scores of eco warrior websites and blogs do say) that Crocs are “compassionate” and “Earth friendly”, by which they mean that vegetarians, vegans, leather loathers and Peta heads can wear them with a clear conscience. Peta (those antsy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ranks Crocs in its Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing and says they’re “vegan shoes”.

I’m quite Earth friendly myself,
timberland footwear Are Crocs shoes as green as they appear
and make the odd valiant effort on the recycling front. I’m compassionate, too: I deliberately left the handbag at home when I last interviewed Stella McCartney lest its leathery smell offend her. (Prompted by a recent Peta award and by the fact that her shop had a sign up saying “We’d rather bare skin than wear skin”.) Alas, I forgot completely that my lavender grey jacket was made of thin suede. Bugger. She said composedly that the colour was fabulous, but “some people just don’t like wearing dead animals as clothes”. When Stella told Giorgio Armani (with whom she gets on well) that she wouldn’t work with fur or leather, Armani told her gracefully that he “admired her commitment” to the no dead animals thing. He has nice Italian manners. McCartney struggles hard to make her shoes vegetarian, using cloth, rubber, plastic. Instead of suede she uses matt elastic webbing; instead of leather for high boots she uses a “techno plastic”. Her shoes look funky, but they don’t sell in huge numbers (as do Crocs) because they’re more expensive than most shoes (and much more expensive than Crocs).

“Techno plastics” are spun out of crude oil. The revolutionary new material Crocs are made of is “a proprietory closed cell resin”, and resins are made out of polymers, and polymers are made from crude oil. They’re churning out 3 million pairs a month, which is a fair bit of crude oil, innit? They’re not biodegradable, but they are vaguely recyclable, if that helps. So I’d say Crocs are “compassionate”, yes, in that no animal’s body has been ravaged in their making. But “Earth friendly”? No. Which means they rather suit that ol’ compassionate conservative George Bush, don’t they? At bottom, he’s all about oil.

Since tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, I shallbe feeling extra compassionate myself all day on behalf of two rather benighted groups of put upon women. (Or “put upon communities”, I should say.) One is the fast fashion, High Street retail community, who will be slaving away for (in some cases) less than the minimum wage in River Island and Next and Primark and Matalan and Brent Cross and Bluewater, while hordes of their unwaged sisters are thronging the stores and snapping up all the must have schmutter as worn by Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Ritchie or Coleen or Kate. Retail is the new slavery. The poor little shopgirls barely get Christmas off these days, never mind Bank Holidays. I was in River Island last Christmas Eve in a moment of stupid desperation, looking for something, anything, for a god daughter I’d overlooked, and the weeping child “assisting” me said she was “on till eight tonight and back in at nine on Boxing Day”. I’ll pray for rain tomorrow on her behalf. Feel I ought to.

The other put upon bunch is what you might call the bridesmaids’ community: all those twentysomething working girls whose best friend has finally found a bloke, set a date and spent the last six months deciding whether she wants to go all out on a “hen night” (which now lasts from weekend to weekend), or an exotic resort wedding (which also takes a week, and with air fares on top and damn your carbon footprint). Most brides manage to be charitable enough not to do both a week long wedding and a week long hen night. But all do one or t’other, and the summer Bank Holiday weekends are a favourite with brides. Less so with the bridesmaids, obviously.

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timberland footwear Are Crocs shoes as green as they appear
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timberland custom boots Are Crocs Good For Your Feet

timberland boots for sale Are Crocs Good For Your Feet

What’s with these Crocs? If you are a shoe watcher like me, you may have noticed an interesting new trend. Crocs! They are a very interesting shoe that comes in almost every color and size. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents is cruising around in this flashy, foamy, footwear. You can even buy decorations for your crocs if getting them in hot pink is not enough.

Though these appear very comfy, how do they rate for your feet? There is actually a special line of Crocs for the medical profession, Crocs Rx. These are made with better material and have more support than the average Croc. They were especially designed for people with common foot ailments. They have a wide toe and firm support! These shoes are a great substitute for your slippers, garden shoes, or even your everyday shoes. They are made with deeper insole that allows for a comfortable fit with your orthotics.

Crocs Rx are especially useful for diabetics because they have a wide toe and some have built in antimicrobial properties. Crocs Rx can actually provide better support than some of your high end athletic shoes. Before you go out and buy your new pair of Crocs, make sure you are buying the Rx line.

Crocs are only available through the medical community. You may find them at some pharmacies, and podiatric medical offices. Always check with your podiatric physician to find out if this footwear is appropriate for your foot type. Like any shoe, it is not good to wear the same shoe every day.

A major benefit of these shoes is its ability to fit comfortably with an orthotic insert. This is important because many people have these custom inserts but can not put them in any shoe besides their sneakers. You should be very selective with type of inserts you are putting into your shoes because no foot is created equal. Your podiatric physician can also assist you in finding the correct orthotic device and can also make you a custom orthotic. These custom inserts are different than the over the counter ones. Custom inserts control the way you walk, thus aligning all the joints in the foot as well as the lower extremity. Over the counter inserts are just cushions and do not control your feet while you are walking. If all you need is a cushion, then the inserts found in stores might just be good enough for you.

So if you are looking for shoe that is convenient and fun, but do not want to sacrifice comfort, Crocs Rx may the new shoe for you! It’s trendy and podiatrist approved!
timberland custom boots Are Crocs Good For Your Feet

timberland shoe Are Christie’s ratings as bad on WFAN as they are as governor

timberland boots for sale Are Christie’s ratings as bad on WFAN as they are as governor

Gov. Chris Christie still is capable of delivering strong ratings somewhere.

In the same month that his approval rating dropped to a record low in New Jersey gubernatorial history and that was before the beach fiasco Christie held his own in the ratings department as a co host on sports talk radio station WFAN.

Christie is returning to WFAN on Monday and Tuesday in the celebrated afternoon drive shift to co host with Evan Roberts while Mike Francesa is on vacation. It will be his first time since Beachgate.

With Francesa leaving the No. 1 ranked station in December, a highly attractive job is set to open around the time that Christie leaves office. Fueled speculation is that the brash politician, whose co host stints have become more frequent in recent months, is a candidate to replace Francesa.

WFAN must be buoyed by Christie’s ratings, though it’s a small sample. window for the period of June 5 14, according to data obtained by NJ Advance Media.

Christie hosted back to back days on June 12 13 and listenership was comparable or ahead of the previous Monday and Tuesday (June 5 6) across the board in demographics and measurements, per the data.

Christie: No regrets about mocked beach getaway

In the two primary radio advertising targeted demographics of males and all adults ages 25 54, the Average Quarter Hour Persons listening during those two days was up over any back to back days during the previous week, the ratings show.

The data measuring the average number of persons listening for at least five minutes during a 15 minute period (AQH) and the number of different persons who listened for at least five minutes during any time period (cumulative audience) is considered to be an estimate and not indicative of the final monthly market ratings.

Christie’s two appearances alongside Craig Carton in place of Boomer Esiason rated No. 2 and No. 5 in AQH during the time slot for that 10 day window among both males and adults ages 25 54. He kicked off the show solo on June 13 because Carton was late.

“When either Boomer or Carton are here, no matter who the co host, we find the numbers are fairly close to steady,” Mark Chernoff, WFAN’s program director, told NJ Advance Media while declining to confirm any specific numbers because they are not publicly available.

“If both are out, that’s when we may see a bigger swing in the ratings.”

While the generalized numbers provide only a two day snapshot, Christie, who has had turns as a guest sports talk co host since at least 2011, obviously has made an impression on WFAN executives.

The plan could be to match him with several partners to gauge chemistry. It’s unlikely Christie would take over Francesa’s show in a solo act.

“We are trying him next week for two days paired with Evan Roberts,” Chernoff said.

The cumulative audience numbers during Christie’s two day stint were not as favorable. Over 10 days, it ranked No. 2 (June 13) and No. 8 (June 12) among males ages 25 54, and No. 4 and 7 among all adults ages 25 54 and about the same when including ages 18 25.

“I’d caution anyone into reading too deep into data for two days,” Jason Barrett, a sports radio consultant and former program director, told NJ Advance Media. “That being said, Chris has been getting some regular run on the radio station and clearly he’s got a large name, which is important in The Big Apple.

“What I would say is encouraging is that once the audience knows that he is there, the numbers went up the next day.”

Attributing the boost to Christie’s presence isn’t a sure thing, however. Barrett mentioned wins by the Yankees and the Mets and the conclusion of the NBA Finals on June 12 as potential factors.

“There should be more enthusiasm on Tuesday than there is on a Monday, because that’s when people are getting back to work and the urgency to put the radio on isn’t as strong,” Barrett said.

“Yes, he’s got a little bit of an uptick compared to other days which, if you are WFAN is something you are looking at but the other part of this is, would Christie over the span of five days be seen as somebody who wears you out or somebody you look forward to listening to more?”

As Mike and the Mad Dog famously learned during their run on WFAN, the right partnership is also a factor in ratings.

“You could have two really talented people, but if you don’t have chemistry nothing works,” Barrett said. “It’s easy to look at the mornings. He has good chemistry with Craig. That’s evident. If that was (another host), they might not have the same connection with Chris.”

In terms of AQH rating percentage and cumulative audience rating percentage, the June 13 show ranked alongside the highest rated Boomer Carton programs in key demographics during the 10 day period. The June 12 show was a step back from the regular hosts.

The average programming share was not included in the data obtained, but WFAN typically is a leader in the marketplace.

“If you are in Mark’s shoes at WFAN,” Barrett said, “you are going, ‘I’m encouraged that when I put (Christie) in there I see something positive,’ but a lot of it comes down to the combination.

“You could make a case that there are guys who have been on the radio for 10 years and are very good at what they do, and here’s Christie who hasn’t and he’s performing the same way.”
timberland shoe Are Christie's ratings as bad on WFAN as they are as governor

timberland euro sprint Are changeable heels the end to women’s sore feet

timberland waterproof Are changeable heels the end to women’s sore feet

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” film star Marilyn Monroe once said. But what constitutes “right” for women nowadays?

While high heels can make the wearer feel more confident, they aren’t comfortable for long term wearing. This means that many women carry around a spare pair of flats with them.

But what if one pair of shoes could do both jobs? Two small shoemaking firms, one in France and one in Germany, think they have the solution women’s shoes that come with interchangeable heels.

In her office in Ottawa, Canada, Olga Streltchenko is not just known as a top financial risk manager.

The 46 year old also has a reputation for her shoes with removable heels.

Designer Tanya Heath came up with the idea for her shoes after moving to Paris in 1996.

The Canadian, who spent years working for firms in the telecoms and energy sectors, was tired of having to change her shoes every time she arrived or left the office.

“I would arrive in ballerina pumps and change into heels, and my French colleagues ridiculed me,” she says.

“They called me ‘la New Yorkaise’, because of the perception that New Yorkers wore trainers with suits while walking to work.”

In 2009, with no experience in the fashion industry, Ms Heath finally began to develop the idea all while juggling her responsibilities as a mother of three.

The biggest challenge was to make shoes that were comfortable and stylish, she says. Since the 1980s, several firms had developed footwear with removable heels but none had been successful.

“Some of the other attempts out there were either awful looking or worse, and they didn’t really work, with the heels falling off,” Mrs Heath says.

Backed by a team of designers and engineers, she came up with a “pick and choose concept”.

First women buy the shoes, sandals, pumps or boots, then they buy the heels of their choice.

Prices range from 290 euros (260) for a pair of pumps, to 700 euros for a pair of leather boots. Customers can choose between 400 different heels, which cost between 25 and 100 euros each.

Ms Heath says her first few years in business were tough, with no sales and little outside investment.

But the firm has since shipped to 72 countries and opened boutiques in France, Portugal and Canada.

“We get girls coming into the stores who are clearly still in school, and we have women shopping for shoes to wear to their daughter’s wedding,” Mrs Heath says.

The healthy sales at Tanya Heath Paris comes as the issue of whether women should wear high heels to work continues to spark controversy.

In April of this year, the Canadian province of British Columbia banned companies from being able to force women to wear high heels, while that same month the UK government rejected a petition calling for a similar ban in Britain.

For firms that make shoes with removable heels, their products merely offer women choice.

Take Mime et moi, which was founded by four men from Munich, Germany. After a night out together, they noticed that their partners had all gone home barefoot because their feet were sore from wearing high heels.

One of the men, a student of mechanical engineering and construction, then set about finding a solution.

“We immediately thought it was something that was absolutely missing,” says Tim Haas, 31, one of the firm’s co founders.

“We wanted to create a shoe for women that looked amazing, sexy and feminine, but which had a comfort function.”
timberland euro sprint Are changeable heels the end to women's sore feet

timberland boots sale for kids Arcs impressing early in the season with two videos

junior timberland boots Arcs impressing early in the season with two videos

Led by first place finishes by Sam McIntosh (135), Tywan Claxton (140), Devon Range (145) and Randall Howard (215), Brush finished third at the Riverside Rumble on Saturday.

Perhaps even more impressive, the Arcs were 7 0 in the final round on Saturday. Combine that with the 7 1 record they piled up last week at the Avon Lake Invitational, and Brush is 14 1 (.933) in the final round of tournaments this year.

“You think I’d lie?” Swirsky said with a laugh when asked if his team is wrestling like the best team in Brush history. “This team works so hard. Honestly, some of them have to go shoe shopping because their shoes are worn out from wrestling so much over the summer.

“This is just a great group to be around.”

Brush, which finished with 277 points, made a valiant run at tournament champion West Branch (3811/2) and runner up Lorain (2981/2), but the top two teams had enough of a cushion going into the final round to stave off the Arcs.

But the Arcs’ moments Saturday night were impressive.

First, McIntosh controlled his match with Girard’s Jacob Carpenter for a 3 1 win.

Claxton took down Riverside’s Mitch Diemert early, turned him for near fall points and gave up only a pair of escapes in a 9 2 win.

Range hardly broke a sweat in his 23 second pin of Liberty’s Justin Hideg for his 106th career win. He hit the 100 win plateau on Friday in his first match of the tournament and was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Wrestler for upper weights (145 and up).

“I didn’t even know it was my 100th until my coach told me,” Range said. “But we’ve got the names of everyone who has gotten 100 wins (at Brush), and that was a goal of mine.”

Howard then solidified his team’s perfect evening when he reversed Geneva’s Tommy Padavick with 8.3 seconds remaining for an 8 7 win.

Brush brought 10 wrestlers to the Rumble. Nine of them placed in the top six.

“They want it,” assistant coach Frank Spano said of the Arcs’ drive to succeed. “The thing is, they still don’t know how good they can be.”

Finishing just behind Brush was Perry, which along with South is the youngest team in The News Herald area. The Pirates finished impressively despite their youth, placing fourth with 2411/2 points. Of the 12 wrestlers who took to the mat for Perry, 11 were underclassmen.

The Pirates’ lone champion was freshman 125 pounder Aaron Gessic, who put on a takedown and near fall point clinic in his 21 4 technical fall win over Lorain’s Antoine Edwards.

“I think I wrestled pretty well,” said Gessic, who is 7 0 this season with four pins. “I try to end it early in the first so I am not too tired the rest of the day.”

Riverside finished fifth in the 16 team field with 2331/2 points, crowning champion Cameron Ellis at 119. Ellis pinned Perry’s Brian Loxterman at the 2:38 mark of the second period and was named the most valuable wrestler of the lower weights.

“I was pumped up to beat Loxterman,” said Ellis, who finished second at last weekend at the Solon Comet Classic. “I was wrestling great last week in Solon until that final match, and I don’t know what happened then. It feels great to win this one.”

Other area wrestlers winning their weight class on Saturday were Euclid’s Dylan Norwood, who pinned West Branch’s Joe Karlen for the 171 pound title, and Benedictine’s Joe Nawalaniec, who took a 7 2 heavyweight decision over West Branch’s Logan Sharp.
timberland boots sale for kids Arcs impressing early in the season with two videos

timberland shoe sizes Architect calls out premier for focusing on her shoes instead of her work

timberland watches uk Architect calls out premier for focusing on her shoes instead of her work

WINNIPEG An award winning architect says she has dealt with much worse in her professional life than a joke Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister made about her fashion choices, but she feels compelled to call out his focus on her footwear over her work.

Pallister began his annual state of the province speech Thursday by thanking Johanna Hurme, chairwoman of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

want to thank Johanna for dressing up, he said to the audience. want to thank her for those heels. I notice they a foot high. later said it was an awkward remark that was meant to be a humorous nod to his own towering height.

He also made reference to Hurme helping him with his food as his arm heals from a recent hiking injury.

Hurme said in a statement Friday that she doesn think Pallister comments were ill intended and that the moment wasn that personally significant.

unfortunate reality is that I would not be in the position that I am in today, as an architect and as a business owner, should I not have dealt with much worse situations than this in the past, she wrote.

But she said she couldn stay silent, given the national attention the comment received.

Before Pallister made his poorly received remark, Hurme had just finished a presentation on sprawl and the importance of dealing with the province infrastructure deficit.

while I believe the premier was attempting to acknowledge my presence in the room, he unfortunately chose to do so, not based on my work or content of that presentation, but rather make a joke about the fact I was wearing tall shoes, she said.

combined with the fact that the event took place in front of nearly 1,200 business leaders of our province, does require it to be called out and addressed. said she shared her thoughts frankly in a phone call with Pallister and he expressed his regrets.

Jocelyn Thorpe, an associate professor of women and gender studies at the University of Manitoba, said Pallister comments point to a broader problem.

harder for women to navigate the world as people with minds as well as with bodies, she said.

a higher expectation that women put more effort into how they look. Men put on a suit and they dressed up, but women have many more steps that they expected to fulfil in terms of their hair and face and clothes. senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto said Pallister focused on a garment that has for centuries been associated with what men find sexually desirable in women.

heels have become the icon of femininity, said Elizabeth Semmelhack.

They were initially worn by men battling on horseback as far back as 10th century Persia, but by 17th century Europe they were fashionable for both genders.

They became narrower and higher for women to fit with the beauty standards at the time.

The more diminutive a woman was, the more attractive she was thought to be. The shoes angled a woman feet in such a way that all but the points of her toes were hidden by her skirts, making her appear smaller, said Semmelhack.

Sky high shoes also played into the historical notion that men are inherently rational and women irrational.

has really stuck with us, said Semmelhack.

She noted how modern women are often judged either for wearing sensible shoes that are seen as too dowdy or for teetering on stilettos seen as too sexy.

comments are comments that have a very, very long standing problematic connection to how women are assessed, that if they wear heels, that choice of footwear is irrational and at the same time, highly eroticized. By Lauren Krugel in Calgary
timberland shoe sizes Architect calls out premier for focusing on her shoes instead of her work

timberland work boots Archbishop John Nienstedt’s years in the Twin Cities

timberland earthkeepers uk Archbishop John Nienstedt’s years in the Twin Cities

Nienstedt denied the allegation.

“I must say that this allegation is absolutely and entirely false,” the archbishop wrote in a letter posted on the archdiocese’s website. “I have never once engaged in any inappropriate contact with a minor.”

During the investigation, Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piche will assume the archbishop’s public duties during the investigation, according to a statement from the archdiocese.

Related: As Nienstedt steps back, an auxiliary bishop steps into the breach

The St. Paul Police Department began its investigation Dec.

Archbishop John C. 6, 2001

Coadjutor Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis: April 24, 2007

Archishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis: May 2, 2008

Nienstedt, 66, has been archbishop since 2008, after a transition year alongside his predecessor Harry Flynn.

He started addressing the ongoing clergy sex abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis head on Dec. 15 at Our Lady of Grace parish in Edina, Minn.,
timberland work boots Archbishop John Nienstedt's years in the Twin Cities
saying in a homily that he’s sorry he overlooked issues of abuse among parish priests.

He told parishioners and reporters after Mass that he was told the issue of clergy sex abuse had been taken care of by the time he became archbishop.

Full investigation coverage: Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

“Unfortunately I believed that and so my biggest apology today, and I did this last week at two other parishes, is to say I overlooked this,” he said on at Our Lady of Grace. “I should have investigated it more than I did.”

In early December, Nienstedt released a list of 30 priests who the archdiocese says have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children. Nienstedt also ordered a review of clergy personnel files to ensure no other abusers are in ministry.

The action came after an ongoing MPR News investigation has found that church leaders including Nienstedt protected abusive priests during their tenures.

St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith said the archdiocese is not cooperating with an ongoing criminal investigation into clergy sexual abuse.

New documents show church leaders debated legality of priest’s pornography

Jennifer Haselberger (pictured), the church’s former top canon lawyer, said the archbishop knew about potential pornography on a parish priest’s computer. Nienstedt was one of a handful of top church officials involved in a monthslong memo exchange debating whether the pornography involved images of children.

An internal investigation at the time deemed the images ‘borderline illegal,’ yet church officials ordered them stored at church headquarters and did not notify police, who have since reopened the case.

Piche attended St. Paul Seminary and was ordained in 1984. He has served as auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese since 2009, and was appointed one of the archdiocese’s vicars general.

He has taught at the University of St. Thomas, and has served in a series of Twin Cities parishes. Generally well liked in the Catholic community, he was also involved in two recent clergy abuse scandals facing the archdiocese.
timberland work boots Archbishop John Nienstedt's years in the Twin Cities

timberland earth keeper Archaeologists discover 2 ancient tombs in Egypt

timberland shops uk Archaeologists discover 2 ancient tombs in Egypt

An Egyptian excavation worker restores funeral furniture found in a newly discovered tombon Luxor’s West Bank known as “KAMPP 161” during an announcement for the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities about new discoveries in Luxor, Egypt, Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017. Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry says archaeologists have discovered two ancient tombs in the southern city of Luxor. The ministry said Saturday that one tomb has five entrances leading to a rectangular hall, and contains painted wooden funerary masks, clay vessels and a mummy wrapped in linen. (AP Photo/Hamada Elrasam)

LUXOR, Egypt Egypt on Saturday announced the discovery of two small ancient tombs in the southern city Luxor dating back some 3,500 years and hoped it will help the country efforts to revive its ailing tourism sector.

The tombs, located on the west bank of the river Nile in a cemetery for noblemen and top officials, are the latest discovery in the city famed for its temples and tombs spanning different dynasties of ancient Egyptian history.

truly an exceptional day,
timberland earth keeper Archaeologists discover 2 ancient tombs in Egypt
Antiquities Minister Khaled al Anani said. 18th dynasty private tombs were already known. But it the first time to enter inside the two tombs. said the discoveries are part of the ministry efforts to promote Egypt vital tourism industry, partially driven by antiquities sightseeing, that was hit hard by extremist attacks and political turmoil following the 2011 uprising.

The ministry said one tomb has a courtyard lined with mud brick and stone walls and contains a six meter (yard) burial shaft leading to four side chambers. The artifacts found inside were mostly fragments of wooden coffins. Wall inscriptions and paintings suggest it belongs to era between the reigns of King Amenhotep II and King Thutmose IV, both pharaohs of the 18th dynasty.

The other tomb has five entrances leading to a rectangular hall and contains two burial shafts located in the northern and southern sides of the tomb.

Among the artifacts found inside are funerary cones, painted wooden funerary masks, clay vessels, a collection of some 450 statues and a mummy wrapped in linen who was likely a top official. A cartouche carved on the ceiling bears the name of King Thutmose I of the early 18th dynasty, the ministry said.

Afterward, al Anani headed to a nearby site where the famous Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is located to open for the first time the temple main sanctuary known as the of Holies. the beginning of 2017, the Antiquities Ministry has made a string of discoveries in several provinces across Egypt including the tomb of a royal goldsmith, in the same area and belonging to the same dynasty,
timberland earth keeper Archaeologists discover 2 ancient tombs in Egypt
whose work was dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god Amun.

timberland songs Aqua Stranger

timberland pro boots Aqua Stranger

So it turned out later yesterday, the parts came in and we got stuff fixed, but we not going. Frankly, I glad, because it be rushed at this rate. Instead, we be watching movies and enjoying ourselves at home.

So, I seen Minority Report and Death to Smoochy. They both rock, though the former does for good writing and point making and general coolness, while the latter assures me that there are others like me in the world that feel the same way about it. Ed Norton pretty damn funny, I say that much. Tomorrow, I be watching The Royal Tenenbaums and laughing my ass off.

The swing of the axe came down today; we not going to Toronto during this vacation. Because the parts haven come in, despite the fact that it shouldn have taken that long.

Yes, I disappointed, mainly because after a week of sitting at home doing nothing without the benefit of being home alone, there looks like more of that coming, though I been reassured with outings to the mall, getting to see “The Two Towers” and renting movies.

Funny thing is is that we seem to have actually rescheduled the trip now; which is a more solid thing than actually saying, “oh, too bad” and just leaving it at that, which is what my parents have done in the past, but I was really looking forward to this trip, and I didn expect Mom to tell me that she find a way to make it up.

We be leaving for a few days on Spring Break, so that around the February/March area. Or, at least I hope we will. Six months would have gone by by then and then it be more necessary.

I really just wish that Mom didn react so violently when I was disappointed. I mean, that a huge change from the “life sucks, take it or leave it” attitude that she seemed to have when I was growing up. That a good thing at least. Other than that, I read all the novels except for House of Leaves and I might tackle that today, since I have the house to myself. Yayers.

As for the art trade, the bust shot is not going too well. I don know about doing a pose, because for right now, I tapped out for that character.

Toronto may be pushed further of a few things; the cat needed to be watched, the Toyota people being assmonkeys and NOT ORDERING PARTS until after Christmas, and the fact that it might be a little rushed.

One thing I learned today: don pick at dry skin on your face. Now I got two red, sore blotches that probably take forever to fade. _ ;; Go me. Whoo. I read every book except for House of Leaves, and so far it too damned cold in this house, so I having to wear more layers and socks to bed to keep warm. What at first turned out to be a simple bust shot of a character kinda failed. I wanted to have her wiping her brow (because that what she do, most likely), but it didn look right. I probably have her as a bust shot and do it from there.

Toronto is around the corner, though, so that no problem. I can wait to go and have some fun. We be back in time for me to get the books I need for the classes next term. After that, things should fall into place. I need that time to regroup. Phoo. I been getting hungry for some odd reason. Really hungry. Not that it a bad thing, but two days of sushi in a row (I not talking about the raw fish kind, I talking about hand rolls) is not very filling.

I did catch up a little on what was going on with CLAMP X manga series. Only one thing to say: boys, swords are not GUNS. Don go tryin to use like that.


You will now see why this era of my life is now titled, “The Shit Term”.

The good thing is that things have gotten better; now that I done with finals, I got two weeks where I got relatively little to worry about. So, I about four to six novels to read (and Mom got me two! SQUEE!), an art trade to work on, potlucks, and a trip to Toronto that I eagerly planning along with the parents. The food was delicious there were these curried buns that I pigged out on, with turkey and rice and I was able to make polite, yet satisfactory conversation with the kids my age there. At least this time, I wasn laughed at for my major not being anything in Engineering. Not like last year.

I really excited about Toronto. First off, quality Chinese restaurant food, and we getting recc from everyone we know about where to head to. Second, there this great Japanese restaurant I heard about from onee san that I want to check out. I changing the color this time to a deep wine red. We probably be leaving after Christmas, because that when we checked out the weather and that when it won be snowing.

Yup, yup. I all psyched.

I just want to say that I don think I be commemmorating 9/11, simply a) out of lack of ability to due to my schedule and b) there are enough out there who can do it better than I would ever be able to.

In the case that I do have time, I just like to spend some part of it with my friends, seeing that my family would be a little tricky to handle. I most likely give them a call tonight,
timberland songs Aqua Stranger

timberlands boots for men Apply The Secret To Forex Trading Victory

timberland 88580 Apply The Secret To Forex Trading Victory

There are dozens of various currencies traded but the large gamers to deal with are all traded with the US dollar and include: EUR (Euro), GBP (British pound), JPY (Japanese yen), CHF (Swiss franc), AUD (Australian greenback), NZD (New Zealand dollar), and the CAN (Canadian greenback). Every of these currencies is exchanged with the forex of different nations at different trade rates that are at all times in a state of flux as a result of the market trades around the clock (Sunday by means of Friday). The volatility and sheer dimension of the market means that there is ample fluctuation to provide massive income and losses. The challenge for the investor, as always, is to predict which direction the rates of forex pairs will fluctuate.

The start level in any funding technique is figuring out what type of analysis shall be used to help information enter and exit decisions. Traders who use basic analysis look at a nation’s interest rates and different economic indicators when deciding to enter or exit a position. Fundamental buyers are likely to trade based upon news releases and financial data from the nations concerned within the currency pair.

Briefly, technical evaluation involves the interpretation of value performance and chart patterns all historic data. Technical merchants attempt to identify current developments in the Forex market to determine entry and exit points. If they are appropriate, they’ll trip a pattern (in either course) for a profit till an exit level is reached (when the pattern is ending).

The most profitable merchants on the Foreign exchange are inclined to search for lengthy term tendencies and favor technical analysis. Basic traders need to enter and exit positions in a short time so as to capitalize in value fluctuations caused by information events (rate of interest adjustments, launch of economic information, etc.) and are therefore extra vulnerable because of excessive trading. Buying and selling methods are by no means perfect as a result of the market won’t ever be predictable 100% of the time. There will probably be times when any technique fails and cease points are reached earlier than earnings are realized. Steady back testing, remaining patient, and setting stops are the true secrets of Forex success.
timberlands boots for men Apply The Secret To Forex Trading Victory

timberland crib booties apply sunscreen to get rid of dry skin

childrens timberland shoes apply sunscreen to get rid of dry skin

New Delhi, Dec 10 (IANS) Most people associate winter with dry skin. To counter the flaking skin, exfoliate your lips, face and body once a week, and don forget your sunscreen, suggest experts.

Pallavi Mehra, Marketing Manager at VanityCask, and Arzoo Shah, make up artist at MyGlamm, have shared how:

Exfoliate lips: Treat your uneven dry and chapped lips with luxurious lip scrub pertaining feed for one lips with essential plant extracts. Fuse ground coffee with brown sugar and macadamia oil to get a pout as soft as velvet.

Choose a radiant base: To get that perfect sheen, opt for a radiant and dewy finish foundation. A peach and pumpkin palette is the perfect substitute to bronzer during winter season to achieve a natural look.

Cream based blushes: To bring back that healthy flush and imperceptible glow this winter, cream blush is the need of the hour. A hint of both colour and moisture formula giving cheeks a three dimensional look bring the contours of the cheeks forward.

Hydrating primer: A lightweight, serum like textured primer provides a great canvas for make up. An illuminating primer mattifies skin for that extra dose of radiance.

SPF: Applying sunscreen to your face and hands every morning is essential. If you are anxious about the chemicals in sunscreens with high SPF, you can opt for children sunscreen as it just as effective and extra gentle on your skin.

Don shy away from supplements: Take supplements to give your skin some additional lift, particularly during the winter months. For winter, pay special attention to vitamins E, C and B2, which will support the creation of skin cells.

Exfoliate: Between the cold, damp air outside and the dry indoor heating, your skin cells are majorly dehydrated, which can lead to a build up of dead skin that can eventually clog your pores. Exfoliate your body once a week and your face once or twice a week, but make sure you don over exfoliate.

Use lip balm: There nothing more irritating than cracked dry lips. A good lip balm is the key to getting soft lips.

You don need to limit your Vaseline or lip balm to your lips. You can apply it under the eyes at night to keep away crow feet, and also use it to tackle dry skin on your face. You can even use your lip balm on the ends of your hair or to tame fly always if you need a little extra moisture.
timberland crib booties apply sunscreen to get rid of dry skin