timberland cabot Henna tattoos and foreign movies

timberland jacket Henna tattoos and foreign movies

Join the India Film Festival of Alberta at the 4 Wing theatre and watch two foreign movies and try East Indian cuisine.

Edmonton Movie Club co founder and current Cold Lake resident Chandra Adimoolam who is organizing the festival locally, said the group has been screening movies in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Calgary in the past and this year they decided to add Cold Lake to the list.

He explained the festival adds diversity to the community for all the people who are here including members of 4 Wing Cold Lake and oil and gas industry workers among other residents in the area.

not many cultural or artistic events that are happening in Cold Lake region. I not talking about just Cold Lake but surrounding areas like Bonnyville, Elk Point, Lakeland region, he said.

The one day event will showcase two movies called Kaatru Vellyidai, a story of an Indian military pilot who recalls his romance tales set in 1999 during the Kargil War, featuring Oscar winning music director A. R. Rehman.

The second film is an Indo Canadian production about a young man in a Sikh family pursuing his passion for hockey. Adimoolam said the film would be somewhat of a Canadian version of Bend it like Beckham, only with hockey instead of soccer. The film stars some top names including comedian Russell Peters.
timberland cabot Henna tattoos and foreign movies

timberland ladies boots Henderson Center branches in 2018

discount timberland shoes Henderson Center branches in 2018

Umpqua Bank will be closing its Willow Creek and Henderson Center branches in early 2018 because of reduced customer visits and an increased focus on digital banking services, according to Umpqua spokeswoman Eve Callahan.

are tracking closely how our customers choose to bank with us, Callahan said. as you probably noticed across basically every retail industry, customers are voting with their feet and people are doing less of their shopping and banking at brick and mortar locations. Willow Creek branch is set to close Jan. 18. The Henderson Center branch is set to close March 1.

A total of 30 of the company 300 branches across California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho will be closed and consolidated into the remaining branches, Callahan said.

The closures will result in a reduction in the number of employees, but Callahan said they will work to either transfer employees to new locations or help them find new jobs. About 250 job openings are currently available at other Umpqua branches. Callahan did not provide figures of how many local employees would be affected by the closures when asked.

work with associates that are affected during times of change like this, Callahan said. work closely with them to find another opportunity. If not in Umpqua or put them in connection with others in the community that are hiring. the closure of the Henderson Center location will mean some Eureka account holders may have to drive a little farther into town, the next closest location from Willow Creek is Arcata.

The Pizza Factory in Willow Creek is one of several businesses in the area that uses Umpqua Bank. The restaurant General Manager Randi Kotera said they are switching to the remaining bank in the community, Coast Central Credit Union, because they need to make daily drop offs, but said that is the only reason.

love Umpqua. I brought everyone of my employees to their bank, Kotera said Wednesday. have such great customer service. said most of her employees are in their early 20s and rarely go into the branch. She said they instead use online banking services to deposit checks or check their balances. As for herself, Kotera commutes to work from Arcata, which has an Umpqua branch. The only issue Kotera can see with the closure of the Willow Creek branch is if the ATM is also closed.

Callahan said she was still working by Wednesday evening to find out whether ATM service would still be available.

Recognizing that Willow Creek is in a remote area, Callahan said the company plans to have a banker in the area who will either be set up at a new location in the community or be a mobile banker that visits customers.

also believe that there is an important role for personal relationships in moments where money and life intersect, Callahan said.

seems like more and more people are moving away, Duggan said Wednesday. does that do to the community? It just makes it weaker. said that the company is currently running a pilot program out of Portland, Oregon, that seeks to bridge the gap between mobile banking and personal banking. Using a web based smartphone app, customers are able to connect with a personal banker without having to step inside of a brick and mortar location, she said.
timberland ladies boots Henderson Center branches in 2018

timberland roll top boots for men Hempfield police departments take part in mental health training

timberland bromilly boots Hempfield police departments take part in mental health training

25 officers from both East and West Hempfield Police departments joined the Community Services Group to get a better understanding of individuals with mental illness.

Lisa Basci, director of peer support and mental health first aid with Community Services Group, said key topics include recognizing risks and warning signs, such as depression, anxiety or psychotic disorders.

“We hope that they will be better prepared when they get a call in the community to respond to that call but also have some additional resources that they may not have had before,” said Basci.

As part of the “One Mind Campaign,” Lt. Tammy Marsh said the East Hempfield Police Department revamped their policy on dealing with people with mental illness two months ago.

She said they also have six officers with additional crisis intervention training,
timberland roll top boots for men Hempfield police departments take part in mental health training
or CIT.

“Because of the significant percentage of people that deal either openly or silently with mental illness, we really thought this was something we wanted to do with them, to get ourselves educated and learn how we can help,” said Lt. Marsh.

She said they receive all types of calls, from people not feeling well to suicidal situations.

She said their goal with the completion of the One Mind Campaign will help them help others in need.

“It’s a disease and if we can help even one person, than I think it’s worth the effort,” Lt. Marsh said.

Another 25 officers will conclude the training next week.

When that happens,
timberland roll top boots for men Hempfield police departments take part in mental health training
they’ll join Salisbury Township Police in Lehigh County as the only departments to complete the One Mind Campaign in the commonwealth.

timberland skhigh rock HEMLINES GET SHOCKINGLY SHORT

original timberland boots HEMLINES GET SHOCKINGLY SHORT

Not only are many hemlines on the runways here shockingly short, but designers unveiling their spring collections also are cropping sweaters and T shirts like crazy to bare the midriff.

And while some of these tiny tops look as if they took a few too many spins in a clothes dryer set on high, others look rather sporty on flat stomached models, some of whom are still in their late teens. Not for Everywoman, of course, but neither is navel piercing, which is exactly what some of the models have elected to do.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who appeared in just a few shows this week, sported a sparkling navel stud at the Anna Sui show Wednesday night. During the recent fashion shows in London, Christy Turlington also reportedly visited a body piercer and later modeled midriff baring sweaters wearing her new gold navel ring.

Other models fake the pierced look a decision that may save them from hearing their mothers say, “Angelika (all the models have names like that), if God had wanted you to walk around with a diamond in your belly button, he would have put it there himself.”

Ralph Lauren introduced a secondary collection of lower priced, casual pieces called, simply, Ralph, on Wednesday.

Key items include a midcalf length, sleeveless black dress layered over a striped crewneck; short shorts held up with suspenders and paired with a cropped top, and ribbon trimmed T shirts worn with pinstriped trousers and vests.

“I’ve always felt that great style is personal style,” Lauren wrote in the program introducing the collection.

“It’s about having the confidence to break the rules and pull a look together in a new unexpected way. My new collection captures that independent spirit with clothes that are young, expressive and always moving forward.”

Move over, DKNY and CK two other popular secondary lines designed by Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. A cotton sweater by “Ralph” will retail for $125. A blouse, $100. A skirt, $200.

We said lower priced, not cheap.

Other trends to watch for come spring: camouflage prints and olive drab colors; platform sneakers with thick rubber soles; clunky, rope soled sandals (Liz Claiborne introduced a new slip on or tie up shoe with the rubber bottom of a sneaker and the rope sides of an espadrille); wrap skirts in long and short lengths; short, pleated skirts; slip dresses; long, narrow tank dresses in lightweight sweater knits; Far Eastern looking tunics and pajama style trousers, and bare legs.

While a few designers showed mesh stockings and Bill Blass opted for whitish hued hosiery, most others kept legs natural.

So you say you want to stage your own 25 minute fashion show? In New York, no less? Well, it will cost you $24,000 to rent the large Gertrude Pavilion in Bryant Park a big white tent that seats about 1,000 guests situated by the Gertrude Stein statue. Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein dished out the dollars for this space.

On a budget? The 550 seat Josephine Pavilion, at the Josephine Shaw fountain facing Sixth Avenue, cost Norma Kamali, Christian Francis Roth and others just $13,500 to rent.

And while this fee includes lighting, runways, seats, racks, mirrors, tables and staff to supervise and provide security, according to Women’s Wear Daily, you haven’t even started hiring models yet.

The news in this department is that the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a non profit organization of 185 American designers, set a $750 an hour ceiling on modeling fees this time around.

New “girls” as they are still called in the fashion world begin at about $250 per hour for their runway work, reported the Associated Press.

One woman seated in the audience waiting for the Oscar de la Renta show to begin laughed at how others in the crowd take fashion just a tad too seriously.

“I’ll never forget the first Isaac Mizrahi show (five years ago).

“I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it’s not as if someone discovered a cure for cancer or anything,” she said.

Time to play People magazine: Actor Christian Slater, in town for last week’s gig as host of “Saturday Night Live,” showed up at several fashion shows, including the Liza Bruce presentation on Wednesday.

He sat in the front row wearing sunglasses and clapped and grinned whenever Christy Turlington walked down the runway.

Ms. Turlington, by the way, is on the cover of this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Speaking of Liza Bruce, here’s a designer whose alternative taste in fashion and music had even jaded fashion observers shaking their heads.

Not only did she favor transparent tops, flip flop sandals, metallic colored short skirts and bra tops, and fabrics that looked as if they were dragged out of the trash, the soundtrack she chose featured obscene lyrics and songs about drug addiction.

Just call it an anti fashion show.

The New York subway system has created a novel way to save people’s soles and keep subway floors clean a target board for gum chewers.

You aim. You shoot. And if you score, your wad of Wrigley’s or whatever passes through the bull’s eye and drops into a trash can. And even if you miss, more times than not the gum will stick to the outer rings.

Forget knotting that extra sweater around the shoulders or waistline. Too preppy. The newest way to wear a sweater was shown at the DKNY show, where designer Donna Karan tied them on models banner style that is, swung over one shoulder, extended diagonally across the chest, and knotted under the other arm.
timberland skhigh rock HEMLINES GET SHOCKINGLY SHORT

timberland safety shoes Helping The Homeless

euro sprint timberland boots Helping The Homeless

How many times do you pass a homeless stranger on the street, and wonder how you can help them? It might be happening more often, because the homeless population appears to be growing. More people are staying at a Sioux Falls homeless shelter this year versus last year, according to a staff member.

Though it’s only a slight increase, the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House isn’t the only resource trying to help people on the streets.

Tough times put him on a path to the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. Before you feel sorry for Torres, he wants you to know his faith is one reason he’s never walking alone.

“The Lord. Just trusting in him and knowing everything will work out eventually,” Torres said.

Chances are you’ve passed Torres on the streets, but have never actually met him. He’s just one person who makes up the homeless population in Sioux Falls. The Californian moved here from Brookings about four months ago.

“Decided to stay here for a little bit until I could get back up on my feet and get a job, full time, and eventually move into my own apartment,” Torres said.

His story isn’t unique at the Bishop Dudley. Development Coordinator Amanda Stidd says many of the guests going there are looking for a better life. Unfortunately, they get caught in a waiting game.

“If they don’t get that job right away or that opportunity they initially thought they were coming here for doesn’t pan out immediately, you kind of fall into a rut of overstaying your welcome, but not quite ready to start a new beginning,” Stidd said.

At the end of the day, Stidd is seeing more people who need help. In 2017, she says 1,587 guests stayed there. That is about 50 people more than the previous year. The facility only has so much room, but Stidd says staff doesn’t turn anyone away if the Bishop Dudley is overcapacity.

“It has you thinking what do you do if we reach a maximum capacity five years down the line,” Stidd said.

There are resources to help people on the streets, but you may be asking yourself right now what can I do? Though solutions don’t grow on trees there are people who are planting seeds of kindness in the community.

“Any one person that finds themselves on the streets without these resources is one too many, in my opinion,” Patton said.

You may recognize Denise Patton as the head of Sioux Falls’ mosquito control. This winter, she’s shifting her focus from preventing bug bites to trying to protect people from frost bite. You can find her and a helper tying winter clothes to tree branches, posts, fences; pretty much anything that’ll prop up her passion project called Bundle Up Sioux Falls.

“There’s just such a need for our community. There’s a lot of people who need the resources of staying warm,” Patton said.

Each hat, scarf, or pair of gloves has a tag, telling the reader it’s not lost, because someone put the article of clothing out just for them.

“I was going through my closet and found all these things from when my kids were young and I thought, ‘I certainly don’t need them. If somebody else can use them, absolutely,” Patton said.

You may be wondering, how are Patton and Torres connected? They’re not. In fact, they’ve never met and they probably won’t. That’s not the point. Though services like the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House cover many of his needs, knowing a stranger out there cares enough to try to help is another reason why he doesn’t feel so alone.

“They’re similar to angels. They’re helping you and providing you with what you need. They’re always there. They’re never willing to back down,” Torres said.
timberland safety shoes Helping The Homeless

timberland shop belfast Helping seniors be safer drivers

timberland pro hampton Helping seniors be safer drivers

I spent a recent morning at the DMV applying for my REAL ID driver license. without a passport. I find the name a bit strange. Makes me wonder what they were giving me all these years. And I think of the fake IDs of my friends youth. My license expires on my birthday next week anyway, so why not avoid the lines in 2020? They just got this new REAL ID up and running, so I was a test rabbit going nowhere fast. My appointment took 45 minutes.

The DMV works hard to ensure we are all legally practicing our God given right to drive. The people were nice and friendly and it only cost me $35 for 45 minutes. That less than a massage and I didn have to take any driving tests (haven since I was 16 yes, I am bragging) but got to watch others at the computers figuring it out.

I was asked to take the eye and photo tests, which have both gotten more challenging. They tried to trip me up by putting two in the same row. that can be another B Who does that to people? And why can we bring in a nice photo for them to use?

The written test rarely improves driving. At some point, we all need to be put behind the wheel with a DMV official riding shotgun to see how bad we have devolved. Failing a DMV test and losing the ability to legally drive might be one of the most feared events in our aging process. Still,
timberland shop belfast Helping seniors be safer drivers
it is in everyone best interest that those who can safely drive stop doing so, but it takes a toll on the person who no longer has the independence to come and go as they please. Family, friends, buses or taxis are rarely able to fill the very large gap.

If you want to keep getting good news from the DMV while keeping our streets safe consider AARP Smart Driver program. For three decades AARP has offered this class to help seniors be safer drivers and Area 1 Agency on Aging is hosting the classes at our Eureka office.

The results of the Smart Driver program have been so significant that nearly all automobile insurance companies give a reduction in premiums to clients who go through the eight hour class, which is offered over a two day period. The certified volunteer instructor addresses a host of issues and challenges that confront older drivers.

There is no behind the wheel training. All teaching is done in a classroom setting using a workbook with videos to reinforce and enhance instruction from the teacher. There is plenty of time for questions and discussion and no exam is required. At the conclusion of the eight hour course, a certificate of completion is given as evidence for insurance companies. The certificate and subsequent insurance premium reduction is good for three years.

This course is offered four times a year and has a maximum enrollment of 15 students per course. Pre registration is required and on a first come,
timberland shop belfast Helping seniors be safer drivers
first served basis. Those who miss the cut off receive priority for the next class. There are still a few openings available for the two day class scheduled for March 6 and 7. The course costs $15 for AARP members and $20 for non members and includes the workbook and instructional materials.

timberland mens boots sale Helping people freely blog

timberland coats Helping people freely blog

There is no definite time table. There are some signficant infrastructure changes that will need to occur before we accept many new public registrations.

Q. Likewise, we update the configuration files on our servers.

To use your own domain name with our service you do not have to transfer a domain to us, you don’t have to pay any fees to us, nor do you have to buy a domain name from us.

This is fairly rare, to our knowledge, very few free blog hosting services allow the use of domain names.

Q. Years ago we used Movable Type. Yes, we got permission from the Movable Type people.

I have the utmost respect for both the creators of MovableType (and now TypePad) and especially WordPress which is supported by a vibrant and productive community.

There are hundreds of “themes” available for use with WordPress, these themes give your site a unique look and feel (graphic design). You can also create your own themes!

timberland mens boots sale Helping people freely blog
there are many “plugins” available for use with WordPress, these plugins perform a myriad of functions ranging from spam protectionn to search engine optimization. They actually host blogs. You are also free to install other software like phpMyAdmin, s software, image gallery applications, etc. The sky is the limit, do what you want. Our rules are fairly simple and relatively liberal.

The drawback to our service is that we aren’t accepting lots of new users, so we’re not much use to you if you don’t already have a blog with us. Sorry.

Are you for real, can this really last?

Yes we are for real, we’ve been doing for a long time. Yes it can last,
timberland mens boots sale Helping people freely blog
we have no plans for stopping anytime soon.

ebay timberland boots Helping Notaries Start Profitable Businesses

pink timberland boots Helping Notaries Start Profitable Businesses

After first allowing electronic notarizations and furthering its application through webcam notary in 2012, Virginia opened doors for notaries to expand their services, target bigger audiences and profit from their services. After that, some companies that wanted the public to benefit from remote notary services made their way into the scene. They started hiring notaries and provide remote notary call center type services to the public from under their umbrella. It was a good move for those companies and the general public, but the benefits of the notaries, and to the notaries got completely neglected somewhere. These notaries started working as call center agents. They would receive requests from customers and notarize their documents all day to get compensated for their services for a fraction of what they would get on their own. One must not forget that these individuals had the full potential to start their businesses as they had the legal autonomy for the e notarization of the documents. The good news was that not all notaries agreed to be a part of this caravan as they could see the possibilities of starting their own profitable remote notary businesses. However, every electronic notary looking to start their business was limited for one reason only technology. They did not have the technology to provide fast paced electronic notarization of the documents. Had they chosen to do the same with the technology that was available to them, they would have served fewer clients than they could have sitting in their brick and mortar office. Fortunately, DocVerify has been there since the beginning of electronic notarization in the early 2000 and now remote notarization. The company has provided the technology to thousands of notaries around the country to start their businesses. They have the autonomy to charge their clients the rates that they think are a good exchange for the value they provide. They create their own identity, serve the clients at their chosen schedules, charge their clients as they wish to and make the electronic notarization or remote notarization process fast. Talking about fast paced e notarization, DocVerify recent integration of Wufoo achieves just that. With this integration, the notaries can connect their PDF documents with Wufoo forms. After proper form filling and validation of the information,
ebay timberland boots Helping Notaries Start Profitable Businesses
clients can choose to pay using the method that they prefer. All these features allow notaries to run their business however they want. On the other hand, working for some other call center notary service, the notary gets only a tiny cut from each notarial act whereas the profits go to the company they are working for. A notary who pays attention to details would also know that while the company pockets all the profit for his/her remote notary services the responsibility still rests on the shoulders of the notary. If something goes wrong during the process, it is the notary who will be held responsible, and not the remote online notary call center they work for. Currently, Virginia and Montana allow their notaries to perform remote notarizations, and soon Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania will allow their notaries to remotely notarize documents as well. The company has been working to make e signatures and e notarizations safer and faster in a world where paper based solutions are going away fast. Their service offerings are aimed at facilitating enterprises, businesses of all sizes and helping individuals run their businesses. Wufoo, which is owned by SurveyMonkey, was the first to create an intuitive interface for designing fully custom online forms. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.
ebay timberland boots Helping Notaries Start Profitable Businesses

timberland euro dub Helping men dress for Victoria’s D

timberlands boots for men Helping men dress for Victoria’s D

It is easy for women to find white outfits but it can be challenging for men. They’ve been looking everywhere from thrift stores to high end shops. Some are buying, others are renting. Styles run from formal to casual wear to novelty.

Shoppers have been picking up white shirts for the event at Phil Nyren Menswear and Womenswear, on Yates Street. Other white items include denims and ties. There’s not much call for white jackets for men, Nyren said.

But men holding off on jackets might want to reconsider just think of film stars such as Sean Connery wearing a white dinner jacket as James Bond in Goldfinger, or Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in Casablanca.

Gregory Schadt, manager of Moores Clothing for Men at Uptown shopping centre on Blanshard Street, said customers started making preparations a few weeks ago. “We’ve had tonnes of rentals for this upcoming event.”

Moores sells and rents clothing. It costs roughly $150, including shoes, to rent a white tux, he said.

Purchased items include white hats, shirts, ties, suspenders, and belts. “We have quite a few items that could work for that event.”

Sid Ezedine, owner of Capital City Tuxedo on Courtney Street, has seen a boom in business thanks to Dner en Blanc. “It’s kind of a nice, exciting thing that happens in town and a lot of people go to it.”

Again, customers can buy or rent. Last year, the store sold out of its white shoes for men. Three men who attended last year’s Dner en Blanc have again lined up white outfits to rent. Capital City has a large stock on hand, prepared for last minute customers, he said.

Jordan Stout, buyer/manager of Still Life For Him on Johnson Street, said this time of year they always have basic white pieces in stock,
timberland euro dub Helping men dress for Victoria's D
such as dress and sport shirts, denims, and shoes.

Tobyn Sowden, co owner of Red Brick Media and leader of a table of 25 couples at the event, will be wearing white shoes and a shirt from Value Village.

This year, 1,200 tickets ($35 each and a membership costing $5) have been sold to Dner en Blanc in Victoria, up from 800 last year, said Aidan Henry, owner of Brink Events and Victoria organization committee chairman. He is putting the event on with The Social Concierge of Vancouver.

During the four hours of the party, “You’re forgetting about everything that is going on in life and you’re just able to enjoy amazing food, beverages, music with good friends and family in an elegant setting,” Henry said.

“It’s just this giant, secret pop up picnic party.”

Participants meet in five locations; when the party location is announced, they either bus or walk to the site. They take their own tables, linens and decorations, all white, of course. They can either bring their own food or arrange in advance from a selection offered by the London Chef.

Tyson Villeneuve, of The Social Concierge and Western Canadian Dner en Blanc organizer, said Vancouver’s Aug. 21 Dner en Blanc is expecting 3,200 people.

There’s a tourism aspect to these events. Victoria’s event is attracting visitors from Calgary and Vancouver,
timberland euro dub Helping men dress for Victoria's D
he said.

timberland boots size 5 Helping kids the best part for Clothe

timberland work boots on sale Helping kids the best part for Clothe

Cherith M. Guest, left, and her daughters Shyann, 7, foreground, and Ralynn, 6, talk with Clothe a Child volunteers Don and Sandy Berlin Monday at the Great Lakes Mall. The Berlins run the Clothe a Child table every Monday, helping to link up children with their volunteer shoppers. The Berlins live in Mentor. The Guests live in Madison Township.” Cherith M. Guest, left, and her daughters Shyann, 7, foreground, and Ralynn, 6, talk with Clothe a Child volunteers Don and Sandy Berlin Monday at the Great Lakes Mall. The Berlins run the Clothe a Child table every Monday, helping to link up children with their volunteer shoppers. The Berlins live in Mentor. The Guests live in Madison Township.

The Mentor couple have been volunteering with The News Herald s charity, Clothe A Child, for the past four years, organizing paperwork, running the check in table every Monday during the shopping season from September to January and as shoppers.

Don is from a large family, didn t have a lot, but (his mother and father) were hardworking parents with a lot of love, and I m from a small family that didn t have a lot, Sandy said. But we have been fortunate in our lives together, 52 years, and we think it s our time to give back because we have had a good life. That s why we do it.

Clothe A Child helps families in need by providing shopping trips at Sears and Payless Shoe Source at Great Lakes Mall in Mentor for children ages 5 to 12.

A lot of kids come and you can see their shoes are all worn and they have maybe only a sweatshirt, Don said. So we do the shopping trips in the winter so they can get winter coats and boots.

So far this year, 700 children have been shopping, thanks to the help of generous donors year round.

Sandy first read about the charity in the paper and was interested in getting involved.

We love helping the children, she said. Also 100 percent of the donations goes to the shopping trips for the children, which for me was also very important.

They both started as volunteer shoppers, and when the need came for table coordinators, the couple stepped right up to help out.

Our job is to introduce the shoppers to the children, and try to make the mothers and fathers feel comfortable about having their child go shopping with someone they don t really know. Sandy said.

All volunteer shoppers must check in with an ID, and a lot of the shoppers are regular volunteers, dedicating time each week or every other week to shop with a child.

Diane Pauley of Mentor has been a volunteer shopper for 31 years, and shops once a week with a child.

A long time ago people helped us, she said, regarding why she has volunteered for more than three decades. So now, you get to a point in life where you want to pay it forward and help other people.

She said she lets the children pick out what they want, but always makes sure the clothes and shoes are the right size, as clothes cannot be returned.

I always like to buy big because I always tell them, You aren t going to shrink, you are only going to grow, that way they can grow into (the clothes), Pauley said. But they are so excited to plan how many outfits they get to wear to school and which outfit they are going to wear the next day. I have yet to have a child who was not appreciative.

The Berlins and Pauley hope to continue supporting the charity for years to come.

We do it because it s needed, and we like doing it, Sandy said. Clothe A Child does wonderful things for the community.

To donate to Clothe A Child, become a volunteer shopper or for more information about the charity, call Pam Jenkins, The News Herald Clothe A Child coordinator, at 440 954 7201.
timberland boots size 5 Helping kids the best part for Clothe

timberland mens sandals Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward

boat shoes timberland Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward

But he quickly realized that his donations, while well intentioned, weren’t that helpful.

“It bothered me that I only had used shoes to give to them instead of new shoes that fit right,” he said. “No two people’s feet are identical, and if you are wearing someone else’s worn shoes, your feet aren’t going to be very comfortable.”

So in 2010, at the age of 12, Nicholas started a program that donates new shoes to homeless children.

At first, his efforts were part of a community service project leading up to his bar mitzvah, a Jewish coming of age ceremony. But he wanted to ensure that the work would continue after the ceremony.

“I didn’t want to make one donation and stop there,” he said. “I wanted it to be something I could do for the rest of my life.”

With the help of his parents, he then started the Gotta Have Sole Foundation. Since 2010, the organization has donated new footwear to more than 10,000 homeless children in 21 states.

“By giving new footwear to homeless children, I’m making sure them and their families have at least one less thing to worry about,” Nicholas said. “I’m also allowing parents to save money for an apartment or food for their next meal.”
timberland mens sandals Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward

timberland hiking shoes Helping foster children reach their potential

buy timberland boots online Helping foster children reach their potential

The Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor is a place with a vision to develop young men and women to face the future with a sense of direction, ability and hope.

Enter Marine Staff Sergeant Beau Blouin, the founder of Fit4Truth.

Youth Ranch Program Director Chuck Deitch said Blouin’s work has been instrumental to the group’s mission.

“When Beau said how can we help, I said ‘Can you help tell our story?’ ” Deitch said. The group produced a wall at the ranch filled with art work, telling many of the children’s stories.

“The whole key for us is to allow the children to experience growth by taking action on their own,” Blouin said.

Blouin began Fit4Truth in 2014. While technically not a former foster child,
timberland hiking shoes Helping foster children reach their potential
Blouin said he does share a bond with the young people he works with.

“I lived with my aunt and uncle and I wasn’t with my parents for a while,” Blouin said. “So I understand the unique situation of not being with your nuclear parents.

“I know how I felt when I went through that, and I wanted to help children that are going through the same thing.”

He is currently working with 10 foster care groups, including those at the Youth Ranch, where young people are given the opportunity to enjoy outdoor adventures and workshops.

“A lot of the children we work with in the foster care community get handed a lot of stuff and we want them to find out where their own perserverance is so they can live a life they want to live,” he said.
timberland hiking shoes Helping foster children reach their potential

timberland deck shoes Help with if then statement

timberland shoes mens Help with if then statement

Hi, I am working on a project to create Finder tags, rename, and sort a photo library of 10 years worth of images. To do this, I am using Hazel for OS X.

In addition to the year and quarter shot (that working fine), I am wanting to add Finder tags indicating the device on which the images were captured (iPhone or Nikon SLR). Hazel is not able to see the Make or Model tags from the EXIF data. So, my idea is to add a simple script that returns a TRUE value if the file being evaluated contains a matching string in the relevant tag. My rudimentary skills have gotten me this far:

I feel like I am missing some syntax here, because I included a condition but no action to take if the condition is true. How does the script pass 0 back to Hazel?

I realize this is probably something a student would learn in their first week of class, but I got all Cs in my sophomore year of college computer science 20 years ago and decided to leave programming to the smarter people.

Thanks Phil.

Just to close this out for any future readers: it was in fact a Hazel issue (user error, actually!). I was trying to run the rule on a folder residing on NAS. When I tried it on a local folder, it worked fine. So I realized indexing was not enabled on the NAS. After entering the below command in Terminal, the NAS was indexed and the rule works as expected in Hazel, no script necessary.

mdutil /Volumes/name i on

Although ExifTool was not the solution I needed, I am awestruck by its capabilities in the hands of those who know what they are doing, and am inspired to now learn Perl so I can take advantage of it in the future.
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cheap timberlands Help to keep your feet and shoes cool with footies

timberland long boots Help to keep your feet and shoes cool with footies

Sweat isn’t my primary foot problem but, because just about every pair of summer shoes I own rub my feet raw, I buy a ton of footies to try to prevent blisters. Sometimes they work. Not always.

Anyhow, I hadn’t really thought much about the pluses and minuses of various footie fabric and design. I’d just grab some at the drugstore whenever the dryer swallowed my last pair.

Then a reader asked me to help her find some decent footies that do the job, don’t show all over the place when she’s wearing her cute flats and don’t slip off and bunch up around the arch of her foot.

Anybody who has ever worn these things knows what she’s talking about.

So I set out to test an array of readily available footies at prices ranging from under $3 to $14 a pair.

The first thing I learned is that there’s been a revolution in the footie world. It’s this little sticky gel pad at the heel that keeps them from sliding off your feet. Not all brands have them, but it’s a nice feature.

Second: They come in a daunting array of flesh tones, and it really doesn’t matter if they match your skin since when they peek out of your shoes they look awful. (The ones that look least bad when they show are black with black shoes.)

Third: If you pay $14 for a pair of footies you’re out of your mind.

See our footie comparison above click “captions” to read the information, or see below!

The claim: “Moisture management Perfect for ballet silhouettes and other flat shoes.”

The facts: The thickest in our test; they showed a lot in every pair of my flats the opposite of hidden. There was no no slip gel dot, but they still stayed in place.

Buy them if your feet really sweat; you bought your shoes too big and you want to tighten them up a little;
cheap timberlands Help to keep your feet and shoes cool with footies
you don’t plan to wear them with traditional flats; you’re willing to keep track of them in the wash since they’re expensive.

Buy them if you want a truly hidden liner. These were my favorites, although I wish they cost half as much.

The facts: No natural fibers, 97 percent nylon; six pack includes two shades of beige; one black. One pair had a snag even before I wore it; not hidden at all in any of my flats; gel pad prevents slippage.

Buy them if you’re on a strict budget and don’t care if they show. These were the cheapest in my test. Silicone patch inside heel helps liners stay on.”

The facts: No natural fibers; various shades of beige won’t make them less obvious; they still show lots in all my flats.

Buy them if you want the same thing as the Hotsox but would like to pay $1.66 more per pair.

The claim: “Completely seamless knitted footsies that disappear into all closed summer shoes.”

The facts: Flimsy, slippery, hosiery type fabric (75 percent nylon) snags easily. They are no show with my flats. They stay on fine without a heel gel pad. Care instructions to “wash separately in a wash bag” signal way too much trouble.
cheap timberlands Help to keep your feet and shoes cool with footies

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timberland knee high boots Help for Heroes helps homeless veterans turn housing into a home

CLEVELAND, Ohio For as long as the world has had armies, it has sent soldiers off to war. And for as long as it has sent soldiers off to war, the world has had homeless veterans.

The oldest surviving work of Western literature, “The Iliad,” tells the story of a war. The second oldest tells the story of a veteran of that war who has been homeless for 10 years:

“I long for home, long for the sight of home,” cries Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s “The Odyssey,” as he struggles to return to and reclaim his usurped home in Ithaca after the Trojan War. Homer composed the epic poem, scholars believe, near the end of the 8th century BC.

Some 2,800 years later, Lauralynn Hyatt, known to all as Charlie, heard that same deep yearning from homeless American veterans, and in that yearning she found her life’s calling. She calls it Help for Heroes.

Hyatt does not provide homeless veterans with housing. Department of Veterans Affairs has made that need a priority with several programs. Hyatt helps the veterans turn the housing into a home, giving them furniture and other household goods not covered by various government programs.

In the five years since she started Help for Heroes, Hyatt has helped furnish homes for 261 veterans. Word has spread. “When you help two, then five more call you,” she said. She has a constant waiting list, which has grown to more than 17 at times.

Help for Heroes is an incorporated, non profit charity, but it remains what Hyatt calls a mom and pop operation. Hyatt and her husband hold it together with hope, worry, and, lately, a couple of bungee cords.

Hyatt bought the truck three years ago with a $3,500 donation from the Columbia Station VFW Post 9340, where she and her husband are social members. The VFW continues to support Help for Heroes with raffles and fundraisers, which goes mostly toward gas.

Behind the wheel of that truck, Hyatt picks up donated, used furniture and housewares and delivers it to veterans who have just secured housing. Though a VA grant program supplies beds for many of the veterans, and other VA and charitable programs help with move in kits, security deposits and utility assistance, furnishing their new home is for the most part up to the vets.

“Some of them have almost nothing,” Hyatt said.

That was the case on a hot morning in mid September, when a modern day Odysseus stood on the front porch of a duplex not far from the Metroparks Zoo. Frank Holt, a 60 year old Army veteran who served from 1975 to 1977, watched as the big truck lumbered to a stop across the street.

Charlie Hyatt drove; her husband, Mark Hyatt, sat shotgun. Charlie, a tiny woman of 56 who can lift her end of a bulky sofa and looks 20 years younger, jumped down and greeted Holt with a gleeful hug. “Thank you for your service, Frank,” she said, a line almost as worn out as her truck, but one that never sounds rote when she says it.

Mark, who calls himself his wife’s vice president for heavy lifting, opened the truck’s roll up door. Inside, something like home awaited. They had a recliner upholstered in the soft, plush brown fabric of a stuffed bear. An enormous blue couch. A flat screen television. A dresser. A glass topped dinette set. An end table with an attached lamp. An ironing board and iron. A crock pot. Boxes of clothes. Two pairs of new shoes. Bedding.

The three set to work, carrying up the narrow staircase the makings of the first home Holt could call his own in well, he didn’t really want to say how long he had been homeless, either staying with friends or living on the streets. It embarrassed him. After all, he’d worked and supported himself for more than 30 years, he said. In the Army, he was part of a high tech special unit, working on ground to air missiles. After the Army, he became a certified auto technician.

He’d never used any of the services of the VA until a few months ago, when a cascade of problems job loss, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a bad back and finally homelessness brought him to the domiciliary at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center.

“For who I am, to have to fall into that,” he said, pausing on the porch steps to wipe the sweat off his face and catch his breath. “It’s just embarrassing. But so many people don’t know how easy it is to fall into that.”

Charlie Hyatt sat next to Holt on the porch, listening to him talk about his new place. He loved the fresh paint job and new carpeting his landlord installed. “I moved in about two and a half months ago, and for the first five or six weeks I slept on the floor until I got a bed from the VA, so that carpet was a good thing,” he said. “Other than that, I had very little.”

Hyatt teared up, which happens fairly often when she talks about the veterans she calls “my guys.”

Hyatt’s long string of thank you’s to veterans started at a bingo night more than five years ago at the VA.

As the daughter of an Army veteran and the sister of two Marine Corps veterans, she loved dropping in to her VFW to have a beer with the “old guys” when her husband, who works for NASA Glenn Research Center, was out of town for work.

That night, the old guys were heading out to host a bingo game with the veterans at the domiciliary, then located at the now closed VA facility in Brecksville. They invited Charlie to go along to MC the game.

She had a blast, and it did not take long for her to see that the domiciliary a partnership between the VA and Volunteers of America housed homeless veterans, and that while the vets were given food, shelter and medical and social care, they didn’t have everything they needed. At the end of the bingo game, a woman veteran approached her and whispered, “Charlie, do you think you’re going to come back? I wanted to ask for a favor.”

The woman’s request changed the direction of Hyatt’s life: “Could you possibly bring me some clothes?” All the veteran had was what she was wearing.

“Sweetheart,” Charlie said, “I’ll be back in a week and you will have clothes.” Then she went around the room with a pad of paper, writing down everything the other veterans needed or wanted requests that ranged from root beer to body wash.

She kept it up, and after a few months of baking cookies for the veterans, shopping at the dollar store and delivering supplies, Charlie noticed one night that one of the veterans was not his usual upbeat self. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her he had found an apartment through the HUD VASH program. “But I don’t have a thing to move into my place,” he said.

Charlie went straight home and contacted everyone she knew, asking for donations.

“This is disturbing,” she wrote. “This is wrong. We need to help our veterans when they need help the most, moving into a new place.”

After three years of running Help for Heroes and working full time, Hyatt’s husband urged her to quit her job. They did not need her income. She resisted: She had always worked, as a paralegal or as a bartender. Her very nickname, Charlie, came from working: When she tended bar in her 20s, “The drunks couldn’t say Lauralynn, so they started calling me Charlie,” she said.
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timberland size chart Helms Shoe Repair saves soles

A self proclaimed Savior of Soles, Head is a third generation shoe craftsman, who started polishing shoes for his grandfather Columbus shoe shop, before becoming proficient in all aspects of shoe repair and opening Unique Shoe Repair in Columbus. During the intervening years, Head managed to overcome challenges like alcoholism with a faith that led him to become a Christian minister and pastor at the Rejoice Praise and Worship Center in Columbus. In addition to the two shoe shops, he also owns Unique Christian Book Store in Columbus.

What makes the business stand out: Head focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. He has a special interest in helping customers with special needs like orthotics and derives great pleasure watching clients walk with greater assurance in shoes repaired at his shop.

Head and his wife and co owner Susie, emphasize the depth of experience that Head has and his expertise in fixing anything from luggage handles, wheels and missing buttons to removing scuff marks from women designer shoe heels and zippers on purses. Lee Granger is the third co owner.

How the business started: Head met Carl and Judy Helms at a shoe convention in Columbus and learned that they planned to sell their shop. Head and his partners researched the Dayton market and decided to expand into the area.

walked into the shop and knew a lot about the community just by looking at the shoes on the shelves, said Granger, of the recession proof business that sells shoes when the economy is strong and repairs shoes during contractions.

Head and his partners upgraded some equipment, but decided to keep the venerable Helms name, because of the reputation it had gained in the community.

Customer comment: get good service and good workmanship here, said Tom Connair. shoes I have repaired are as good as new even if they 10 years old. I used to coming here. I believe in staying with something good when it there.
timberland sandal Helms Shoe Repair saves soles

euro sprint timberland Hells Angels Edmonton sting nets 10 arrests

timberland hiking boots Hells Angels Edmonton sting nets 10 arrests

Two Edmonton members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang have been arrested and charged following a lengthy investigation that led to the recovery of $1 million in stolen property, the seizure of 21 firearms and eight other arrests.

The investigation of the Edmonton Hells Angels, dubbed Project Al Wheels, began in October 2015, after police received a tip through Crime Stoppers.

Led by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams or ALERT, the organized crime and gang investigation squad uncovered a scheme involving members of the Hells Angels, support clubs and associates who were allegedly involved in theft, putting new vehicle identification numbers on stolen vehicles, and selling stolen vehicles.

“This was a sophisticated and wide reaching fraud, which required complex and co ordinated response,” Staff Sgt. Dave Knibbs said, adding that ALERT partnered with Edmonton police in the investigation, and was assisted by RCMP to carry out search warrants in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Alberta Beach, Gunn, Onoway, Morninville, Legal, Ryley, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, St.

As a result, 10 people were arrested and are now facing more than 300 criminal charges relating to stolen property and firearms. ALERT said none of the firearms seized were lawfully possessed.

Among the numerous stolen items were 17 travel trailers, three pickup trucks, six all terrain vehicles, one snowmobile, two dirt bikes, 18 rifles, two shotguns and one handgun.

“These high end trailers and vehicles were being stolen from area residents and businesses, and then being fraudulently transferred. These vehicles were sold among Hells Angels associates at a steep discount,” Knibbs said. “And in some cases, insurance fraud was being committed.”

Knibbs said two of the people arrested, Christopher Escott, 32, and Julien Roussel, 58, both of Edmonton, were full patch members of the Hells Angels.

“This is significant, that two full patch members of the Hells Angels not of the support clubs, but of the Hells Angels themselves have been arrested and charged,” Knibbs said.

Knibbs said the Hells Angels have five Alberta chapters, including two in Edmonton, two in Calgary and one Nomads chapter. He also said there are a variety of support clubs across the province.

Others charged include Lawrence Cotter, 41, of Alberta Beach; Bobby Dodman, 42, of Red Deer; Mark Funk, 38, of St. Albert; Laura Hawkridge, 41, of Alberta Beach; Jacob Jenkins, 38, of Gunn; Kane Laplante Racine, 29, of Strathcona County; Frank Preeper, 42, of Morinville; and Anthony Shaw, 56, of no fixed address, who was arrested in Grande Prairie.
euro sprint timberland Hells Angels Edmonton sting nets 10 arrests

timberland sweatshirt Hellgate Elementary students learn responsibility through jobs program

timberland shoes uk Hellgate Elementary students learn responsibility through jobs program

While other students play in the snow during recess, 9 year old Kharisma Vreeland and 11 year old Trey Munnerlyn are working, wheeling bags of food across the Hellgate Elementary playground in a wagon.

The bags were donated by the Missoula Food Bank for kids who need extra at home. It’s Kharisma and Trey’s job to deliver the food to each of the school’s three buildings. They also give tours to incoming students, and help teachers decorate and organize their bulletin boards.

She and Trey are among the roughly one third of the Hellgate Elementary third through fifth graders who work similar jobs as part of the “Hawk Helpers” program. School counselor Sarah Schwarz started Hawk Helpers three years ago, originally to help kids struggling with chronic absenteeism or behavioral issues feel more connection to their school.

“It has helped greatly,” Schwarz said. “I had a couple of kids last year who were missing like half the school days. This kind of turned that around for them.”

She told the students if they don’t come to school, their job won’t get done. It gave them the sense that they’re needed and have a responsibility to help their school, Schwarz said. Their attendance improved.

“It was amazing. I don’t really have words for it.”

Now, the jobs program is available to all the third through fifth graders, housed in the school’s Building One.

Trey enjoys the challenge of learning to work as a team, as when he and Kharisma pick up the wagon and turn it around. Kharisma likes the responsibility of upholding good behavior for younger students who might be watching.

“Before, I felt like a role model for my little brother, but now I feel it for a lot of people,” she said.

To join the program, students must complete applications, gather two references and be interviewed by Schwarz. She asks each student what makes them a good candidate for their desired position, and whether they’re willing to give up five recess times for job training. Despite the sacrifice, it’s a huge hit.

“The kids are really involved and constantly asking what they can do,” Schwarz said. “I think it helps them respect the school more.”

Jobs range from helping the gym teacher cut out box tops as part of the Box Tops for Education program,
timberland sweatshirt Hellgate Elementary students learn responsibility through jobs program
to making “Happy Birthday” cards for teachers, to working as the school nurse’s assistant, making ice packs several days a week. Fifth graders read the morning announcements over the loudspeaker, an honor reserved for their class only.

Hayley Helena, 11, said she looks forward to attending school more when she’s saying the morning announcements. The job requires her and a partner to gather the announcements from teachers and then determine who reads what. It has given her more confidence, she said.

“I would have a nervous stomachache and be really shaky,” Hayley said about her job when she first started. “Now I’m not that shy anymore.”

Her friend, Deanna Chinikailo, 11, who also reads the announcements, agreed she’s learned empowering skills.

“Speaking loud and clear, talking and not being shy.”

In the education world, programs like “Hawk Helpers” are known as meaningful work programs. They help students experience worthwhile escapes from usual school frustrations, and also increase the chance that students will have a positive experience with their peers and an adult outside the classroom environment.

For some kids, that can mean the difference between dreading school and looking forward to it.

Svetlana Simonovich, 10, echoes Deanna and Hayley’s excitement about the morning announcements. The girls recite the final part together by memory, as they do over the loudspeaker.
timberland sweatshirt Hellgate Elementary students learn responsibility through jobs program

timberland oxford shoes Hellebuyck named NHL All

cheap womens timberland boots uk Hellebuyck named NHL All

CHICAGO Blake Wheeler has never measured success by all star selections, so his humble reaction to becoming one for the first time in his NHL career was par for the course.

as you get older it something you can share with your family. That what makes it special, Wheeler said on Wednesday afternoon in Chicago after being named to the Central Division all star squad along with Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck. way or the other, it not what you play for. These things kind of are what they are. They for the fans. They do a great job putting on the event. It exciting to be a part of. I think it a testament to our team. I play with a lot of really good guys and (have) a lot of great opportunities, and these things happen when you get those great opportunities. Hellebuyck, given the roller coaster of emotions he been riding during the past 12 months, the goalie of the Winnipeg Jets allowed himself to give the potential selection some thought during the past few days and wasn tempering his emotions as he spoke to members of the media on Wednesday afternoon.

awesome. It a big accomplishment in my life, said Hellebuyck. confidence) is high. It exactly where it was last year, but now I can really trust it. The guys in front of me can see it. They can feel it. They helping it a lot because they playing so well. You can see in the details of our game. Everybody is doing the right thing. They not cheating at all and that really helping me a lot. Jets, who are 26 11 7 this season, return to action on Friday against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Wheeler and Hellebuyck will represent the Jets during the NHL All Star weekend in Tampa later this month, which features a skills competition and three on three tournament.

Hellebuyck story has been at the forefront of the Jets turnaround season and is now garnering national headlines.

After undergoing plenty of trials and tribulations during his first full season as a starter in 2016 17, Hellebuyck began the campaign in a backup role to veteran free agent signing Steve Mason.

But Hellebuyck took over in the third game of the campaign, earning a victory over the Edmonton Oilers and he now boasts a record of 23 4 6 in 35 games (including 33 starts) with a 2.36 goals against average and .923 save % and three shutouts as the Jets pushed their way to the top of the Central Division standings.

real difference in our season this year is the confidence we have in our goaltending,
timberland oxford shoes Hellebuyck named NHL All
said Wheeler. was pretty young to be given the starting role last year. It was a big challenge for him. I don think anyone ever wrote him off or lost confidence in him.

was excited to see what he could do this year and he taken the ball and run with it. He had just an incredible year. We not where we are right now without him. He been the biggest difference in our team this year getting to where we going. And he going to have a huge impact ultimately where we end up going this year. you consider the impact Wheeler has been making during his seven seasons with the Jets, it surprising this is his first all star selection.

Wheeler is the undisputed leader of the Jets and his presence is being felt on and off the ice.

With 14 goals and 52 points, he is among the league leaders in both assists and points.

Even as Wheeler is on pace to set a career high in the point department and is playing some of the best hockey of his career, he spoken ad nauseum about the importance of having an impact on the game whether he on the score sheet or not.

Wheeler spends no time worrying about racking up personal stats, but has managed to find a way to become more productive as his career has moved along.

I could vote, I would definitely vote for him, said Hellebuyck. leading this team in the right direction. He shows by example every single day. for the line of questioning about finally getting league wide accolades that are probably overdue, Wheeler had no interest in stoking the fire or making a case for himself.

care about what the people in Winnipeg, our coaches and my teammates think of me, said Wheeler. the league, those things come as your team does well. I most happy where we at as a team. These things are somewhat political and you take them as they come. I excited for the opportunity. The recognition is great, but at the end of the day it more about where we at as a group and I think that what given us a lot of excitement this year.

in a great spot and I think when you in a position like that, these things tend to come. I worked on my game a lot to get better every year. Where that stacks up in the league, that not for me to debate. nothing to debate.

Wheeler is taking his spot among the best players in the NHL later this month and while he enjoy soaking up the experience,
timberland oxford shoes Hellebuyck named NHL All
he won be satisfied until getting another taste of playoff hockey.

pink timberland boots for women Hell of South Korean dog meat farms exposed

timberland style boots Hell of South Korean dog meat farms exposed

Hell of South Korean dog meat farms exposed as caged, starved and frightened dogs await deathWARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT. Winter Olympics host nation South Korea urged to outlaw the sickening, cruel industry, as we look behind the scenes of the slaughter21:45, 4 DEC 2016Updated09:40, 5 DEC 2016At the Korean dog meat market some scared pups still have collars, clearly stolen petsThis is the hell on earth endured by the 2.5 million canines a year destined for dinner plates in South Korea.Yet the cruel dog farming industry remains a taboo subject for a nation proud to be a global technology powerhouse and host of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.South Korea is the only country in the world known to routinely and intensively farm dogs for human consumption and today the Daily Mirror exposes the cost to the animals.TV wildlife presenter Chris Packham told us: “A lot can be made about the cultural difference here, but if we want to share this world then we have to bring each others behaviour into light.”So if you are going to have the Olympics and everything that it means in terms of humanity and a leveller of race, creed, colour or religion, then South Korea can’t just say they want the benefits of the Games and stand by while animals are being mistreated and slaughtered in this way.(Image: Phil Harris/Daily Mirror)”I don’t want to turn on my TV to watch the opening ceremony knowing that round the corner is a dog farm where animals are suffering in horrendous conditions.”The controversial industry is worth nearly and supplies up to 10,000 licensed and unlicensed dog meat restaurants in South Korea alone.We found 200 tragic animals kept in filthy conditions at a farm in Gangwon province, about 100 miles east of the capital Seoul.Our pictures show row after row of dogs of all shapes and sizes bred for their meat with little regulation and no compassion. The farmers primarily raise a type of large, light coloured, mixed breed called Jindos.But virtually every other breed can be exploited for meat including Labradors, beagles, huskies and even Chihuahuas.Abandoned pets and dogs snatched on the streets can find themselves stuffed into tiny wire cages and taken to market.Wendy Higgins, of animal welfare charity Humane Society International, described the farming methods as “horrific”She said: “Most of the animals spend day in day out with their paws splayed as they try to walk on the harsh wire floor, some resorting to sleeping in their food bowls as it is the only solid surface in their cage offering respite from the wire.Graphic PETA ad which urges people to go vegan for Thanksgiving is branded ‘too disturbing for TV'”Dogs with pressure sores is a common sight, sometimes we see puppies who have injured paws as they slip through the wire floor. The stench of faeces and ammonia mixed with the slop they are forced to eat, is overpowering.”These farms, which range in size some housing more than 1,000 dogs, others fewer than 50 supply the thousands of dog meat restaurants throughout the peninsula.An estimated 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption each year across Asia, including China, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. In South Korea the consumption of dog is most popular during the summer months over the “Bok Nal” days.The period centres on the three hottest days during July and August according to the lunar calendar. This is when a peppery dog meat soup known as “bosintang” is served up in restaurants.
pink timberland boots for women Hell of South Korean dog meat farms exposed