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ladies pink timberland boots How many will die with lower speed limits

City councillors representing the old cities of Toronto and East York voted Monday night to reduce speed limits on their neighborhood streets to 30 km/h.

Councillor Gord Perks told the Toronto Sun Don Peat this decision about saving lives. Kids run around on our streets, we should be keeping them safe. you feel safer?

Councillor Joe Cressy quoted oft cited statistics proving the faster a car is travelling when it hits a pedestrian, the more likely the pedestrian will be seriously injured or killed. This is true. It high school physics in action.

Cressy told the Sun: you hit by a car at 30 km/h, your chance of survival is 90%. If you hit by a car at 45 km/h, your chance of survival is 50%. can quibble over the percentages by a few points here or there, but statistics like these can be found in numerous credible studies. I can argue physics. But, physics isn the only factor involved in reducing risk.

For sake of argument, however, let say it was. If speed is all that matters, why pick 30 km/h? Even then, one in 10 pedestrians hit by a car will still die. Is that really an acceptable casualty rate, Councillor Cressy?

Why not reduce the speed even further? At 20 km/h, most drivers could stop before hitting a pedestrian that pops out 10 metres ahead of them. That could reduce the fatality rate to near zero.

Psychology matters, too. Numerous behavioural studies have shown people tend to obey laws they feel are reasonable. Transportation studies show drivers tend to drive at a speed they feel is comfortable for the roadway, regardless of the posted limit, unless it is strictly enforced. Enforcement is expensive.

But the biggest flaw in the councillors plan is galling: they fixing the problem on the wrong streets. Over 92% of pedestrians struck by cars between 2009 and 2013 were not even on the local roads affected by Monday night decision.

This decision will make councillors feel better, but is unlikely to prevent a single accident or save a solitary life. It will, however, cost a lot of money. And that, may cost lives elsewhere.

City staff estimate the cost for the councillors folly will be about $1.1 million to install new signs and re time traffic signals. More, if aggressive enforcement is required. No doubt, someone will argue it saves just one life, it money well spent. Except, it not. If it saves just one life, it a tragic misuse of funds that could have saved many more.

One million dollars could buy two fully equipped fire engines. It could hire 18 additional life saving paramedics for a full year. Imagine the lives they could save. With our million bucks, Plan Canada could buy 100,000 bed nets that would protect 200,000 people in Africa from malaria (a disease that kills 600,000 people every year) for three years. There no end to other, better choices, council could have made to spend $1 million to save many more lives.

But rest assured your councillors will thump themselves on the back, puff up their chests and congratulate themselves this morning after a night of blissful sleep. That no one else will benefit, and many others may suffer, won even enter their minds.
timberland earthkeeper boots How many will die with lower speed limits

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timberland shops uk How many travel agents are there

According to Shelly Younger, manager of settlement services for ARC, that number has dwindled to 13,000 from a peak of 46,000 in the early 1980s. It began falling in the mid ’90s, when airlines capped and then cut the commissions that had been the foundation of the retail travel model.But in fact, using ARC data to measure the number of agencies is no longer even close to accurate because it represents only those agencies that sell airline tickets under their own ARC accreditation.Because agency business models have evolved rapidly in the last two decades, the drop actually better reflects two other trends: A lot fewer agencies are selling air, and many of those that are selling air are using the ARC accreditation of a host or partner agency.ARC itself points out that while its count of agency locations has decreased, the number of agent generated transactions has actually increased or remained flat, depending on the year.The problem is that there is no other single metric that accurately calculates the number of retail travel agents in the workforce today, either.”While we have seen the number of locations actually reduce year over year, much of that . is based on mergers and acquisitions,” said Jeannine Hankinson, managing director of client services for ARC. “And we say that because we see growth within our transactions.”Hankinson said ARC has seen transactions grow since 2009, when they numbered 136 million. Last year, ARC recorded 143 million transactions.John Pittman, ASTA’s vice president of industry affairs, consumer affairs and research, suggests that the best measure of agent numbers is probably Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. has fallen from a peak of 124,000 in 2000 to 64,000 in 2012.A near 50% drop sounds pretty hefty until you add in one more number: The BLS says that the market now includes 40,000 independent agents, most of whom work from home. to more than 100,000.In short, there are still plenty of agents around, but their business model has changed so significantly that far fewer of them are using ARC numbers.As air became less of an economic mainstay, agents began forgoing an ARC number. Instead, they turned to other industry accreditation. CLIA, for example, has its own agency CLIA number. In all, CLIA has accredited 10,
timberland reading How many travel agents are there
700 agencies, and ARC estimates that together, these agencies employ more than 35,000 agents.IATA also accredits agencies as ticketing locations; the number of these locations has declined, according to PhoCusWright. To quality for an Iatan card, agents must have earned a minimum of $5,000 in commissions or salary or a combination of the two.Another industry number, TRUE, has 2,300 cardholders.ARC itself, recognizing the trend away from airline sales, in 2007 introduced its Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) program, which is far easier to qualify for than an ARC number is. VTC holders are not accredited to sell air, but they can use the card for other industry transactions.”As we saw the number of our locations go down, we spoke to our customers, just to say, ‘Why are you leaving?'” Hankinson said. Agencies said they didn’t need an ARC number to book air, so ARC created the VTC number.Many agents no longer need a full fledged ARC number because they book air under someone else’s ARC number: a host agency, a partner agency or an air consolidator. It can be through major online booking portals for agents such as VAX VacationAccess, which enables non ARC agents to book stand alone, scheduled air.In addition, agents can book air in tandem with a cruise or vacation package through any number of providers.Cruise Planners, a franchise and host agency that is a member of American Express Travel Representative Network, is an example of this model. It had $206 million in sales last year but does not have an ARC number.The 20 year old group focuses on selling cruises and tours, a classic example of the way agencies adapted after airlines first capped and cut commissions.Cruise Planners agents book air through a third party or by booking air through cruise lines and vacation packagers.Cruise Planners has 900 franchisees, which might be one person shops or have one or two associates.In addition, there are other airline models. Increasingly, agent marketing groups are consolidating their air spending under a single ARC number. In part, that’s to make it easier for their members who do not have ARC numbers to book air.But it’s also an effort to have clout with airlines to develop relationships that benefit both agents and their clients. In some instances, agencies can earn commissions on flights. In other instances, an agency can get waivers and favors with airlines because of the business it delivers.
timberland reading How many travel agents are there

timberland cardiff How many tonnes of waste goes to landfill in Britain

timberland watches How many tonnes of waste goes to landfill in Britain

Is Britain a load of old rubbish? Or are we finally starting to get the message when it comes to recycling? Metro goes through the waste figures to find out.

Waste not, want not? (Picture: Getty)

BIN there, done that. But what do you do when you go up to your bin with your rubbish? Do you put the plastic, cardboard and food waste where it ought to go?

Britain is beginning to do its bit when it comes to the environment but there are still millions of tonnes of waste being dumped here every year.

Mat Crocker, head of illegals and waste at the Environment Agency, said: ‘We can’t keep putting waste in the ground indefinitely because there is limited capacity left in England and Wales.

‘Increased recycling means that the amount of waste we send to landfill has been reduced by nearly half over the past decade,’ he added.

‘But there’s still room for improvement to keep valuable raw materials out of landfill. In the future we want to see more innovation when it comes to reusing things we normally consider to be rubbish for example, turning old tyres into road surfaces or even funky eco shoes.’

Figures released by the Environment Agency this week in its first Annual Waste Crime Report revealed it shut down 759 illegal waste sites last year.

In the past three years, the number of people imprisoned for committing serious waste crime offences has almost trebled 16 last year compared six offenders in 2009.
timberland cardiff How many tonnes of waste goes to landfill in Britain

timberlands boots sale How many times have Arsenal won the league and FA Cup

women timberland boots How many times have Arsenal won the league and FA Cup

Arsene Wenger became the most successful manager in the history of the FA Cup by winning the competition for a seventh time on Saturday.

The injury hit Gunners produced an excellent performance to defeat Premier League champions Chelsea and claim the trophy for the 13th time in club history, which is also a record.

The victory comes with Wenger’s future up in the air amid a backlash from fans over Arsenal’s failure to challenge for the league title and their absence from the Champions League for the 2017 18 campaign.

How, though, does the Frenchman’s record stack up as a whole in the context of the club’s history?

ARSENAL TROPHIESPremier League / First Division13 (1930 31, 1932 33, 1933 34, 1934 35, 1937 38, 1947 48, 1952 53, 1970 71, 1988 89, 1990 91, 1997 98, 2001 02, 2003 04FA Cup13 (1929 30, 1935 36, 1949 50, 1970 71, 1978 79, 1992 93, 1997 98, 2001 02, 2002 03, 2004 05, 2013 14, 2014 15, 2016 17)League CupTwo (1986 87,
timberlands boots sale How many times have Arsenal won the league and FA Cup
1992 93)Champions League / European CupNoneArsenal were first promoted to the First Division of English football in 1904. In the 91 seasons they have completed since then (11 were lost to World Wars I and II) they have won 13 league titles, 13 FA Cups and two League Cups, in addition to a number of other more minor trophies.

That works out at one league title or FA Cup per three and half seasons or so. With his league three championships in 21 seasons Wenger is almost exactly at the club average, which is just a touch better than one every seven campaigns.

As far as FA Cups are concerned, however, he is clearly above the norm; Wenger has accounted for more than half of Arsenal’s wins in that competition, claiming one every three seasons.

Also supporting Wenger’s case is the fact that prior to his arrival, it had taken Arsenal 43 years to win their previous three league titles. The duration of his reign as a whole is also unprecedented in club history.

That, as it happens, just about gets to the crux of the issue for most Arsenal fans; Wenger’s first 10 years in charge were a lot better than his second.

WENGER BY THE DECADETimeframeLeague titlesFA CupsCL QF appearancesFirst 10 years343Second 10 years023Wenger’s first decade in charge was at Highbury, and few Arsenal fans had any serious complaints about his management as the club prepared to move to the Emirates Stadium to get his second decade underway in 2006.

The ex Monaco boss had delivered three English championships including the incredible ‘Invincibles’ season to go with four FA Cups and the Gunners had also got better and better in Europe, finishing as Champions League runners up to Barcelona in 2005 06.

The mood, then, was one of cautious optimism. It was accepted that the switch to the Emirates might slow their progress down temporarily due to the costs of opening the new stadium and the rebuilding of the team post Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira, but the hope was that the 60,000 seater would cement Arsenal’s place among Europe’s elite in the long term.

That has been borne out in the sense that Arsenal have never failed to reach the Champions League knockout stage since they opened their new home, but they have never been back to the final and their record of reaching the last eight is no better than it was in the 10 years prior.

Most worryingly, those three quarter final and semi final appearances all came between 2007 and 2010, with the Gunners failing to advance beyond the last 16 in the seven seasons since.

They have been shut out in the Premier League, too, and last season’s second place finish was the first time they have even been runners up in the league since moving to the Emirates. They have only once topped the 80 point mark they hit three times in Wenger’s first decade.

The Arsenal board, then, face a difficult decision. Never has a previous Arsenal manager lasted as long as Wenger without a title, but neither has changing the coach regularly brought about instant success. With the move to the Emirates and the ticket prices that have accompanied it, however, expectations in north London are quite different now to at any other point in club history.
timberlands boots sale How many times have Arsenal won the league and FA Cup

cheap timberlands How many shoes will you buy online

timberland desert boots How many shoes will you buy online

The hazards of illogically placed ‘re targeting ads’ that chase you around as you navigate the internet.

Over the past few years, performance marketing has taken centre stage. There are many specialist agencies in the market today; their claim to fame is helping brands improve on leads or sales. I was also influenced during the initial days of this fervour, but over time I realised that there is something really wrong with the approach.

Performance marketing started as a concept in digital media marketing where companies get paid when a specific action like Lead, Sales or Clicks is delivered. This means there was a certain amount of pressure that marketers, marketing agencies and ad tech platforms were put under. This has now diversified into various actions like cost per install, cost per view, cost per completed view, cost per downloads, cost per transactions, cost per visit, and so on.

Let us look at the various variables that come into play in performance marketing.

1. Input Cost Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per mille impressions (CPM) or Cost per Install/Transaction, etc.

2. Click through rates (CTR) this defined the number of clicks that were delivered per 100 impressions.

3. Click to Visits The number of website or app visits that resulted from the clicks that are delivered.

4. Conversion Rate The number of actions like leads, transactions, installs or downloads that are achieved for every 100 clicks or visits to the website.

As far as performance marketing goes, focus rests on the input cost with no understanding or analysis of rest of the parameters. This is precisely the reason why platforms like SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, Ad Networks and Programmatic Buying, typically come under the purview of Performance Agencies.

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Imagine a scenario where the input cost is really low, but CTRs or Conversion Rates are high. What happens in such a scenario? The CTRs could be low because of wrong targeting or wrong communication. Similarly, the Conversation Rate can be low because of wrong targeting, bad website experience or wrong product communication as well. Performance Agencies don’t always have a say here as these parameters are controlled by another team or other agencies.

I have worked with an e commerce company in the past for a performance campaign, where we did not know what happens to the user once he/she lands on the website or app. This means, we could only think of reducing the input cost. The pertinent question was how much can one reduce input cost?

Today, anyone who has ever visited any e commerce or travel site would have definitely been chased across the web with respective banners. It doesn’t matter whether your intention was only research or research and purchase, or maybe you have already bought the product. the re targeting ads will chase you regularly. The communication is often incorrect.

This means brands aren’t able to understand the consumer’s needs. The current hypothesis that every brand uses for implementing illogical re targeting possibly is ‘The consumer has come to my website or app at least once. The chances of him/her buying are higher than for a new user.’

This assumption would have worked if there was only one e commerce or travel site at the consumer’s disposal, or if each user who was researching, bought products only online. Neither of these is true. So users are simply bombarded with ads for that one purchase.

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The retail report by Google AT Kearney says there will be a three fold increase in online shoppers by 2020. The report also points out that a third of this segment will account for two thirds of the transaction value. What this means for marketers is that there isn’t much of an increase in the pool of e commerce users.

In such a scenario, fragmentation of the ecosystem, which is on the rise today, will be one of the biggest challenges for marketers. Every data point that is being seen today throughout the customer journey is seen in isolation as the responsibilities rest with different stakeholders, internal or external.

The other challenge that agencies face today is considering digital as an advertising medium, whereas it needs to be considered as a medium that impacts business. If that happens, then every stakeholder will have to start seeing things holistically rather than stick only to media or performance or creative or social.

The other challenge which performance marketers are going to face is increasing the size at the top of the funnel. By investing a majority of the budget in re targeting, Google, Facebook and programmatic, marketers are going back to the same valuable customers repeatedly.

This brings me to the question ‘How many shoes will you buy online in a year?’ Unless brands start investing in getting newer customers to the sales funnel, they will face a tough situation in the days ahead.

Performance marketing is important, sure. However, the question that needs to be asked is ‘Is the current approach the right solution or should performance marketing teams integrate with the business completely to start seeing all the variables together?’
cheap timberlands How many shoes will you buy online

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timberland cabot How many shoes are too many shoes

With winter slowly coming to an end and spring cleaning beginning, it seemed the perfect time to force the question when is enough enough?

To be honest, I have always thought myself above the clich of the shoe loving New York City woman. I roll my eyes disdainfully at women who, in my opinion, mind lessly ape Carrie Bradshaw and talk about their love of impractical, expensive footwear and proudly drive themselves into debt buying shoes that cost as much as a month’s rent. Yes, I openly and proudly admit to a love of boots specifically 1980s era Etienne Aigner usually found on eBay or more serendipitously in thrift stores but I am not a shoe girl.

Or am I?

According to a recent study by ShopSmart magazine, the average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes, with 15% of women owning 30 or more pairs. How did I compare? Surely, not being a shoe person, I should be safe. So I counted the shoes in my closet. After about a dozen boots, 10 pairs of flats, and an assortment of wedges, pumps and sandals, I was fast approaching a total of 30 and the prospect of officially being a “shoe girl.” Dreading this harsh reality, I simply skipped over several pairs of shoes that I intend to throw out at some point soon (just not today; I might need them!). Then I realized maybe I was gulp one of them. I had too many shoes.

“My theory is that you need as many shoes as you do moods,” says Meghan Cleary, shoe expert and host of HSN’s “Shoe Therapy. “I believe that shoes reveal more about a woman’s mood than anything else she puts on her body.”

Note: Cleary keeps over 100 pairs in her West Village apartment, and 20 30 more in her office.

“Every year, there are 10 or 15 pairs I don’t wear a lot, and they just take up space in my apartment. Otherwise, I would be eating my breakfast cereal in a shoe if I could.”

Beth Harbison has another take. “How many shoes is too many? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

So why are we so obsessed? “Your shoe size doesn’t change no matter how much weight you gain. Your feet can always look good, no matter how the rest of you looks,” explains Harbison. “The only time it’s a prob

lem is when you have those shoes that are like your ‘skinny jeans.’ They are just a half size too small, but you can’t get rid of them because they are too fabulous.” I had at least two pairs of those.

The funny thing is, even women who limit their shoe consumption make up in passion what they lack in quantity. Take Brooklynite Ryan Green, 28, who claims, “For 27 years, I bought shoes for the cuteness factor alone.

I would constantly buy $20 shoes that didn’t fit, cut up my heels I didn’t care as long as they looked good with an outfit.”

After repeated lectures from her boyfriend, Green chucked her piles of flimsy but adorable shoes in favor her new obsession: “I could live with a few pairs of Dansko clogs and my Frye boots.”

Sure, she wasn’t buying the cheap flats anymore, but she was now a sensible shoe zealot. Still stumped, I thought I’d check in with the medical experts. Was there an official point at which, scientifically speaking, someone could officially have too many shoes? “If it’s impairing your life because you’re spending so much time, energy and money, then it’s a problem,” says Dr. April Lane Benson, a psychologist who specializes in compulsive buying disorder. “Otherwise, in terms of actual numbers, it’s too arbitrary to draw a line in the sand.”
timberland t shirts uk How many shoes are too many shoes

brown leather timberland boots How Many Points Do You Know About The Knowledge on Earthquake

timberland boots discount How Many Points Do You Know About The Knowledge on Earthquake

According to the scientists report, there are many earthquakes happened every year, but there are still lots people who lack of the knowledge on self defense. It is very important and necessary for us to learn more.

Experiences show that from the time when people find earthquake light, earthquake sound and feel shock to house damage, collapse and form disaster, there are more than ten secongs and at most more than thirty seconds. This shorttime called early warning time. If people could grasp certain of knowledge, do some preparation and keep a clear mind, they could make full use of the precious time and may evacuate successfully.

Don rush to run to outside when earthquake happens suddenly, and we should find a place to hide. Maybe there is still a hope to survive. Therefore, take the measure of hide nearbly when earthquake happens and evacuate as soon as possible after shock. Of course, if people in the cottage or first floor, they can directly go to a safe location outdoors.

Why people had better not run out at the moment of earthquake?

Because large numbers of urban residents live in high rise buildings, and they have no enough time to go outside of the building. On the contrary, it would result in the crowded in corridor and cause other unexpected hurts. Besides, people enter or leave the building at the moment of earthquake, it most likely to be hurted by the falling goods. Furthermore, house will severe shake at the moment of earthquake,
brown leather timberland boots How Many Points Do You Know About The Knowledge on Earthquake
causing doors and windows deformation, it probably could not open doors and windows and lost the time of survival. And then, at that time, people are also in the state of shaking, so it is difficult to stand and run stably.

How to escape earthquake nearby?

If you are at indoor, try to find the most solid furniture and hide under or close it; or hide in the corner of your house, restroom or kitchen such small space rooms. Don hide in elevator hoistway, or jumping from the building, these are more dangerous.

If you are at outdoor, try to far away from narrow streets, high buildings, high chimneys, transformer, glass curtain wall buildings, high level bridge and the places where store the dangerous flammable goods. In order to prevent the aftershock from causing other damage, don come back to the uncollapse houses the the earthquake stops.
brown leather timberland boots How Many Points Do You Know About The Knowledge on Earthquake

timberland kids clothes How many of these hidden symbols can you find in Birmingham

timberland boots on sale How many of these hidden symbols can you find in Birmingham

When you hit that pothole on 18th Street North, try to have some sympathy for our city’s most famous icon: Vulcan. When the 23 foot tall Electra was hoisted atop the Alabama Power building in 1926, Birmingham’s other scantily clad statue was reportedly smitten, and ran down the street to meet the new girl in town. He left his footprints as proof, according to a Birmingham Post satirist, ironically calling himself Dr. Conner (pre dating the less humorous and more notorious Bull Connor by 10 years).

Every day, we pass by carvings, statues, and murals without thinking about their origins or meanings. Birmingham hosts a myriad of art: from the pagan fountain to our own Nike and we don’t mean shoes. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a Magic City if a few magical beings didn’t call it home.

Mythologically speaking, Vulcan suffered the ultimate unhappy marriage when the love goddess Venus was forced to marry him, the notoriously ugly God of the Forge. He was so unappealing, his legendarily grumpy goddess mother known as Hera or Juno tossed him off of Mount Olympus as a baby, breaking his leg. Many in town have commented on Vulcan’s off kilter proportions and not so handsome face, but it goes with the territory for this homely Olympian. Who can blame him for trying to woo the golden girl?

The gold leaved lady stands with lightning bolts shooting from her crown and holds bolts ready to be pitched from her hands. The Alabama Power board dumped plans for a big sign and opted for a statute to represent a state rising through electrical progress. Her name means “bright one” in Greek, interpreted by the power company as “Divinity of Light.”

As a Vulcan paramour, Electra comes with her own baggage: matricide. Electra helped her brother, Orestes, kill their mother, who had killed their father, King Agamemnon, Greek leader of the Trojan War. With such tragic back stories, these two deserve a late night snuggle or two, as long as they are back on their pedestals by dawn.

No word on whether the Liberty Park Statue of Liberty ever held a torch for the big guy. The official name for the one fifth scale replica of New York’s version is “Liberty Enlightening the World.” The former downtown Birmingham lady moved to Vestavia in 1989.

Vulcan should have returned triumphant from the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, having captured the grand prize in his class, but instead he was left in pieces. We had spurned the offers of San Francisco, Portland, and St. Louis all three wanted to purchase the world’s largest cast iron statue. Once we chose to keep him, no one had a clue what to do with him. The downtown ladies grew faint at the idea of his bare bum standing in Linn Park, which was then surrounded by fancy mansions. Ultimately, the pieces of Vulcan were gathered, and the mighty iron man was condemned to wear a giant pair of Liberty overalls as an advertisement at the Alabama State Fairgrounds until he found his current home atop Red Mountain.

While delicate sensibilities may have prevailed regarding Vulcan’s derriere, the same standards appear to have faded when the birthday suited Electra was raised 20 years later with less of a stir. Below Electra, three carvings of two men and a woman represent Power, Light, and Heat.

Electra was followed shortly by semi nude ladies featured in the Linn Henley Research Library murals. Shahrazad, the more exposed Pocahontas, and thinly veiled Isis, escaped Victorian standards lingering in the Gilded Age of the late 1920s. These venerable characters of fact and fiction join a painted panoply of characters who loom large in literature and wall space. A more modest array of storybook characters decorate the walls of the children’s room.

Around the corner, a dragon stretches across the side of Boutwell Auditorium for an artful view from the Birmingham Museum of Art. Created by City Center Art, Space One Eleven’s youth program, this dragon rises from Birmingham’s industrial past. With healthcare, banking, and education dominating the old Steel City’s economy, this dragon rides in from an Eastern bent, where flying lizards represent prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

Eagles fly along the Rainbow Bridge, also known as the 21st Street Viaduct. These iron birds replaced the original 1919 concrete statues dedicated to the famed World War I 167th Infantry Regiment, the “Rainbow Division.” These bold Alabama soldiers captured German soldiers, along with a long list of medals and honors. As the highest flying bird, the eagle connects with the divine, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Where eagles appear, they represent freedom and courage.

On the nearby 18th Street tunnel, the art deco eagles of 1931 are soaring against a very different enemy, the Great Depression. Eagles guard other 1931 structures, most famously the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. Art deco borrowed liberally from the ancient Greeks, who associated the eagle with top god, Zeus. When Zeus faced the formidable Titans, an eagle flew by a good omen. The people of Birmingham certainly needed good news as the Depression hit Alabama harder than most of the nation.

The Greeks reappear in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. A deconstructed winged Nike presides over the Hill Garden with its reflecting pond. As the shoe logo might suggest, she is the goddess of speed, strength, and victory so take a run in the Gardens. To the left of the Southern Living Garden, little Echo stares forlornly into a frog inhabited pond. A chatty girl, Echo made the tragic mistake of covering for the antics of the randy Zeus, causing his wife, Hera (see Vulcan), to condemn her to repeat the words of others. It’s hard for a girl like that to get a date, but the vain Narcissus was interested. When he fell in love with his own reflection, he transformed into the popular Jonquil flower and Echo looks eternally into the pool, searching for her lost love.

The steel curves of the sculpture in the Alys Stephens Center Plaza depict the ultimate steel magnolia. When her lover, star of Henrich von Kleist’s “Der Prinz von Hamburg,” receives a death sentence, the Prinzessin Natalie saves the hero when she encourages his release by calling out her army of Dragoons. In true operatic drama, the Prinz is led to the gallows only to find himself in a medieval version of a shotgun wedding, but at least one that is welcomed, and certainly more so than death. The Prinzessin is now memorialized in the abstract piece crafted by Frank Stella.

In Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham has erected a number of statues clearly representing major events in the Civil Rights Movement. The children stand behind bars to represent the Children’s March; the fire hoses perpetually stand ready; and the police dogs menace. At the corner, three pastors kneel in prayer. You might think one of them is Martin Luther King, Jr., but you would be wrong. King, his little brother, who during a tense protest calling for revenge, jumped on a car and said, “If you are going to kill someone, then kill me!” The other two pastors are John Porter, then pastor of Sixth Street Baptist Church and Nelson Smith, then pastor of New Pilgrim Baptist Church. The trio knelt together after a Palm Sunday march on April 7, 1963. These less celebrated pastors symbolize the efforts of dozens of church leaders to fulfill the mission of the Movement.

Surrounding the statute are four broken columns, representing the ultimate sacrifice of the four girls who lost their lives in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. At the opposite end, a new statute shows four girls releasing birds into the air, symbolizing the release of the spirits of the four young martyrs.

In the creepiest building damage, the 16th Street bomb only knocked out the face of Jesus in the stained glass window. This image was broadcast worldwide. A campaign of small donations in Wales paid for an artist to create a new window featuring a black figure with arms stretched wide. The right hand pushes away

injustice, the left hand opens for forgiveness. A rainbow crown depicts human diversity and God’s promise.

Inside the Jefferson County Courthouse the plantation esque wall murals draw controversy, but it is the outside carvings that mystify. How did swastikas on the front columns survive World War II without defacement? The Courthouse was built in 1931, years before Hitler and the Nazi Party hijacked an ancient symbol used in Asia, Africa, Europe, and in the Americas dating back to pre history in some cultures. The symbol remains important in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism in Asia.

Meanwhile, the most controversial of Birmingham’s public art works began with a murder. An art dealer specializing in pre Columbian art died from a shotgun blast fired by an industrial painter. The dealer’s mother asked sculptor Frank Fleming to honor her son with an art installation in the Five Points Circle. What started as a simple tile rim encircling a garden morphed into the Storyteller Fountain, often called the Pagan or Satanic Fountain. The artist vigorously asserts that it depicts nothing more than a peaceful gathering of woodland creatures gathered in a Southern storytelling tradition, like Br’er Rabbit.

Less charitable folks cite a satanic horned god, often pictured as a ram, which dates back to ancient Egyptian mythology. In pagan religions, horned gods, such as the Greek nature god Pan, sport horns and a lusty appetite for fertility rites.

Cloven hoofs, which peek out from the storyteller’s pants, reveal more devilish hints pointing to Satan. The official newsletter of the Church of Satan is named The Cloven Hoof. It doesn’t help that Satanists and Neopagans actually do worship a horned, hooved god. An upended pentagram, indicating the overturning of order, generally pops up in devil and pagan rites, making the choice of five frogs in the fountain a suspicious coincidence for some.

On a positive note, the ram symbolizes leadership, determination, and action. The fountain’s true meaning, like many urban legends, is left up to interpretation.

In all art, there is thought behind the image and a message to be found. Many hidden jewels with veiled meanings await discovery throughout Birmingham. So, the next time you pass a sculpture, mural, or other work of art, take a minute to visit with its history and its meaning, and remember, there’s more to the Magic City than meets the eye.
timberland kids clothes How many of these hidden symbols can you find in Birmingham

timberland cheshire oaks How many kinds of famous Shoes in the World

womens timberland How many kinds of famous Shoes in the World

The city of shoes in the world

Dongguan, Guangdong province is not only China shoes industry base, but also the city of shoes in the world. It boasts almost one tenth of the world’s production of shoes. About 1.5 billion pairs of shoes are made here every year. They are worth $3,000,000 and now belong to Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

The earliest high heels in the world

“I don’t know who invented the high heel, but all women owe him a lot. Excuse the pun, but it was the high heel that gave a big lift to my career.” Marilyn Monroe.

It seems that high heels are indispensable to every girl and lady. It is said that the earliest high heels were invented in France, but in fact they originated in China, dating back to the Ming Dynasty, in the 14th century, almost 100 years earlier than the western world.

The oldest shoe in the world

The oldest leather shoe in the world was discovered in a cave in Armenia. It boasts a history of 5500 years, breaking the record set by the shoes unearthed in the Alps. It was made of an intact piece of leather with marking on it and was found filled with straw. Archaeologists used radiocarbon dating on the straw and leather to calculate the shoe’s age.

The earliest basketball shoes in the world

Converse 1917 All Stars is the earliest basketball shoes in the world.

During a December 14, 2008 press conference at the Prime Minister’s Palace in Baghdad, Iraq, al Zaidi threw both of his shoes at then United States President George W. Bush. The throwing of shoes is an act of extreme disrespect in the Arab culture.

A Saudi businessman offered US$10 million to buy the shoes thrown by al Zaidi. There were also calls from throughout the Middle East to place the shoes in an Iraqi museum. Shoe, Ducati Model 271, first renamed “The Bush Shoe” and later “The Bye Bye Bush Shoe”, is manufactured by the Baydan Shoe Company in Istanbul. Unfortunately, on December 18, 2008, Iraqi and American security agents looking for explosives examined and then destroyed the memorable shoes.
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timberland hats how many KB

The right answer is 1,000. That is by definition. Kilo means thousand, and B means byte, Mega means million.

1,000 KB = 1,000 kilo bytes = 1,000 thousand bytes = 1,000,000 bytes = 1 Mega Byte = 1 million bytes

Someone else mentioned “Kibi,” which is just sort of the new notation to distinguish the base 10 and base 2 understanding of a value. Saying 1024 KB = 1 MB is “right,” roughly. Also to elaborate on this you’ll notice hard drives listed as 40GB or whatever capacity, then when you look at the actual properties in your O/S, you’ll notice that the capacity is roughly the listed value. Hope this helps, but you probably got confused

Hop on over to wikipedia for more info if interested in KiB versus KB.

Just to clarify. I wasn’t using wikipedia as a reference. I personally have no need what so ever to read the meaning of KB, MB, or KiB because I went to college for this. I was taught by people who have PhDs and went to school an additional 10 years after completing college. The original question didn’t mention KiB, MiB etc. I was strictly answering upon dictionary definition, I don’t care how your Mac deals with numbers! My logic was provided clearly and precisely. Do you believe that Kilo doesn’t mean thousand, Mega doesn’t million, and that the “B” doesn’t mean byte? Perhaps you are hung up on using both KiB and KB to stand for the true definition of “KB.” One is base 2, the other is base 10. KB is not both base 10 and base 2. Furthermore, being exact, kilo means thousand, and not one thousand twenty four. Mega means exactly a million.

>> Re: how many KB = 1 MB

Tried Before said:

Do you believe that Kilo doesn’t mean thousand, Mega doesn’t million, and that the “B” doesn’t mean byte? Perhaps you are hung up on using both KiB and KB to stand for the true definition of “KB.” One is base 2, the other is base 10. KB is not both base 10 and base 2. Furthermore, being exact, kilo means thousand, and not one thousand twenty four. Mega means exactly a million.

Yep, you’re right. When talking about base 10, decimal notation.

Unfortunately for you, computers dont work that way, as a bit can only be a 0 or 1. Therefore, you must talk in base 2 notation.

kilo in decimal notation is 10^3 (1000), but in binary is 2^10 (1024).

The name ‘kibi’ and derivatives were created in order to distinguish the two. But technically, ‘kilobyte’ in relation to computers, is 1024bytes.

These technicalities were changed in around 1998 iirc in order to distinguish binary (by IEC) and decimal (by Si) notation.

But for anyone who claims to know anything about computer systems would know a kilobyte means 1024 bytes. Simple.

Its all apples and oranges, decimal and binary.

To try be a smart arse and state a kilobyte is 1000 bytes is just stupid TBH.

6 years and a month later, some pedantic wiseass with a link to his store in his sig offers up an answer that, while semantically correct, doesn’t answer the question. Vel points this out, and the pedantic wiseass gets all butthurt and explains that he doesn’t care how computers work, he’s simply correct and there will be no! more! discussion!

A month after THAT, some random person wanders in and posts the exact same answer that was posted 5 minutes after the original question. Hell, might as well be a copy/paste.

Two days later, DG fully pwns the pedantic wiseass who, judging by his last login, ragequit HWA three weeks ago.
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timberland euro hiker boots How Many BTU do You Need

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the traditional unit of energy. The heat value of fuels and the heating power of gas grills can be expressed in terms of BTU. It is defined as the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at a constant pressure of 1 atmosphere. The BTU enebles us to compare the heat content of different types of fuel.

Whenever you shop for a gas grill and come across its BTU rating, be curious enough to understand which BTU the manufacturer is talking about. Find out if the BTU rating is for the primary burners or all the burners combined. those burners directly under the main cooking grate where you grill). If you add the BTU rating of all the primary burners and divide it by the area of the main cooking grate you get the BTU per square inch of main cooking area. For instance, if the primary burners of a gas grill have a BTU rating of 35,000 and the area of the main cooking grate is 500 inches, the grill will then have 35,000/500 = 70 BTU per square inch of main cooking area.

How many BTU do you need? In the past, we been advised to look for grills with about 100 BTU per square inch of main cooking area. This rule no longer applies because modern gas grills are now becoming more and more efficient at trapping heat. One thing you should know is that the temperature a gas grill can attain is not influence by the BTU rating alone. Another thing you should know is that a high BTU rating does not necessarily mean high temperature output. One major factor that influences the temperature your grill can reach is the ability of the grill to retain the heat. Grills that are constructed from lightweight materials cannot hold the generated heat and so will require a higher BTU rating for them to attain a high enough temperature for grilling or searing. Good grills that can reach high maximum temperature are made with heavy materials (heavy cooking grates) and their lid will close tight. Due to improved efficiency, some modern gas grills can reach high temperature with a BTU rating as low as 80 BTU per square inch of main cooking area.

Gas grills with low BTU rating burn less fuel than those with higher BTU rating. For example let calculate how much propane the primary gas burners will consume per hour. Propane has a BTU rating of know that propane has a BTU rating of} 15,000 BTUs per pound. Assuming that the primary burners of a gas grill are rated at 30,000 BTU, the formula for calculating the amount of fuel they consume per hour can be gotten by dividing the BTU rating of the primary burners by that of propane. Doing this will give us 2 pounds per hour. Similarly, a 45,000 BTU primary burners will consume 3 pounds of propane per hour. Therefore, the higher the BTU rating of a gas grill the more fuel it will consume. But note that this calculation is made with the assumption that all the primary burners are set to their maximum output (you turn the control knob all the way up).

In order to achieve the very high temperature that can searing steak, some gas grills come with an additional cooking surface called the sear region. The sear region is where you can quickly sear your food before transfering them to the main cooking area to finish off the cooking.

Finally, prick up your sense of curiosity whenever you come across a grill with a very high BTU per square inch of main cooking area (somewhere above 150). This is often an indication of a poorly constructed grill that cannot retain heat and they will consume a lot of fuel.

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timberland parka How Lord Trousers sells style

Operating from an industrial estate in Small Dole, the medium has changed to catalogue and online based retail but the commitment to those old traditions remains.

So the discerning gentlemen can get his moleskin, corduroy and linen trousers and the piece that helped launch the business, the classic chino.

And its big selling nightwear has become something of online sensation thanks to the knowingly camp modelling of Steve Pound, who has something of the Old Spice man about him in his full length stripy nightgown, a captain’s hat and binoculars. Ad campaigns in the Daily Telegraph and Private Eye have given Steve a dedicated hashtag nigthcapman and swooning from columnists India Knight and Hadley Freeman, who said “It is no exaggeration to say this man is my favourite model in the world.”

But for Peter Christian co founder and managing director Nicholas ‘Lord Trousers’ Alderton, there’s a personal mission behind the business.

“The British male has always been repressed with his clothing choices”, he said, from his office in the Mackley Industrial Estate.

“They were restricted to navy blue and dull greens. But in the last ten years the middle aged man has found a new adventurousness. They’ve started wearing red trousers and Green Harrington jackets.

“They’ve really started to express themselves which was a mission with the business.

Nicholas, who runs the business with his wife Miranda and son Max, boasts a family heritage in clothing going back five generations to the 19th century.

His uncle ran Aldertons the Tailors, a successful London outfitters specialising in men’s Plus Fours, until all eight shops went up in smoke one fateful night during the Blitz.

But while his mother said he always had a penchant for dressing up and sporting a fancy hat, he admits his fashion sense stalled during his hippie years, when he was a committed Deadhead, a fan of the psychedelic rock band the Grateful Dead.

“My wardrobe was pretty limited”, he said. “At one point I’d been wearing the same jumper for pretty much three years and Miranda threatened to divorce me if I didn’t go out and buy some new clothes.”

Heeding her advice, he went out shopping in London’s West End in the likes of Paul Smith and Demob and was soon hooked on British style.

Nicholas and Miranda worked successfully for a family menswear business for several years before going out on their own with Peter Christian in 2004.

“We started off selling footwear,” he said. “We though clothes, shoes, it’s all the same.

“But we couldn’t get our heads round it.

While rivals made big discount offers, Peter Christian played it straight, building a trusted brand and loyal customer base.

With 400 products on sale, Peter Christian sent out around 150,000 products last year.

And after 12 years in Small Dole, where Peter Christian occupies 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space, the company is looking for a bigger home in West Sussex with as much as 20,000 sq ft to satisfy its growth ambitions.

While the UK will always be a key part of this growth plan, one avenue being led by next generation Max is America.

The eccentricities of British menswear has plenty of appeal in American, particularly among African American men looking for a colourful, preppy, Golfer type look, such as Outkast’s Andre 3000.

During a recent visit to a American for a fashion expo, Lord Trousers was mobbed by fashionistas enamoured with his top hat and flamboyant suits clothes, an experience Max likened to “walking around with a beautiful woman”.

Max, marketing manager at the company, said: “We found we were getting loads of web traffic coming from the states and we realised if we had a sharper online presence over there we would see more sales.
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“The best advice I can give, months or mileage limits aside for a minute, is to first listen to your body,” writes Mario Fraioli in Competitor. When the shoes are past their prime, you’ll start to notice a difference in support your body will tell you. “Nagging little niggles in the form of sore arches, shin pain, achy knees or other small annoyances will start to manifest themselves when you’re not getting the support and protection you once were from your shoes.”If you’re undecided about whether or not you need to replace your running shoes, head to a shop and try on a fresh pair of the same shoes. “If your old dogs feel flat and ‘dead’ compared to the new ones, there you go,” the site writes.One rule of thumb is that a good pair of shoes should last between 400 and 600 miles. But larger, heavier runners will wear out their shoes quicker than lighter runners, and if you land with a heavier thud, you’re bound to wear down your shoes faster.Also, take a look at the shoe itself. “When the outsole of a shoe starts to break down it will smooth over and start looking like the bald tire on a car,” according to Competitor.But what about minimalist shoes like Vibram FiveFingers and Merrell Gloves? Outsidemagazine writes that by definition, they have less cushioning and midsole to break down. Runners will know it’s time to replace them when either the shoe’s upper or the treads have broken down.
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timberland eurosprint tree How long are you waiting

Most emergency physicians said emergency room visits increased last year, according to a new poll released Monday by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The requirement to have health coverage under the Affordable Care Act took effect January 1, 2014.

Last year, 28 percent of physicians said the volume of patients to their emergency rooms increased greatly. Another 47 percent said volume increased slightly.

The ACEP noted in the previous year lessthan half of emergency physicians reported increases in ER visits.

Wait times at emergency rooms have long been a concern both for patients and physicians.

Dana Spangler, who lives in Manchester Township, York County, recalls the frustration she felt when she began to suffer complications from treatment of early stage breast cancer.

“I went in (to the emergency department). It was kind of early afternoon. I waited. It was a seven and a half hour wait,” she recalls.”That first time was actually the worst time. But, I have waited between four to five hours on other occasions.”

In Pennsylvania, the average emergency room wait time before a patient sees a doctor is 24 minutes, according to data provided to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Throughout the region, average wait times can vary. Lancaster General reports an average wait of 14 minutes; Penn State Hershey’s average wait is 21 minutes; Holy Spirit in Cumberland County has an average wait of 53 minutes.

Dr. David Vega, who’s chair of emergency medicine at WellSpan’s York Hospital, notes his hospital is seeing tens of thousands more patients in a year than the hospital was designed to accommodate.

“Our department was built in the early 90s, and it’s certainly showing its age a little bit,
timberland euro dub How long are you waiting
” said Dr. Vega.

The ER was designed to treat about 45,000 patients in a year. Last year, nearly 80,000 came to York Hospital. The hospital’s average wait time is 33 minutes, which is nine minutes above the state and national average.

“The issue of volume in emergency departments is a tricky one because there’s a lot of variability there,” said Dr. Veaga. “But we do anticipate we’re going to see some increase year after year.”

Dr. Vega notes that,though there are more patients with access to insurance, there aren’t enough primary care doctors to treat all of them. That can lead to more patients showing up to the ER, even when they likelydon’t need ER care.

The hospital is in the middle of a renovation project aimed at reducing wait times and improving patients’ experiences.

The layout will change, creating rooms for patients with behavioral health issues. Beds will be taken out of hallways. There will also be a rapid unit for patients with less severe illnesses and injuries.

“It’s a difficult situation because we don’t want anybody to wait, and our goal with the whole emergency department redesign is to get to as close to a zero wait department as we can,” said Dr. Vega.

At PinnacleHealth’s Harrisburg Hospital, the average wait time is 46 minutes, which is 22 minutes above the state average.

But, the hospital takes a step many others don’t by allowing patients to see in real time what the wait time is at the emergency room. Craig Skurcenski, chair of PinnacleHealth’s emergency medicine department.

He notes the hospital’s managers have taken some steps to bring down wait times. A physician assistant or nurse practitioner meets patients in the triage area when they come in to initiate care more quickly. There’s also a primary care office in the emergency room.

“As healthcares expand their overall capacity to manage patients both at the inpatient and in the emergency department, wait times can diminish,
timberland euro dub How long are you waiting
” said Skurcenski.

ProPublica has created an interactive website where you can enter your location and find out what the average wait time is at hospitals nearest to you.

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timberland parkerstown ox How life has changed for Alabama walk

No doubt, life is different these days for Levi Wallace. The Alabama star player nobody saw coming isn’t oblivious to the elevated status he’s gained either.

Once a walk on recruited by nobody, Wallace is now a starting cornerback with three interceptions, a touchdown and All American buzz.

Fellow Alabama students are also recognizing him more on campus “especially if I’m with Minkah,” he said referring to star safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. It’s an interesting dynamic for the once unheralded high school player from Tucson.

Football, though huge in Alabama and Tuscaloosa, has its disadvantages in terms of being easily recognizable. That helmet and facemask doesn’t help.

“I’ve always thought about that when I was younger,” Wallace said with a smile. “Man, I should have played basketball because basketball players get noticed a lot more. But not really. It’s football. They know people like Minkah and (Anthony Averett). They’re starting to recognize my face but I don’t really think about it too much.”

His performance on the field helped bump is stock in other places.

Not a starter until the second week of the season, Wallace is ranked No. 3 nationally in passes defended with 12 and eighth in break ups with nine. His three interceptions are tied with Mack Wilson for the team lead and the pick 6 against Ole Miss remains Alabama’s only non offensive touchdown of the season.

Fans have called him “Levi Island” in tribute to Darrelle Revis. Teammates dub him “The Technician” for his attention to detail and technical prowess as a cornerback.

The rest of the nation is taking notice, too. The Associated Press named Wallace to the mid season All American team.

What’s that, Wallace wondered?

“To be honest, I didn’t even know midseason All American even existed until recently,” he said. “I really wasn’t focused on it.”While enjoying a higher profile on social media, Wallace isn’t letting that get in the way of things. He isn’t trying to reflect too much on the ride just yet.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t had that moment where it all came together in his mind.

“I think the happiest I’ve been was probably after Florida State, just knowing that I finally got to show off my abilities and I had a great game that game,” Wallace said. “But I haven’t thought about it too much. Now, it’s focus on what I have to do each and every week and staying the course.”

Wallace came off the bench to replace starter Trevon Diggs in the opener against the Seminoles. Time wasn’t wasted since he got his first career interception in the closing moments of the third quarter. Two weeks later, he broke up four passes against Colorado State.

The interception return came a week later in a moment Wallace said all became a blur.

A physical side of his game was unveiled in Saturday’s 45 7 beating of Tennessee. Three tackles for losses included two sacks.

“If it was up to me, we’d call a corner blitz every play,” Wallace said. “It’s fun when you make the tackle. I missed one a couple of weeks ago. It’s always exciting. You try to hold it to the last second and you’ve got Ronnie (Harrison), who disguises it very well, over me. I like corner blitzes.”

That physical presence is “our identity” as an Alabama defense, Wallace said. His defensive backs coach, Derrick Ansley wrote a personal note saying that should be Wallace’s focus this bye week before LSU.

Wallace’s skill with the ball in the air will still be his strength as October turns to November.

Does he consider himself a lockdown corner?

“I don’t know about all that,” he said. “They got a couple of catches on me this season. To be a lockdown corner, you have to be like Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman, where quarterbacks are afraid to even come your way. Like Ant (Averett). He doesn’t have too many passes thrown his way. I think he’s one of the best corners in college football.”

The rise of Wallace’s fame has been enjoyed by a few teammates, too. Linebacker Rashaan Evans, a five star recruit who starts on the same defense, said he’s taken by Wallace’s poise through the attention.

Most players lose consistency when they’re in Wallace’s shoes. That just hasn’t happened for the mature cornerback from Arizona.

“Levi’s always been on my radar. I was seeing Levi making these types of plays in camp and spring ball during that time. And I knew that if he ever got the opportunity to really make plays, he’d make a lot of people notice that. And I think a lot of people are starting to notice his ability.

“And I think it’s kind of shocking for him the fact that he’s doing all the things that he’s doing right now and all of those things are just falling into place like they should for him, and I’m just excited for him.”
timberland quilted jacket How life has changed for Alabama walk

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babies timberland boots How Labour’s leader convinced MPs to vote for era

Tony Blair’s Iraq War speech in full: How Labour’s leader convinced MPs to vote for era defining conflictHis skills were put to the ultimate test on 18 March 2003 when he convinced MPs to vote for the war that’s spawned the Chilcot Report23:05, 5 JUL 2016Updated06:44, 6 JUL 2016But in the end the government’s case succeeded, with Parliament saying “all necessary measures” should be taken to destroy Iraq’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Those WMDs which later turned out never to be found formed the centrepiece of Mr Blair’s argument.

Read more: How did my MP vote on the Iraq War? Search by name or constituency as Chilcot unveils report

He drew parallels between calls for peace and the appeasement of Adolf Hitler by Britain in the 1930s.

“Should Hitler again appear in the same form, we would know what to do,” he warned.

“But the point is that history does not declare the future to us plainly. Each time is different and the present must be judged without the benefit of hindsight.”

Mr Blair’s enormous speech included several interruptions by rebel Labour MPs including one Jeremy Corbyn , who warned it could lead to repression of the Kurdish people.

But he forged on in an attack against the “tyrannical regime possessing weapons of mass destruction”.

He added: “If we turn away at the point of reckoning this is what it means what then? What will Saddam feel? He will feel strengthened beyond measure.

“What will the other states that tyrannise their people, the terrorists who threaten our existence, take from that? They will take it that the will confronting them is decaying and feeble. Who will celebrate and who will weep if we take our troops back from the Gulf now?”

Here is Mr Blair’s history making speech in full.

Read More

The Chilcot Report

Tony Blair’s speech to MPs on 18 March 2003 in full At the outset, I say that it is right that the House debate this issue and pass judgment. That is the democracy that is our right, but that others struggle for in vain. Again, I say that I do not disrespect the views in opposition to mine.

This is a tough choice indeed, but it is also a stark one: to stand British troops down now and turn back, or to hold firm to the course that we have set. I believe passionately that we must hold firm to that course.

The question most often posed is not “Why does it matter?” but “Why does it matter so much?” Here we are, the Government, with their most serious test, their majority at risk, the first Cabinet resignation over an issue of policy, the main parties internally divided,people who agree on everything else [Hon. Members: “The main parties?”] Ah, yes, of course. The Liberal Democrats unified, as ever, in opportunism and error. [Interruption.]

The country and the Parliament reflect each other. This is a debate that, as time has gone on, has become less bitter but no less grave.

So why does it matter so much?

Because the outcome of this issue will now determine more than the fate of the Iraqi regime and more than the future of the Iraqi people who have been brutalised by Saddam for so long, important though those issues are.
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cheap mens timberland boots How Kerryon Johnson set a career high in rushing and took FBS lead in total touchdowns

timberland stores london How Kerryon Johnson set a career high in rushing and took FBS lead in total touchdowns

“Pretty easy” isn’t a term often thrown around when discussing a 200 yard rushing performance, but Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson did just that after his career game against Ole Miss on Saturday.

Johnson rushed for a career high 204 yards and three touchdowns on 28 carries during No. 12 Auburn’s runaway 44 23 win against Ole Miss, eclipsing his previous career best midway through the second quarter.

“When you get 28 carries and the blocking is that good, it’s pretty easy to get up to 200,” Johnson said. “I just focused on taking care of the ball and winning one on one matchups when I got them.”

Johnson’s previous career best was 146 yards, which he accomplished last season against ULM, and his season high was 136 yards against Georgia Southern in an injury shortened season opener. The junior brushed those efforts aside with relative ease against Ole Miss.

With Kamryn Pettway sidelined due to an ankle injury, Johnson again assumed the role of Auburn’s featured back. Auburn put an emphasis on improving the rushing attack, and the Tigers made a point to establish the run early against a Rebels team that entered the game 13th in the SEC in rushing defense.

Instant analysis: Kerryon Johnson, No. 12 Auburn cruise past Ole Miss

Auburn ran the ball on 11 of its first 15 plays, with Johnson getting nine of those touches for 74 yards and a touchdown. His second touch of the game went for 26 yards and saw Johnson shake off a pair of would be tacklers, and then he capped the opening drive with a 17 yard touchdown that saw him juke an Ole Miss defender out of his shoes.

To be sure, Johnson ran with purpose and patience against Ole Miss as Auburn finished with 326 yards rushing.

“Our motto every game is 200 plus rushing yards, and obviously we surpassed that,” Johnson said. “Really, our O line and running back group, we just got tired of hearing, ‘if you take out a big run here,
cheap mens timberland boots How Kerryon Johnson set a career high in rushing and took FBS lead in total touchdowns
you only ran for 3 point whatever yards (per carry).’ I mean, we got tired of that crap. We came out with an attitude on the first drive that really set the tone and we put it together.”

While Auburn’s veteran heavy offensive line gave Johnson open running lanes, Johnson undoubtedly deserved his share of the credit while being the first Auburn running back to eclipse the 200 yard mark since Pettway ran for 226 last season against Ole Miss. After playing through the lingering effects of his opening week hamstring injury the last two weeks, Johnson felt as close to normal as he has since Sept. 2.

After playing at about 90 percent last week, Johnson said he felt “close” to 100 percent healthy against Ole Miss and was certain he’ll be 100 percent for next week’s road test at LSU.

“Kerryon Johnson is a warrior,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “. He’s just an impact player.”

Johnson certainly looked the part against the Rebels, showcasing his full arsenal things he struggled with since returning from injury. He shed tackles, as evidenced on his 26 yard run on the opening drive. He juked defenders, as he did on his first touchdown. He displayed breakaway speed, like on his 48 yard touchdown early in the second quarter.

All that was missing was a hurdle over a defender.

“I feel so close to normal that I just couldn’t hide it,” Johnson said. “In the open field I was making people miss, I was able to get up to a faster speed than last week, and it just felt real good to be close to normal.”

Johnson’s third touchdown, a 5 yard run midway through the second quarter, gave Auburn a 35 3 lead and erased any doubt of the final outcome. It was his 11th touchdown in the last three games and his 12th of the season, giving him at least temporarily the FBS lead for total touchdowns by game’s end despite missing two weeks.

The 12 touchdowns also eclipsed Johnson’s total from last season, when he had 11 scores.

“What was I doing last year?” Johnson quipped. “I only had 11 all of last year, so I must have been coasting all the way through last year. I just got to keep it going and do what I can.”
cheap mens timberland boots How Kerryon Johnson set a career high in rushing and took FBS lead in total touchdowns

timberland size chart How Kanye West mastered anticipation with G

timberland earthkeepers 2.0 How Kanye West mastered anticipation with G

In anticipation of his upcoming album, Swish, due out Feb. Fridays. Music (Getting Out Our Dreams) he introduced the series in 2010 to gear up fans for the release of his fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, with 15 straight weeks of new music released every Friday. Fridays, West ratcheted up anticipation not just for his album, but for each Friday. He never failed to wow supporters, each week delivering something just as, or more, uniquely masterful as the week before. Yeezy set the tone before we knew the tone we wanted, and popular music would happily follow. And it’s not because West has a huge Lady Gaga or Katy Perry esque marketing rollout; Kanye’s new music arrives each week via humble SoundCloud streams, the same channel used everyday by indie rappers to put out new material. No, it’s because when West drops stuff, our minds blow.

But the year didn’t start that way. West opened 2016 the same way he did 2015 with a New Year’s Day release of a poorly received song. Last year it was “Only One,” a song about the birth of his first child, and, this year, it was “Facts,” a song about how he doesn’t like Nike.

“Only One” had Paul McCartney, but, even for West’s openly emotional standards, it’s maudlin to a fault. “Facts,” with its Drake like cadence, plays on the popularity of the Nike brand, one that West formerly worked with to make shoes.”Facts” is a throwaway song, though, a rare whiff that does not come from his sui generis artistic perspective. It’s a questionable dalliance with production that sounds like it could have been made by any mainstream artist.

With its murky and mercurial production, “Real Friends” finds West taking us back in time to his 2008 masterpiece 808s Heartbreak, back to when a once in a generation talent began reckoning with his emotions, abilities, and society.

The song is beautiful and immediately locks the listener into the West mindspace of sheer, deepest regret, unearthed honesty. The more of West being awkward at family gatherings and helping customers while working at the Gap, the better. But, somehow, that’s not all. Lamar boasts West’s overall aesthetic and culturally aware perspective, but he packs an even sharper rap delivery. The promise of both greats on one track made for the most anticipated music moment of the year, so far.

The Friday following the “Real Friends” release was quiet, though. There was nothing dropped by Ye on Jan.

Finally, Monday morning saw the whole version of “No More Parties” become a reality. Who cares about the three day delay?! The blending of Kanye and Kendrick proved worth the wait. The duo deliver on the expectation of their combined cache.

Need to warm up this January? Just listen to Kanye, from windy Chicago, serve up a sun soaked West Coast scene. In “No More Parties,” Ye strolls sincerely in the early morning sun, Ray Bans on, $12 cleansing juice in hand, sex and inebriated fueled interactions remembered, superficialities realized.

The instrumentation on “No More Parties” is subtle, marked by West’s unmistakable layering of vocal sampling and minimalist melody. The song begins with a set of classic soul vocal samples, harkening back to ’70s Hollywood. The grainy sounding samples, and Kanye’s distinct, 16 mm crackling vision and shrugging celebrity disposition, sound perfect over Madlib’s expert production. It all makes for a picturesque, probably recurring post party postmortem many can relate too let’s never do that again.

The big life, the big beach, and big parties: Kanye pleads no more, like all of it is closing in on him. The song is freewheeling and open Kanye pushes back for breathing room. “No More Parties” has a short, barely settled chorus, but any distractingly ornate instrumentation or anthemic chorus is eschewed to leave plenty of space for Kendrick and Kanye to rap it all out.
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timberland safety footwear How Kanye West helped Adidas get past Under Armour

timberland website How Kanye West helped Adidas get past Under Armour

What must have hurt Adidas more than the fact that it was dislodged from the No 2 sports brand in the US by Under Armour was its CEO Kevin Plank’s crack calling adidas his “dumbest competitor”. This was in early 2015. Adidas, however, was plotting a comeback.

At the Billboard Music Awards in May 2015, the stage was on fire (literally) as a singing Kanye West poked his foot through the flames. And the foot was covered in a white adidas Ultra Boost. West then leaped through the blaze with his next song, dressed all in black, except for his pair of white Ultra Boost sneakers, which stood out like beacons.

The company said that every single store that had Ultra Boosts cleared out within an hour. They may or may not have, but Adidas and West had created a defining moment. That fiery debut for Ultra Boost propelled adidas’ sales and by autumn 2016,
timberland safety footwear How Kanye West helped Adidas get past Under Armour
it had overtaken Under Armour. North American revenue for the company zoomed by 30 per cent from 2015 to 2016 while sales of Ultra Boosts raced away by 98 per cent in that period.

A reported 25 per cent of Americans buy sneakers for athletic use. To rope in more runners, Adidas treats shoes like fast fashion and has tied up with cultural partners to give its sneakers a boost, coming up with new styles ever quicker. And the slump, which had begun in 2013, eased off as the brand began climbing back into the reckoning after a dismal two years.

adidas’ strategy involved moving design, advertising and communications departments to the US from Germany, which handled only materials and manufacturing. Creative silos were created for various sports such as football, basketball and running in order to tailor products to their customers’ needs. It seems to have worked out nicely for the sports brand.
timberland safety footwear How Kanye West helped Adidas get past Under Armour

timberland boots for toddlers How John Morrison has been feeding Carlisle for 38 years

timberlands kids How John Morrison has been feeding Carlisle for 38 years

John Morrison is one of Cumbria’s longest serving fish and chip shop owners. He and his wife Doreen took over Central Chippy in May 1979: the month Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister.

Mrs T had a massive influence on British life. You could say the same about Mr M’s impact on Harraby.

“Society has changed dramatically. People don’t have time. Women work as well as men. More people pay for cooked food. Dinner times are quieter because of things like sandwich bars. But in essence it’s the same.

“I think the big trend in the time I’ve been doing the job is, people eat a bit less. The lighter meals are much more popular these days.”

Central Chippy’s speciality is skinless, boneless cod. “We don’t sell haddock. We used to but the cod was so good, 95 per cent of people started asking for it. A lot of people sell various fish at various times because of market forces. It doesn’t matter what it costs me we always sell the same. Consistent quality is the key.”

John’s other products include haggis, black pudding and Cumberland sausage. Fish and chips remains the most popular option.

“We’re a traditional, proper fish and chip shop. We stick with what we’re good at. We’ve never done pizzas or kebabs. It’s a great community thing, fish and chips. Good fish and chips are a beautiful meal. It’s a great British institution.”

His satisfaction at the food he and his staff produce is clear. “Looking at a hot box full of beautifully cooked food, thinking there’s nothing I wouldn’t be delighted to eat myself. Producing a product you’re proud of.”

Regular customers come from as far as Penrith and Alston. In 2013 a young American couple driving through Cumbria popped in and tried the meat and tattie pattie.

A few months later John took a phone call from the male half of the couple. His wife was 21 weeks pregnant and said she’d give anything for one of those patties. John agreed to share some tips on how they’re made.

Now 64, he has no immediate plans to retire. “The thing about working for yourself is, it’s your baby. It’s a big deal. You regard your customers as friends. I’ll talk to anybody. We’re all people. Treat people well. It stands you in good stead.”
timberland boots for toddlers How John Morrison has been feeding Carlisle for 38 years