timberland earthkeeper shoes I want to flirt with and then humiliate men

timberland women I want to flirt with and then humiliate men

I’m a twentysomething straight woman. About a month ago, I had a really vivid dream in which I was at a party and engaging with a guy I had just met. We were seriously flirting. Then my fianc showed up my real, flesh and blood, sleeping next to me fianc who we’ll call G. In the dream, I proceeded to shower G with attention and PDA; I was all over him in a way we typically aren’t in public. I was clearly doing it to get a reaction from the guy I’d just spent the last dream hour seducing. It was as if it had been my plan all along. Last night, I had a similar dream. This time, the guy was an old high school boyfriend, but otherwise it was the same: flirty baiting, followed by the use of G to reject and humiliate the other guy. I was really turned on by these dreams.

In real life, whenever another woman has flirted with G, I get aroused conscious of some feelings of jealousy but drawing pleasure from them. And when other men have flirted with me, I get similarly aroused for G. There is definitely a component in that arousal that wants to tease and mock these other men with what they can’t have, even though the teasing is just in my head. I would NEVER use another person like I do in these dreams/fantasies, because it’s cruel. But could this become a healthy role playing outlet for me and G? Are there ethical implications to hurting strangers (albeit imaginary ones) for sexual pleasure? From what little I know of degradation/humiliation kinks, it’s important that the person being degraded is experiencing pleasure and satisfaction. Is it healthy to make someone’s (again, an imaginary someone’s) unwilling pain a part of our pleasure? If G is into it, this would be our first foray into fantasy/role playing/whatever. But I worry that I might be poisoning the well by pursuing something so mean spirited.

We watch imaginary people being harmed much more grievously harmed in movies and on television and read about imaginary people being harmed in novels. Think of poor Barb in Stranger Things or poor Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones or poor Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. James to do horrible things to these imaginary people to entertain us, MEAN, it’s okay for you and your boyfriend (if he’s game) to do much less horrible things to an imaginary third person to entertain yourselves.

But why limit this to fantasy? Why not fuck your fianc’s brains out after flirting with and subsequently humiliating a living, breathing, willing third?

But first, MEAN, give some thought to what exactly turns you on about this and then discuss it with your fianc. It turns you on to see your partner through another’s eyes for obvious reasons when someone else wants to fuck him, you see him with fresh eyes and want to fuck him that much more. As for the power play aspects of your fantasy, does your turn on evaporate if your victim is a willing participant? And how do you feel about threesomes? Threesomes don’t have to involve intercourse or outercourse or any other sort of ‘course, of course. Bringing someone else in someone who gets off on the idea of being humiliated counts as a threesome, even if all your third “gets” to do is be ditched in a bar. You could even work up to letting your willing third watch and/or listen while your fianc gets to do what he will never get to do fuck your amazing brains out which would allow for the humiliation games to continue all night long.

Once G is on board, MEAN, you can start with a little role playing about this scenario. Then, once you’ve established that this is as exciting for G as it is for you, advertise for your willing third. The internet is for porn, first and foremost, but it’s also pretty good at bringing like minded kinksters together. As long as your third consents to the play and gets off on it, you aren’t poisoning the well or doing harm.

Not into threesomes of any sort? Well, flirting is just flirting it’s not a binding contract and there’s no law that requires all flirtations to be strictly sincere and/or immediately actionable. A little casual flirtation with someone else before your fianc rolls into a bar is permissible but you’ll have to let the other person know right away that you have a fianc and that this flirtation isn’t going anywhere, and then you can’t go too crazy with the PDA once your fianc arrives.

My husband and I have been together for 15 years, married for five. He is more sexually adventurous than I am, but I try to keep up. At his request, we have gone to a few sex clubs in our area to have “public sex.” That’s his main interest. He promised that it would be a one time thing but insisted we keep going back. He told me that if I ever got uncomfortable, we didn’t have to go back. I told him I did not want to go to any more sex clubs, and he found a loophole: sex booths at porn shops. If I have to do sex in public, booths are best because they aren’t very popular and there is some privacy. This wasn’t good enough for him. He wants an audience, he wants to see me with others, etc. I hate this. I hate how it makes me feel. I hate it. He says all the right things he respects me, he knows a relationship is a two way street, etc. but he is constantly furious with me about this, he tells me I don’t contribute anything to our relationship and that we don’t have a true partnership all because I don’t want to have sex in public with him or with strangers. Right now, he’s storming around the house in a rage about this and I am tired of it. I react to his “public requests” with nausea and panic because I know he will be enraged for a week if we don’t go. I have even suggested that he go outside the marriage, but he wants me to be a part of it. Everything else in our relationship is great. We have a house, a child, and pets. I’m not sure if all that needs to be broken over this.

Denial Enrages Selfish Partner And I’m Reeling

I’m running out of column here, DESPAIR, so I’m going to have to be blunt: Your husband is a selfish, emotionally abusive, manipulative asshole, and you should leave him. You gave his kink a try, and not only was it not for you, it makes you fucking miserable. You gave him the okay to find other sex partners to explore this with, and that wasn’t good enough for him. He has responded not with the gratitude you deserve for the effort you made, for the permission you gave him but with emotionally abusive behavior. And what’s his goal? To make your life a living hell until you consent under duress? That wouldn’t be genuine consent, DESPAIR, and therefore not consent at all. Being served with divorce papers may open his eyes. If so, perhaps your marriage can be saved. If not, go through with the divorce.
timberland earthkeeper shoes I want to flirt with and then humiliate men

timberland outlet I want to break into the world

timberland womens boots sale I want to break into the world

Harry Kane has proved himself in the Premier League and now wants to do it on the world stage by firing Tottenham to success in the Champions League.

Spurs host Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday as both teams begin the race to escape Group H, which also features reigning champions Real Madrid and Cypriots APOEL.

Kane has hit more than 20 goals in the Premier League for three seasons in a row and his last two totals of 25 and 29 have been enough to earn him the Golden Boot.

But the England striker now has Europe premier competition in his sights, starting against Dortmund at Wembley.

have said before I want to break into that world class bracket. To do that you have to play well in the Champions League, Kane said.

Champions League is a big stage, all the best players in Europe, if not the world, are here.

to be the best you have to produce your best against the best. I have six group games to prove that by hopefully scoring as many goals as possible and performing well. failing to progress from a relatively kind group last year that included CSKA Moscow, Leverkusen and Monaco, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino reflected his squad had struggled to cope with the additional physical and mental demands of the Champions League.

They are one season wiser this year and with the likes of Davinson Sanchez, Fernando Llorente and Serge Aurier added over the summer, their squad may be deeper too.

season was our first experience of the Champions League previously we play Europa League, for 98, 99 per cent of the players, and for myself too, Pochettino said.

experience [of last season] is important. We know very well what the competition demands from you, and I think that is so important.

was a very painful experience because we could not be at the level we should have been but today, it not an excuse. We know that (the Dortmund clash) will be very tough. We need to be ready to compete at a higher level. meanwhile, are facing something of an injury crisis as up to nine players look set to be unavailable.

Neven Subotic has fallen ill and was unable to arrive for training on Tuesday while captain Marcel Schmelzer and Marc Bartra were both taken off against Freiburg on Saturday with ankle and groin injuries respectively.

Also likely to miss out are Julian Weigl (ankle), Andre Schurrle (thigh), Sebastian Rode (knock) and Erik Durm (hip), while Raphael Guerreiro and Marco Reus are recovering from foot and knee operations.

long term injuries are well known and we have some short term ones as well, Dortmund manager Peter Bosz said.

is sick. Maybe he will come (on Wednesday) but he is not with the group (on Tuesday). Alli will serve the first of a three match suspension for the red card he picked up against Gent in February while Danny Rose and Victor Wanyama are also out with knee injuries.

Erik Lamela and Georges Kevin Nkoudou have begun light training following hip and foot injuries respectively but neither are ready for competitive action.
timberland outlet I want to break into the world

timberlands cheap I used my childhood as an opportunity to get an insight into ‘ordinary people’

timberland uk online shop I used my childhood as an opportunity to get an insight into ‘ordinary people’

One of the most gratifying moments of my life happened when a young intern at The Independent shared a lift with me one morning. “I love how you did that flicky eye thing with your eyeliner,” she said, gesturing towards a particularly expert use of make up I’d achieved that day.”Oh, thanks,” I replied, “I really like your eyeliner too.”She paused and then said, “Yes, but your flicky eyeliner got me into journalism.”

“Wow,” I said, “not your love of writing? Your passion for the pursuit of truth? Your interest in political affairs? Your skills at headline writing and your years of service at the student newspaper?”She thought about it, shook her head and smiled.

Strangely enough, that whole incident happened on the same day Theresa May met a young MP in a lift at her own place of work who told her that her shoes had gotten her involved in politics which is to say an entirelyfictionalday bearing no resemblance to the reality of her jobor mine.

But I’m not here to judge how well Theresa May managed to position herself as a national treasure and a universal source of inspiration through painfully PR led storytelling on BBC’sThe One Show, even if she did compound the whole thing by describing her childhood as an opportunity to “get insight into the lives of ordinary people”, a la Jesus.

Who hasn’t described their childhood in those terms once or twice, though? Personally, as soon as I was born I seized upon the opportunity to interview the family members surrounding my crib in Newcastle: ordinary members of a northern electorate in a Labour stronghold, no less.

As a toddler I was struck by their earthy normality, their rough and ready regularity, their quaint Geordie habits. At 11 years old, I seized the opportunity to attend a real English comprehensive schooland, when my parents divorced, I was immensely grateful for the insight into what people can say to each other when pushed to their emotional limits.

Although I can’t definitively say that I predicted the EU referendum at that tender age, I did get the distinct feeling at the time that paying close attention to their court ordered custody terms would equip me with the tools to understand and perhaps implement a strong and stable Brexit deal in 2019.

But enough about me. There’s a much more serious issue at stake here:what Philip May was wearing.

Did anyone else notice that the Prime Minister sat on the BBCsofa alongside a man whose top button was visibly undone, positively flaunting his assets? NowI’m all for taking a relaxed approach to politics, but this for me was a step too far.

Granted, the gentle sweep of his hair and the bold decision to pair a chequered print with a black jacket didn’t go unnoticed well done, Phil! but I couldn’t help but feel he would have had time to slap on a tie and perhaps even a nice bit of lippy if he hadn’t insisted on keeping his busy City job during the week,rather than focusing his efforts on supporting the leader of our country.

Is it so much to ask, really? You know what they say. Behind every successful woman, there’s a man; he should have seen it as an honour to be that man. After all, as our Prime Minister herself confirmedlast night, “there are girl jobs and boy jobs” and when people don’t stick stringently to those gender rolesall hell breaks loose.

Back to the shoes (and before you ask, Phil had gone traditional by teaming his figure hugging suit with a pair of modest black brogues for TV after all, you don’t want an undone top button with a suggestive pair of sandals). When asked about whether media scrutiny on her fashion sense had made her job harder, our PM replied that really it just gave her the opportunity to buy more shoes, so it was a blessing in disguise. This is what I always say to women when they talk about unfair scrutiny on their looks or their fashion sense. Why not turn that frown upside down?

Just last week, a midnight catcaller who told me I had “shaggable legs” (whatever that means)gave me the wonderful opportunity to invest in a pair of fishnet tights in order to pleasure the menfolk of Hackney even more. Isn’t it nice to make people happy?

I think my favourite part of Theresa and Philip May’s interview last night, however, was when the PM said: “You should take people as you find them, not have any preconceptions about people and treat everybody equally. That is an important lesson I’ve had.”

And that’s why, on 8 June, as a woman who sticks to the strength of her convictions, I presume she’ll be voting Labour. Bravo.

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timberlands cheap I used my childhood as an opportunity to get an insight into 'ordinary people'

timberland boots 6 inch I thank my dad for paving the way to my success

timberland heritage driver I thank my dad for paving the way to my success

Paolo Nutini: I thank my dad for paving the way to my successHE is only 22 but Paulo Nutini has already shared a stage with The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Quincy Jones and Ben E King.00:00, 29 MAY 2009Updated14:00, 1 JUL 2012Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!

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HE is only 22 but Paulo Nutini has already shared a stage with The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Quincy Jones and Ben E King.

He can count Rod Stewart and Paul Weller as fans. But who does Paolo think is the coolest man the world? Yes, it’s still his dad Alfredo.

Paolo has written a song for his dad on his new album and the man’s so unassuming the singer doesn’t even know if likes it or not.

The Paisley star has penned a joyous country tinged thank you to his chip shop owning dad on Sunny Side Up, his second album which is out on Monday.

The track, Simple Things includes the lyrics: “My father is a wealthy, self made man, but his wealth does not consist of riches or acres of land, and instead he has a family who are his biggest fans, that’s something that I one day hope to have.”

Alfredo has worked in the chip shop every day since he was 16, for 41 years, but is content with his lot in life.

So what are his thoughts on the song? Paolo grins: “He’s a man of few words. But he has to like it.

“If he didn’t. away you go. For me, it was a chance to reassure him that no matter the kind of gulf in the life he’s lived to the one I am leading, because of the business I’m in, I was wanting him to know I was listening to everything he taught me and instilled in me.

“He’s definitely the coolest guy I know. ” Taking time out from a manic schedule of touring and promotion for the much anticipated album, Paolo is knackered but in a much better place than he was two years ago.

Speaking to Paolo in 2007 as he toured the world with debut album These Streets released the year before the young singer felt rootless.

Now he has a new home in Paisley and the beginnings of a recording studio, and the important relationships in his life are rock solid.

“It was important to get back to a life with the friends I call best friends, my girlfriend and my family,” he says. “Not just to make them a phone call every second day.”

He jokes: “And the new home would have been a castle if the taxman hadn’t robbed me.”

Paolo is one of Scotland’s very real success stories. These Streets sold 2.3 million copies 300,000 in America and went to No.3 in the UK charts.

He sang with The Rolling Stones at the Isle of Wight in 2007, duetting with Mick Jagger on the Robert Johnson song Love In Vain.

He also supported Led Zeppelin at the O2 Arena tribute to Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun, who took Paolo under his wing before his death in 2006.

And Puma used Paolo’s track New Shoes for an advert.

He says: “We are three different folk with three different images. At first, these comparisons were a bit frustrating. It’s not a competition.

“This album isn’t anything to do with anybody, it’s about me and the seven guys I was in the studio with.
timberland boots 6 inch I thank my dad for paving the way to my success

timberland shoes kids I snubbed Rangers and Manchester United to learn from Terry Venables says Steve Robinson

timberland store uk I snubbed Rangers and Manchester United to learn from Terry Venables says Steve Robinson

I snubbed Rangers and Manchester United to learn from Terry Venables says Steve RobinsonMotherwell manager reveals how he rejected moves to Ibrox and Old Trafford to play under some of the game’s biggest characters and help mould his career path.06:00, 14 SEP 2017Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!

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Steve Robinson was snatched out of the clutches of Graeme Souness and Sir Alex Ferguson by Terry Venables.

He was handed a Tottenham debut by Ossie Ardiles.

Robinson listened intently to the workings of David Moyes at Preston and the rantings of Joe Kinnear at Luton.

The Northern Irishman worked with methodical Michael O’Neill as his country’s coach. With Lawrie McMenemy, Sammy McIlroy, Bryan Hamilton, Nigel Worthington as a player in the green and laughs at the notion he had almost as many bosses as he got senior caps.

When it comes to diversity, the Motherwell manager has had some of the game’s most interesting recent characters to learn from.

But, when it comes to influence, Robinson admits plenty comes from a manager who barely ever took a training session.

(Image: Daily Mirror)

Ironically, he now coaches George Newell, but it was the young striker’s dad Mike who gave Robinson the most valuable lessons during a lengthy spell at Luton which he is putting into practice now.

Robinson rolled back in his chair in the manager’s office and recalled the men he’d sat opposite as he said: “I’ve been fortunate to have been managed by some great people.

“Obviously, being signed by Terry for Spurs was a big thing in my career.

“At that time, I could have signed for Rangers under Souness or Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson. I was actually a half decent player then and I don’t know what happened to me!

“But Venables just had a way about him. He made people feel a million dollars, like Danny Wilson did at Bristol City.

“Terry had the man management skills to handle Gazza and Gary Lineker. There was a real buzz around and you wanted to be part of it.

“Terry then left and it was Ossie who gave me my debut. They were very different characters.

(Image: Action Images)

“I played under Moyesy at Preston and I’d watch him. Mel Machin at Bournemouth was like a father figure to me, but I really started looking at things under Moyesy and how he went about it.

“He’d been a good player and gone onto be a successful manager at Preston and Everton. I’d still be in touch with him and he’s been very, very good with me.

“John Carver at Luton also helped me notice things when he was with Kevin Blackwell, but I had so much success with Mike at Luton, he’d be right up there.

“He was completely different. A man manager. Didn’t coach at all. He was on the training pitch, but Brian Stein would take the session.
timberland shoes kids I snubbed Rangers and Manchester United to learn from Terry Venables says Steve Robinson

timberland gloves I should have left them in jail

timberland uk jobs I should have left them in jail

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

Donald J.

“Who?” Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump’s role in the situation. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing.

LiAngelo Ball, along with two other players, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested last week on suspicion of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store while their team was in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Trump had said he personally asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to intervene in the case.

On Wednesday, Trump issued a call for gratitude from the players.

“Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!” he tweeted.

The President received the thanks of the players at a news conference later that day,
timberland gloves I should have left them in jail
where they also apologized for their behavior.

“To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. Thank you for helping us out,” Riley said. LiAngelo Ball echoed his teammate’s statement.

Athletic Director Dan Guerrero confirmed the trio shoplifted from three stores near their hotel Monday night. The three were identified the next morning after police searched their bags and found the stolen items.

Trump issued a follow up message to the students on Thursday, wishing them a “great life.”

UCLA players arrested in China apologize and are suspended

“To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You’re welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made your release possible and, HAVE A GREAT LIFE! Be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life!” he wrote on Twitter.

LaVar Ball told ESPN he was happy to have his son back, and also seemed to downplay his alleged crime.
timberland gloves I should have left them in jail

timberland earthkeepers sale i replay it over and over again

timberland sizes i replay it over and over again

this time you have really done it. you have succeeded in making me slowly drift away from you. i have tried so many times before to explain to you what kind of person i am and yet, you still try to change me. is it because you made a mistake in loving me? the person you thought i was. am i not the same person you thought you really fell in love with? you have so many dreams but my only dream was to be with you. i have heard you complain so many times before on how i i dont support you when it comes to your dreams. how can i when your dreams mean being away from you and i am sorry, i cannot handle that. i know how much these dreams mean to you and with this space that may take place in the next few days, you are free to do what you want. you are free to talk to whom you want to talk to. you are now free to date and think about whether it is still reall me that you want to end up with. let me just tell you that i really hate that girl!!! i really hate the idea that she gets tto spend the whole day with you and i don’t! and you do not even try to do anything to make me feel secure because you feel that i lack trust? how can i trust when you do not give me enough reason to? you suddenly just stopped doing the things that you used to. i have been honest from the start. you, on the other hand, have so many secrets. and i don’t know if i can take that anymore. i love you too much to keep you from doing the things that you really want to do. i really don’t know anymore.

it seems that the only time i get to blog is when i’m in a really bad mood. now i know how it feels to have someone doubt my sincerity. i have always had problems trusting people. and now that someone doubts my trust, it is twice the annoyance (not to mention twice the hurt). oh well, i know tears are wasted but still, they fall. they are uncontrollable, at least for me. but it doesn’t matter. it just doesn’t matter. i will never understand the problems that life brings. is there a solution to all these trials? is there an answer to all these questions? will there be an end to all these doubts and suspicions? will my head ever stop aching. my heart ever stop breaking?i know that it is wrong for me to make you my world. but you are my world and i will continue to make you my world until you allow me to. i would be telling a lie if i’d say i only think of you at a certain time of the day. for the truth is every part of my day is filled with thoughts of you and sharing the rest of my life with no other man but you. if it would mean dying of laughter or drowning in tears, i would go through them all and more as long as it is you that would kill me with your unique sense of humor or it is you that would save me from oceans and oceans of tears. i love you. and i love you. and i love you. tome una mirada en estos ojos y vers la verdad. que mi amor para ti es puro y verdadero. niente pi, il mio miele. ti amo cos tanto.”Mi mano es la que te escribe [My hand is the one that writes to you] , mi corazn el que te llora [my heart the one that cries to you], la letra de quien te quiere [the letter of the one who loves you] , la firma de quien te adora [the mark of the one who adores you]”

“Cuando mires las estrellas acurdate de m [when you look at the stars remember me], por que en cada una de ellas hay un beso para ti. [because in every one of them there is a kiss for you]”

“So que el fuego era helado [i dreamt that the fire used to freeze], y que los aires ardan [and the air used to burn], as soando imposibles [thus dreaming is impossible], so que tu me queras [i dreamt that you loved me].

A un ngel le pregunte [an angel asked him]. Cul es el peor castigo [what is the worst punishment]? Y el ngel me contesto. [and the angel replied] “Querer y no ser querido. [to love and not be loved]”

“Si me dieran a elegir [if they were to give me a choice] entre mi mundo y t [between my world and you], elegira mi mundo, porque mi mundo eres t. [i would choose my world because my world is you]”

“Aunque te vayas de aqu [even though you leave from here], siempre estars en mi mente [you will always be in my mind], nunca sers mi pasado [you will never be my past], siempre sers mi presente. [you will always be my present]”

Si cada vez que pensara en ti [if everytime that i would think of you], una estrella se apagara [a star would stop shining] , no habra en el cielo una estrella que brillara. [there would never be a star in the sky that would shine]”

Si t amas a Jess que muri por tanta gente [if you love Jesus who died for so many people], por qu no me amas a m que muero por ti solamente? [why don’t you love me, me that dies for you only]”

Para qu mirar la luna si no la puedo tocar [why do i look at the moon if i cannot take it]. Para qu mirar tus labios si no los puedo besar. [why look at your lips if i can’t kiss them]”

Por un beso de tu boca [by one kiss from your mouth] voy renunciando a mi paz [i am at peace], por tus labios que provocan aprendera a volar [for your lips made me learn how to fly], por un roce de tu pelo [running my fingers through your hair], ira hasta el mismo cielo [i would go to the same sky] quisiera una noche eterna para guardar tu calor [i would like an eternal night to keep you warm] y tengo la vida entera para entregarte mi amor [and i have my life to give you my love]!!

Nacimos para vivir [we were born to live] nacimos para soar [we were born to dream] nuestro destino es morir [our destiny is to die] nuestra misin es amar [our mission is to love] .

Ten cuidado con Cupido [Be careful of cupid], porque es gil y atrevido [because he is agile and daring], y te flecha en un descuido [and he can hit you with his arrow without a care]. Como a m, que el muy bandido [like me, he is like a bandit], en tus brazos me ha rendido [it has brought me to your arms].

Importante es mi corazn [important is my heart] porque me hace vivir [it makes me live] , pero mas importante eres t [but what’s more important is you], por que lo haces latir [because you make it beat].

Al perderte yo a ti [upon losing myself to you] tu y yo hemos perdido [you and i have been lost]. Yo porque t eras lo que ms amaba [I, because you used to love me the most], t porque yo era la que ms te amaba [You, because I used to be the one that you loved the most]. Pero de nosotros dos [but between the two of us] t pierdes ms que yo [you lost love more than i], porque yo podr amar a otras como te amaba a ti [because i can love others like how i love you], pero a ti nunca te amarn como te amaba yo [but for you, they can never love you the way i do].

El tiempo es cuestin de tiempo [time is a question of time], la vida es cuestin de vida [life is a question of life], la vida dura un momento [life lasts a moment], el tiempo toda la vida [time lasts a lifetime].

La distancia no es cuando nos separamos [distance is not when we separate], La distancia es si no volvemos [distance is if we do not return].

Qu es la vida? [what is life?] Un frenes [a frenzy] Qu es la vida? [what is life?] Una ilusin, una sombra, una ficcin [an illusion, a shade, fiction], y el mayor bien es pequeo [the greater good is small]; que toda la vida es sueo [life is a dream], y los sueos, sueos son [and the dreams are just dreams]

Es triste mirar al mar [it is sad to look at the sea] en una noche sin luna [in a night without a moon] pero ms triste es amar [but it is even more sad to love] sin esperanza alguna [without any hope].

Se necesita solo de un minuto para que te fijes en alguien [it is necessary that you pay attention to someone for a minute], una hora para que te guste [an hour for you to like someone], un da para quererlo [a day for you to love someone] ,
timberland earthkeepers sale i replay it over and over again
pero se necesita de toda una vida para que lo puedas olvidar [but it takes a lifetime to forget someone].

El amor no se manifiesta en el deseo de acostarse con alguien [love is not shown in the desire to sleep with someone], sino en el deseo de dormir junto a alguien [but in the desire to sleep next to someone].

El ms difcil no es el primer beso [it is not the first kiss that is more difficult] , sino el ltimo [but the last].

timberland euro sprint boots black I put my zoo shoes on and suddenly everything is right

timberland euro sprint white I put my zoo shoes on and suddenly everything is right

I put my zoo shoes on and suddenly everything is rightIT was reported last week that visitors to Edinburgh Zoo will be allowed to feed the lions why not feed them the pandas?00:01, 1 MAY 2013Updated09:18, 1 MAY 2013(Image: The Republican /Landov /Barcroft Media)

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WHAT about the wee daftie from Airdrie who was caught feeding notes to the lions at Edinburgh Zoo?

“Stop!” yelled the zookeeper. “That’s not allowed.”

“Yes it is,” he replied. “The sign says, ‘Do Not Feed The Lions 10 Pounds Fine.'”

Ach, suit yourselves

It was reported last week that visitors to Edinburgh Zoo WILL be allowed to feed the lions.

I think they should also allow anyone with a half decent sperm count to f the pandas.

How boring is that never ending saga?

In fact, here’s an idea. To put us all out of our misery, why don’t we just feed the pandas to the lions?

Anyway, folks,
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it will cost a session to feed the lions and, according to the zoo, customers will be invited to dangle chunks of meat on the end of a pole through the enclosure fence.

This is apparently how the canteen staff at Liverpool FC feed Luis Suarez.

For her 75th birthday next week, my pal’s taking his mother in law to feed the lions.

And he’s asked if I’ll give him a hand to throw her over the fence.

Seriously, though, animals are no laughing matter for yours truly not after a cock up on the radio at the weekend that provoked howls of derision from my so called pals.

When the chat on the Off The Ball Sunday Supplement somehow turned to footwear, I tried to tell the ancient gag about buying a pair of tortoise shell shoes and taking four hours to walk home.

Unfortunately, I got mixed up with the even older one about asking for a pair of crocodile skin shoes “and make it snappy” and, well, the joke died a horrible death.

In fact, it was so bad, I’m now receiving counselling from Bobby Davro.

I also received a much better gag from one of my mates.

He recently bought a pair of snakeskin boots made from boa constrictor and they’re killing his feet.

Every time he puts them on,
timberland euro sprint boots black I put my zoo shoes on and suddenly everything is right
they get tighter and tighter. This got me thinking about other animal related shoe jokes.

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“We need better. We need to improve. I take full responsibility, but the players know individually and collectively that this performance and result is not what we’re after.”

Curle’s need for reinforcements appeared starker than ever as Carlisle flopped again at their home ground.

Their record of just two home league wins this season is now the worst in League Two.

And the 14th placed Blues’ problems are not improved by the news that Jason Kennedy has been ruled out for the season.

The midfielder joins Nicky Adams on the long term sidelines, while loan keeper Shamal George has returned to Liverpool after suffering an ankle ligament injury that will keep him out for at least a month.

Curle said United “gift wrapped” their opponents victory on Saturday, with Vale’s first goal the result of a mistake by veteran defender Clint Hill.

“Merry Christmas Port Vale,” Curle said. “We gave them three points.

“Well done to them, but I’m disappointed, because I thought the game was there for us to take. We started well enough and created opportunities, but we gifted them goals.

“You don’t need to tell Clint he knows it’s an error. Reliable, consistent dependable that’s his mantra,
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so what happened is unprecedented.

“But sometimes everybody needs a kick up the backside. We’ve joined in the Christmas spirit and gave them a win, now we need to be the horrible Scrooge and say that everything we get, we earn.”

One of few positives on Saturday was the display of fit again Danny Grainger as a 75th minute substitute, as the Cumbrian led a late fightback and his corner set up Richie Bennett’s consolation goal

Curle said Grainger’s involvement had been “touch and go” because of how little he had trained during the week.

Grainger could, though, start in Tuesday’s FA Cup second round replay against Gillingham, but United will be without keeper George for the rest of 2017.

That will take the Anfield keeper to the end of his half season loan, though Curle said he would like George to return once fit.

Curle said: “He has gone back to Liverpool, having picked up an ankle ligament strain. Liverpool have diagnosed it for potentially six weeks,
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Dolly [United physio Neil Dalton] thinks closer to three or four.

“We’re still in communication with Liverpool regarding [the loan]. We’ve still got a vested interest in Shamal and we’d still like him to come back after his injury. But at the same time we’re still looking for improvement in all departments.”

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My mom, To know me is too love me she’d say. How true that was. But then again she always knew just what to say and when to say it. What I’m about to share with you is nothing that any of you that knew my mom don’t already know about the woman who touched so many lives with her un matched love, kindness, devotion and of course her awesome sense of humor but just the same, I’d like to take a few moments to reflect on just of few of the awesome memories of a loving wife, mother, Stepmother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend who meant so much to us all.

As a young child I watched as she made a difference in the life’s of so many others. I witnessed as friends and family members would call and stop by for advise on the biggest of life’s trials and the smallest of it’s challenges. There was nothing my mom couldn’t help you with. Like I said earlier she always knew what to say and when to say it. But you knew if you didn’t want the truth or you wanted a sugar coated answer to your problem, go to someone else because she was not the person not tell it like it was. I think that’s what so many loved about her.

This past Tuesday we were in Father Charley’s office and towards the end of our meeting he asked that we go around the room and share with him memories of mom, he gave us the opportunity to pass if we needed to and a few of us did at first but just like karaoke all it took was one person to start and the meeting erupted into countless memories of just who my mom was and what she meant to all of us. One memory was shared that she loved you unconditionally, it didn’t matter what mistakes you had made or what regrets you might have, if you were part of her network of family and friends she loved you no matter what. Looking back I’m really glad that that was one of her strongest points because I know I made a lot of mistakes and knowing that she loved me through all of them is what I so fondly remember.

I would need a lot more time than I have to reflect on the incredible childhood I had, It would take day’s and weeks to give you a small indication of what having a mom like Ellie Cota meant but I need to share with you a few.

She was a mom that always put her children first, above all, that was her priority and she knew her job and performed it like no other. I recall a time when money was tight and winter was approaching Billy and I had gotten new boots for the winter, Texas steer from Kmart, they were made out of the finest plastic money could buy. They had the timberland look but they were not timberland. Timberland boots at the time were 70.00 Texas steer were 15.00 but I wanted what everyone else was wearing and I didn’t care that Larry was pumping gas for 7.00 and hour in the freezing cold to support his family. I wanted timberland boots and she knew how much. So much that I’m sure against her better financial judgment (finances were not her specialty although she got much better later in life) she went to Jcpenney and charged a pair of timberland boots. When I got home from school there they were the ultimate in winter feet apparel, the timberland boots I wanted so bad, she had gotten them for me. It’s only now having my own children that I knew that it meant as much to her as it did to me that day. She worked and planned hard spending Larry’s hard earned money but she always and I mean always put her children first. When I reflect back it was more than boots, records, dolls and dresses it was what ever we needed whenever we needed, We had everything we ever needed. She was always doing things like I mentioned above none of our needs wants or desires ever got past our mom, she new us and read us like books. If we were having a bad day she new it and you were bound to find a little pick me up in your lunch that day or maybe just a quick note telling us she loved us. Oh and one more thing. Never and I mean never lie to her. This got a little harder as we got older because although we wanted her guidance and advise, we didn’t always want to tell her the whole story. But as I type this I realize the greatest and most precious thing given to me by my mother was love. Yep she was, she had a few number one hits in the 70’s and 80’s songs like “we will stick together, we will love one another” went platinum without ever selling one copy. She wrote and sang “Debbie Debbie dupes I’m in love with you” as well as “beautiful KK” All chart toppers.

She was ready to leap into action at any time although with some notice and time to prepare she was awesome, still she made it look like she had months of planning when Karen decided at the last minute that she would go to her senior ball, there were dresses to buy, hair and nails to get done and with little time she made it a memory that will last a life time for my sister. I remember pulling up to the driveway to pick up mike so that Mom and dad could be on the first flight out to be with Tom and Debbie in Washington. I tried to tell my Mom to slow down, save a few bucks and go the next morning that 12 hours couldn’t possibly make a difference in what she was going to be able to do but would make the cost almost half. She wouldn’t have had it any other way, one of her kids needed her and she was going to be there no matter what. I remember pulling up in Billy’s driveway with a new used car that she had decided to buy him because he had no other means at the time, the car had to be registered, insured and inspected before delivery he was not going to have to do a thing. sitting on the couch watching the tears fall from my brothers face because at a time when his life couldn’t be lower our mom was there to pick him up. The prayer “his banner over me is love” said with Mickey every night before he went to bed sometimes interrupted TV, guests or her own sleep but she made sure she was there for him because it was a routine that made him feel special. You see my Mom always knew that all of her children were individuals requiring different needs none less important than the other just different, from braces to cars from cards to advise some cost thousands and others were free but each act of kindness filled the void or need at the time and we never looked to balance the cost. Christmas’ were always special. I still remember every year my mother saying “this Christmas is not going to be like the others, there’s just no money. What I can’t remember is any Christmas being any less memorable than the first, they actually were better every year. she always made sure that they were the best and make no mistakes she succeeded in everyone. This past Christmas is my fondest. I know I speak for all of my brothers and sisters when I say some of the best times were the private times with mom, sometimes in the morning while Larry was working, you’d rush to mom’s for some alone time all the while looking out the window hoping you had more time before dad would pull up and begin the questions all over again. Or the private conversations with her girls in the bathroom over the past several months. one on one with no one else, like for a moment you were an only child not having to share the time, love and advise from one of God’s finest with anyone else. In her presence you felt like you could conquer the world (as long as she was by your side) As we grew older Mom was there for us just as she was when we were younger. Memory upon memory continue to come back to me as I write this, I sometimes pause to smile and cry. But with every memory is a lesson in love, a lesson that I will continue to learn from. I am forever grateful for you Mom.

Dennis and Sandy, never doubt for a second that my mom loved you as one of her own. Thank you for always respecting her and showing her in return, the love she had for you. I know she meant a lot to you.

I could talk about my mom’s love and devotion to her husband Larry for hours but I’m simply reminded of the movie “the notebook” that depicts the love and devotion shared between two people like no other and how strong that love is. Larry, Thank you for making my mom so happy, thank you for loving her as passionately as you do, Thank you for everything you did for her children, thank you for working as hard as you did to make everything we had possible, thank you for always treating me and making me feel like your own son, I am proud to call you dad. Thank you for being by my moms side everyday these past 11 months holding her hand and thanking the lord for one more day. Simply stated Thank you Larry for being you.

She was not your stereotypical grandmother, she didn’t attend every before, during and after school function nor did she take you to the zoo on the weekends. She did however Love you like few others, she was a proud grandmother that was always happy to see you and ready to give you her undivided attention whenever you spoke. She was always interested in your life and making sure you were happy and performing up to par. She kept your keepsakes and displayed them with pride. Pictures were her favorite. She was there for you just like she was her own children. Speaking for my kids, they loved to go to Grandmas and Grandpas to bring them current and up to date on their lives and there was a good chance they would have a sit down home cooked meal something with today’s fast pace lifestyles is a welcome change. The snack cupboard was raided frequently. A trip to Grandma and grandpa’s house will always be remembered as a good time.

I can only imagine what being a brother or sister to my mother was like. In every family each of us takes on a role, my mothers role as a sister was that much like a mother. Her direction and guidance was looked for by everyone. Like me you knew that Ellie would support you but at the same time tell you like it is. She was the person all of you went to for advise. A pretty demanding role If I might say but one she took on with pride and desire to help, but make no mistakes about it be ready for her honest opinion, she wasn’t there to tell you what you wanted to hear she was there for advise and direction and no matter what, her way made a ton of sense.

I was always proud to hear everyone ask “where’s Aunt Ellie” if she was missing she was missed. She knew and loved all of her nieces and nephews, she knew of their hopes, dreams and desires and wanted them all to come true. She knew the challenges each one of you faced and I know for a fact that if things weren’t always going your way or you were going through a difficult time in your life you were on her prayer list.

As I grew older my moms way of life became more and more meaningful to me, I ‘m not sure it meant more I think I just understood it better. She guided me through just about every situation I ever went through like, jobs, marriage, Finances (like I said not her strong point, That’s why I’m broke) and anything else I might have been going through. She had a way of justifying the unjustifiable and making you feel good about the direction you wanted to go in letting you experience the fall but always being there for you never to tell you I told you so but just to say I love you. still even in her last few days she would want updates on my progress regarding what we had discussed she would continue to guide me and I pray that her spirit will continue what she started.

My niece Mia was troubled at the wake for Grandma, She couldn’t understand why so many were having a good time while her precious grandma lay in the beautiful casket grandpa had picked out for her, she was confused, was this a happy time or a sad time. My sister Debbie asked me if I could it explain it to her and I was honored that she asked me. I explained to Mia some of what I already mentioned, I told her that her grandmother my mother had touched all of these people is a very positive way. I explained that we were remembering grandma for all of the joy she brought into our lives. It was hard not to smile when people I hadn’t seen in years shared their story with me about mom. One that sealed the deal for me was seeing Dr. Conley, the heart specialist that fell hard to my mothers kindness, humor and unbelievable strength. He told me that they told him in medical school not to get close to your patients, I have to laugh because his professor must have never met anyone like my mom, otherwise he would have known that his teaching would fall powerless when dealing with the force of Ellie Cota.

Mom, none of us ever knew you had so much strength to endure the past 11 months I would imagine that you did what you did for all of us, that you worked so long and hard to be with us because you knew your role. You knew just how much you were needed.

I wish I had the stage for the rest of the day, but even then it wouldn’t be long enough to capture all you have done in your life and all of the lives you have touched. Saying good bye is the hardest thing I will ever do I will only after I pray with you one more time.

Your glorious inheritance awaits you mom where you will see and know your true father and he will say to you welcome home my child.

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boots timberland I love Robots event at THCM

Speech to Text for I love Robots event at THCM

Below is the closed captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

for the “i love robots” event . and joins us now with more. the event was held at the terre haute children’s museum as part of first fridays. i spoke with one young girl who says she liked driving a robot! nats:robot members of local team area 51 88 turned over the controller to their competition robot. to kids! 5 year old eleanor was the first to drive. eleanor says, “i tried to move forward and it was kind of fast.” drivers tried to capture a cube. “i was doing left and right, up, down,
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a lot of stuff.” area 5188 is made up of students across vigo county. each year the team works to design and build a robot for competition. the program is aimed at inspiring kids to learn more about science. technology. engineering and math . but the team captain says it’s much more than just that. caleb boutell, area 5188 classified robotics student captain robotic team of vigo county says, “but we’re also encouraged to be self led, to run our own teams, to have the students make the decisions that go into the robot and not just the coaches.” the team also works on out reach. that has them building marble roller coasters and performing popsicle chain reactions to teach others. but the big draw is still the robot. “the younger kids are always super excited to see our robot driving around. it’s really cool to see something as big as them moving around, especially when they get to control it themselves. it’s really cool.” area 51 88 can spend up to 5 thousand dollars on the robot according to a coach. and they accept donations. other high schoolers are also welcome to join. a new traveling exhibit at the children’s museum
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New head of DEA covered up drug dealer in past George W. Bush has nominated Hutchinson to head the DEA, the biggest drug fighting squad in the world. attorney here that he should be required to answer. The questions have hung about for years, but so far he has managed to dodge them.”But some strange things happened in Hutchinson s district while he was federal prosecutor that he doesn t mention in his speeches. “The story of Lin Hai is historic because he was the first person in China to be imprisoned due to Internet related activities. In fact, it could be said that Lin is China first cyber dissident. He was in prison between March 1998 and September 1999. made many dreams when a teenager. And now I know I won have time to turn all of them into reality. Technology always came easy to me, though. I love the Internet. I believe that the Internet can help bring China towards a democratic society. Can China control the Internet No. The Internet is designed to not be controllable; that the main technical principle. The Internet is turning out to be the only public media where freedom grows in China. “Today marks day 10 of tax activist Bob Schulz hunger strike a last ditch effort to gain an audience with government officials asked to address arguments that income taxes have no legal basis.”Commonly called protesters or by the IRS even though many, including Schulz, do pay their taxes members of the self described movement or movement believe income taxes are a hoax. And even if the amendment were properly enacted, Congress has never enacted a law effecting the collection of such taxes, they believe. Tampa institutes face recognition cameras in nightlife districtsA new law in Tampa is raising concerns about Big Brother.

The city is using high tech security cameras to scan the city streets for people wanted for crimes. A computer software program linked to 36 cameras began scanning crowds Friday in Tampa nightlife district, Ybor City, matching results against a database of mug shots of people with outstanding arrest warrants. She just broke up with her boyfriend, lost her job, had been drinking, and is depressed. If you knew she would feel better in the morning, would you physically restrain her to keep her from killing herself Now the correct answer, of course, is “Well, yes, I would.” Therefore, since it moral for one person to interfere with the liberty of another person, Goldberg reasoned, it entirely proper for government, especially a representative democracy, to do so as well. Government websites tracking users despite being told to stop.”Sen. Fred Thomson, R Tenn., and Rep. They must also post privacy notices on sites in which substantial information is collected from visitors.

“According to the Inspector General of the Defense Department, 128 out of the 400 sites reviewed had 128 persistent cookies present. “The plan calls for screening all first born infants about 18,000 a year in the state for medical problems and risk factors that could lead to abuse or neglect, or cause children to fail in school. Nurses and other professional busybodies would have license to visit homes of new parents to check them out for drug use and alcohol problems among other things.”Like what other things Well, already hospitals and doctors in Oregon and elsewhere survey new parents on subjects such as whether they keep guns in the home. NYC Schools educate in the ways of the Police StateYet another reason for STUDENTS to get pro active and quit waiting for the system to fix their problems. Students of NYC!!!! Walk out of your police run schools! Don look back! If a majority of students DID do this, it would dramatically change our culture. In white suburban America, where the most brutal acts of student violence have taken place, parents and community leaders resist metal detectors and police, arguing that criminalizing schools is too high a price. But in New York City, where 85 percent of the students are kids of color, these procedures have silently become daily routine. As of June 2000, there were 191 baggage X ray machines and 305 walk through metal detectors in use in 72 schools, with more to come.

“Each generation has raised its share of rebellious teenagers, from the rollers of the to the stoners of the In the suburbs, white parents resist bringing in high security to deal with their rebellious teens. In this city, public school adolescents risk paying an exceptionally high price for what could be ordinary acting out. Black and Hispanic parents have long been stripped of the right to have their children properly educated in this city; now they are forced to watch as schools supported by their tax dollars and administered by people they elect become a vessel for introducing their children to the criminal justice system.”Students, Teens, Kids, whatever label we call you. July 9th is Gun Burning Day at the UN! Yippie!”No joke. The United Nations Conference on Small Weapons is sponsoring massive gun burnings on July 9 to mark the opening in New York of the UN Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons. Organizers of the Conference say public destruction of weapons is good because it one of the best ways to attract attention to global civilian disarmament.

“A UN report in August 1999 recommended that small arms and light weapons which are not under legal civilian possession and which are not required for the purposes of national defense and internal security, should be collected and destroyed by States as expeditiously as possible. Kofi Annan in April 2000 called for proliferation of small arms, declaring that weapons must be brought under the control of states.

“A UN Committee of Governmental Experts in March 2001 recommended that prohibitions against selling arms to anyone except other governments. US Postal System “Under the Eagle Eye” program goes beyond “Know your Customer””Many privacy advocates see similarities in the post office s customer surveillance program, called the Eagle s Eye, to the Your Customer rules. In fact, in a postal service training manual also obtained by Insight, postal clerks are admonished to your customers. Both the manual and the training video give a broad definition of in instructing clerks when to fill out a activity report after a customer has made a purchase. rule of thumb is if it seems suspicious to you, then it is suspicious, says the manual. we said before, and will say again, it is better to report many legitimate transactions that seem suspicious than let one illegal one slip through. thing that should set off alarms, the postal service says, is a customer objecting to filling out an 8105 A form that requests their date of birth, occupation and driver s license or other government issued ID for a purchase of money orders of $3,000 or more. If they cancel the purchase or request a smaller amount, the clerk automatically should fill out Form 8105 B, the report. postal service has a responsibility to know what their legitimate customers are doing with their instruments, Al Gillum, a former postal inspector who now is acting program manager, tells Insight. people are buying instruments outside of a norm that the entity itself has to establish, then that s where you start with suspicious analysis, suspicious reporting. It literally is based on knowing what our legitimate customers do, what activities they re involved in. “Taking the politics of personal destruction to new lows, Flynt published a composite photo of Ms. Bush face superimposed on a nude model as she sat spread eagled on an American flag. The explicit graphic first ran in Hustler April issue, shortly after the underage Ms. Bush was ticketed for alcohol possession by Texas police. Above the imaginary pornographic photo of the first daughter, Hustler mean spirited headline read: Bush, This Could be You. Corruption, theft rampant at Department of Education. Missing money reaches $6 billion.”Stories about government waste, fraud and abuse are common, but the scandal at the Department of Education has reached a new and unprecedented level. This is an agency out of control. Yet the story remains largely untold. Recognizing the dimensions of the problem, Rep. Charles Norwood of Georgia has suggested the department be shut down until the problems are solved. FCC Chairman calls the new age of the internet will be messy and it will be confusing, and we will get a lot of it wrong and we have to start over, Powell said in an interview with The Associated Press. that the creative process, that the evolutionary process. They also distributed fliers containing photographs of Holocaust victims.”At Million Mom Marches across the United States held in May over the past two years, Tyranny Response Team members disrupted proceedings by outnumbering and outshouting the marching moms. At many of these marches, they shouted down speakers by yelling Heil, while raising their arms in a Nazi salute. “I would say anarchism is the attempt to eradicate all forms of domination. This includes not only such obvious forms as the nation state, with its routine use of violence and the force of law, and the corporation, with its institutionalized irresponsibility, but also such internalized forms as patriarchy, racism, homophobia. Canada moves to legalize pot possession and use of small amounts of marijuana a civil offense akin to a traffic fine instead of a criminal violation would move Canadian policy closer to attitudes in The Netherlands and away from the United States,
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its neighbor and biggest trade partner. anti drug activists like Robert Maginnis of the Family Research Council. In a report, the PRD legislator said that Mexico and all of Latin America must advance strategies to the spinal column of drug trafficking, since the policies imposed by the United States have shown to be a rotund failure.

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discount timberland boots for men I last saw my brother 60 years ago at Glasgow station and now he’s one of world’s richest men

I last saw my brother 60 years ago at Glasgow station and now he’s one of world’s richest menIda Wilde reveals how a photograph from a family wedding helped reunite the Irvine great gran with her long lost brother.06:00, 9 OCT 2017Updated08:51, 9 OCT 2017Ida Wilde has been reunited with Asgar Patel (right) 60 years after last seeing him

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A photograph from a family wedding helped reunite Ida Wilde with the long lost brother she hadn’t seen for 60 years.

But in the past six decades the little boy Ida bade a tearful farewell to on a Glasgow railway platform had done rather well for himself.

Asgar Patel, who her family had given refuge to during the Partition of Indian troubles, had built up one of the largest logistic companies in India and in turn become one of the world’s richest men.

His fortune placed him at No.45 on Forbes’ top 100 Indian business owners list in 2017 and now he was heading to Irvine to see the adopted sister he had never forgotten.

Crisis hit airline Ryanair rush to train up new pilots with jets spotted doing circuits of Prestwick Airport

Great gran Ida, 83, explains: “I hadn’t seen Asgar in so long. It turns out he’d spent years searching for his adopted Scottish family but we moved out of Glasgow and he couldn’t find us.

“Then out of the blue I got a message on Facebook from Asgar and it was just lovely to hear from him again. I couldn’t believe he had spotted my photograph after all these years it was a miracle really.

“I’d said goodbye to a wee boy and now he was returning a hugely successful multi millionaire. It was surreal.”

Back in 1947, Ida was a child growing up in the west end of Glasgow.

At the stroke of midnight on August 15 that year, British rule was ended in India after a long struggle and the territory separated into two new countries, India and Pakistan.

Millions of people were forced to leave their homes to move to the other state in the largest mass migration in human history, with the majority of Hindus staying in India and a host of Muslims moving to Pakistan.

The split sparked riots between the two religions, with up to one million people losing their lives.

It was against this backdrop that the parents of young Asgar sought to find refuge for him and their other three children.

At the time,
timberland boat shoes sale I last saw my brother 60 years ago at Glasgow station and now he's one of world's richest men
Ida’s great aunt ran a boarding house in Willowbank Street in the Woodlands area of Glasgow, mainly catering for overseas students attending the University of Glasgow.

She was contacted by two former lodgers to see if she could provide a safe haven for four of their friend’s children: Ramzan, Atabr, Kulsom, and Asgar.

‘I felt guilty for leaving her as long as I did’ Mum’s urgent meningitis warning after baby daughter battles illness

Their father was a wealthy man with companies in Bombay and Karachi and, concerned for his family’s safety, was seeking refuge for his sons and daughters.

But, due to her advancing years, Ida’s great aunt decided not to take the children in, only to open her door a few weeks later to find four frightened Indian children shivering on her front step.

Ida’s mother stepped in to help and welcomed six year old Asgar and his big sister Kulsom, 12, into her home, while the older boys went with the aunt.

She said: “When they came at first we thought, ‘how can any mum and dad send four kids like this to Scotland?’
timberland boat shoes sale I last saw my brother 60 years ago at Glasgow station and now he's one of world's richest men

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and i nobody without someone like youI know. A really, really long day, but well worth it. There was a lotta people there. And some really awesome bands throughout the day. This band Soulstice played last. The lead singer was very Dave Matthews esque, right down to the way he danced on stage and his overwhelming good looks. This random groupie brought these giant ass hula hoops that were seriously as tall as I am, and I had some fun with one of those. (I wish I could link to them from my skool webpage, but turns out the organization doesn have a page, yet. to be remedied next year.) We were there for five hours. It was really exhausting. For those of you who don already know, I got the position. ($3000 scholarship!) I the National Communications Coordinator. I basically be organizing and planning the next two leaderships we go to. That makes me many shades of happy. Matt one of those people who like, the more I learn about him, the more I like him. His taste in music sucks, but other than that he neat. Great, even. The best part is, even if I study my ass off for that stupid class, I still fail the damn tests/labs/quizzes/exams. Black jellybean, that it. But now I really think differently. Like, I really want to live near my family after I graduate. We not all that big; I mean, there not too many of us. Most of it is 80 anyway. I really upset, though, I wanted to put a buncha kick ass songs on there, but the mp3s were all effed up. The CD still good, though. Don you wish you were here so you could get a copy, too out Matt doesn have a crush on me. He in luff with me. Which is, apparently, ten times better than having a crush. His away message says, “I not here this second, but don go anywhere, I be black.” That so incredibly funny to me. I excited to see how everything turns out. Our hall council (along with the other HCs and the housing office,) has worked really hard for months on this. I hope everything goes well. It s be hot as hell tomorrow. It was really fun. I totally workin the Pat Val combination. I can tell if it working or not, yet, but I think it is. Pat way hot, and so is Val, so I think we on our way with the new cutest couple ever. (To replace the couple downstairs that so isn the cutest couple ever.)I finally got to see Almost Famous tonight. I see what all the hype was about. Unlike American Beauty, I thought AF was well worth the hullaballoo. I really enjoyed it. I guess I go to sleep, even though I totally not tired. but that wedding ring as ugly as your husband is to you. mmToday really wasn that great. I failed my math test that I thought I would do okay on. Fucking inverse functions. Whatever. Bal told me someone picked a fight with her. That someone is so on thin ice with us. I think half the floor went; it was pretty cool. The hot wire boys were leaving one of the other halls right as we were leaving, and we heckled them some. Then we heckled on the road. That was especially fun. Stites was really embarrassed. That, of course, made Amanda and I be even louder, we have no shame. Stites gets embarrassed too easily. She learn. So, then I was having this really good ice cream and my tooth broke. Mmmhmm, just chipped right off. It really pissed me off. I think my dentist engineered my fillings shit so that they would break my teeth so he would get more money somewhere down the line. He sucks. Actually, he doesn He really cool. Given that I haven really hung out with him much in the past two days, it was really good. We went for a walk then went to get a late dinner for him. The nice boy at KFC has a little crush on me (or so I think in my world,) and thus gave us 4 biscuits and 6 pieces of chicken. It was really cool. I think maybe it was God trying to show me what it been like for Val the last month or two, being in the middle of Amanda and I. Val slammed the door in my face, even though she was really pissed at Man. That sucked. Mostly itchy, but my breathing is weird. Maybe Andreas got me sick. My eyes have also been really sensitive lately.

26 Apr

2319 hrs

I like to take this opportunity, first of all to say thanks to Sara for lending me this web space, and secondly, to tell you that Colorado has got to be the weakest state on the map. Seriously.

Here why:1. Mountain time What the fuck is that Get with the program, people. Observe EST. It the true code of the ninja that will bring honor unto your household.

2. The Rocky Mountains ain shit. The Appalachians would straight up open a can on that ass, if they even wanted to bother with your sorry ass mountain chain.
timberland earthkeeper boots sale i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes

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you know what worse than not being able to be next to your loved one it to be in the exact same building, exact same floor, or maybe only a room away and not being able to meet your loved one.

i had some example episodes for this case. tora sudiro in al izhar august 17th celebration last month. and that senior in high school i was obsessed with for nearly a year [ok more than a year. nearly two years. ok ok two years and a half.]

but this time, it crushed me the most.

bin mid term test was scheduled to start at 7.30 and ended at 9.30. mine started at 9.10 and ended at 12.30.

it was agonizing.

oh my.

at lunchtime amim showed me a video of the american journalist murdered in irak. or more specifically, cut off on the throat in irak. it was even more devastating.

well, ok, i didn actually see the video. i just heard it because i wss too freaked out to open my eyes.

after that, anggow and i came up with a new theory. two kinds of fear. one is fear of ghost and all things gloomy [for me, it japanese horror films]. two is fear of human ability to turn into something crueller than god.

the first fear feels a lot more like adrenaline rush and sometimes even tendency to not being able to sleep alone at night [or in my case, it just missing my boyfriend and suddenly got reminded of sadako]. the second fear is a little quieter, sometimes not being recognized even as a fear. and no matter how many people you got around you, it not calming anything down.

anyway, it a stupid theory.

last night i got to thinking about relationships. do people who dream about somebody else silently considered cheating and if not, what are the odds that the imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend will ruin a relationship of course,
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in the middle of everything, an another episode of spongebob squarepants goes pre historic, i fell asleep.

i woke up with a puddle of saliva on my shoulder. eww.

well. i just going to update briefly about things occuring in my life right now.

i having mid term tests so that should explain well why i going to be a little away from the blog for a while.

that shoes.


anyway i reading architect a candid guide to the profession for my english book report. and it actually states that fifty percent chances are, you not going to be filthy rich [or so in my own words].

anjrit. that nearly the most shocking statement of the year.

then how come my aunt makes 60 millions a week from decorating resorts in india and bhutan and god knows what the country called damn.

i been thinking lately maybe i should been a fine art student.

well well.

this afternoon i went to see the terminal. it was darn good if i have to say. it reminds me a lot of luc besson subway from the 1980s. bin said that there was a real version of the story of the terminal. it was an iranian stuck in france airport for 16 years.

i haven even been going to school for that long.

after the terminal, we went to have early dinner in wendy there were me, bintang, dimas, nina, anggun, and tito. then meiska came over and we went to uti new house [yea, she back from malay for a couple of days].

meanwhile, i miss driving. really. i starting to get sick of being chaffeured around all day. this evening at uti i borrowed bin 307 for a break from everyone with nina and meiska. and i just suddenly miss my stupid, slow,
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and powerless city car.

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He is a chameleon. He is that sweet suspension that can fit into a mould of every shape and form. James could depict of ‘grey’. Actor Fahad Mustafa’s rise to fame on small screen may have been inconspicuous, for unlike those who constantly enjoy being in front of the camera, he has preferred to remain in relative obscurity with method acting be it as the multifaceted Abdul Qadir or the despised anti hero in Kankar. However, it was not until Fahad was plucked away from this clutter of television and made to reconnect with the lighter side of self through last year’s smash hit Na Maloom Afraad that he became a bona fide star.

“Life has been totally different after NMA; I am a star now,” Fahad laughed. “On a serious note, I am really glad that the audiences loved the film and made it such a big success. It was a film all about Karachi and each one of us had been one of the characters at some point in our life. We gave it our 100 percent.”

“However, I really hope filmmakers don’t continue following this formula,” he added. “From what we can see, there is a string of comedies being made. It’s time we diversify as an industry and try new genres instead of sticking to one successful formula. A film has to be good and not just comedy.”

This penchant for diversity is reflective in his parameters of choosing a film. At a point when actors would consciously be part of films with commercial potential in order to be at the epicenter of all limelight, Fahad has opted for a more challenging, provocative and intellectual image in Mah e Meer.

“It’s a very unconventional role and in fact the film is not really a biopic on Mir Taqi Mir,” revealed Fahad. “The character I am playing is a contemporary poet who has his own view of the world, is arrogant, intense and doesn’t believe in the works of great poets of the past as Mir Taqi Mir. Until constant praise but lack of work urges him to put himself in their shoes.”

Mah e Meer has undoubtedly been one of the most anticipated ventures of the recent Pakistani cinescape but like most projects, this too has suffered the time delay syndrome. Directed by Anjum Shahzad of Qutubuddin fame, Mah e Meer’s trailer did the social media rounds early last year, making many hearts flutter but ever since then the release date has been playing hide and seek with fans. “Initially the film was made for festivals but then we all felt that it is quite feasible to release it commercially as well. Hence, changes had to be made. The production unit got bigger but it’s finally on track and is scheduled to release sometime between Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha this year,” Fahad confirmed.

For an audience that has had a longstanding affair with masala potboilers, does a film like Mah e Meer has what it takes to be a crowd puller?

“Why not? We tend to take our audience for granted. They are a lot smarter than we think they are and are fully aware of the various genres,” Fahad asserted.

They have time and again persuaded Bollywood to break away from its typicality and bring something new to the table,” he continued. “Yes, it’s not a masala film at all but it’s interesting and intelligent. It’s already been slotted for a screening at an international film festival in Germany and it is my work in the film that has convinced Bollywood filmmakers to approach me.”

Speaking of Bollywood, Fahad is another actor who will be enrolling into this apparent exchange program of sorts between the two film industries.

“Mahesh Bhatt called me around a month back to pitch the project since he knows Shagufta well. It’s an intense love story and has a great script. While things are in process, I still haven’t signed the contract and that is also the reason why I haven’t disclosed much about the project. I don’t like talking about things that aren’t confirmed. It is possible that I may be doing more than one film in Bollywood but for now, I don’t want to reveal too much,” Fahad emphasized.

It’s surely interesting to witness our new breed of actors being a lot more cautious of their career moves and not rush in to fill silences in a conversation, unlike their predecessors who are known in Bollywood more for their gaffes and forgettable stints.

Apart from Fahad, Mah e Meer will also see actress Iman Ali take to the big screen after a long hiatus, post powerful performances in Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye and Bol.

“We haven’t been represented well in Bollywood till recently,” he added. “The only people who have managed to change perceptions and do credible projects are Fawad and Ali whereas earlier people would just go and panhandle for work. I, too, want to do a project that I can carry on my shoulders. I’d rather do a Pakistani film with a complete newbie than be a sidekick in Bollywood.”

The growing trend of crossing over to Bollywood may have initially been subject to criticism from ‘some’ of our flag wavers but with time it has become a natural progression after all it’s a bigger industry with a far bigger market. However, the local industry also seems to be rebooting the game, both with fresh as well as conventional ideas. Is the future less bleak before it can compete with the like of Bollywood?

“It’s too early to even call it an industry. Right now people are just goofing around with ideas and making films to test waters. Also there is no financial motive behind making a film, just mere passion,” Fahad claimed. “It will at least take a decade before we reach the standards that have been set. But again, we have to be careful of not sticking to one formula and just keep making slapstick comedies. I actually hope that some of the upcoming movies don’t work because that’s how our filmmakers are going to learn. We need to differentiate and innovate. For instance, if Mah e Meer doesn’t do well, I will still be satisfied because it’s a different, novel experiment.”

Clearly, success doesn’t appear to have gotten to Fahad’s head and he is in the movie business for the sheer love of it rather than fame and fortune, despite being anointed the next big thing. Figuring out what’s next is not much of a challenge for the 31 year old son of Salahuddin Tunio. Less television and more performance oriented films Fahad will be seen in his maiden production Band Tou Ab Bajega with director Anjum Shehzad and a film with his lucky charm Nabeel Qureshi.
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I had my leg cut off so I could wear high heels. it was the best decision I ever madeBattling all her life with a painful and deformed foot, she now owns 10 beautiful pairs of heels that fit her prosthesis00:00, 13 APR 2012Updated16:25, 26 APR 2012Amputation decision: Mariah Serrano Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailMost people would find it unthinkable. But for Mariah Serrano, to have her leg amputated seemed like the best option she had.Battling all her life with a painful and deformed foot, she now says her leg cut off was the best decision she ever made.Because above all for Mariah and it might seem an unusual priority it means she can now wear the glamorous high heels she’d dreamed of wearing all her life.In fact, she owns 10 beautiful pairs that fit her prosthesis.”When I was told I’d never be able to wear high heels and I should give up my dream career in fashion I was devastated,” says Mariah, 20.”But when the specialist saw the look on my face, she said there was option to have my leg Mum was horrified and I just laughed.”Afterwards I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. If it was the only way I’d ever wear heels like my friends, then as extreme as it sounded I had to give it some serious thought.”Mariah, who grew up in Long Island, US, with mum Patricia, 40, accountant dad Emilio, 42, sisters Isabella, 10, and Fiona, 12, and brother Mason, 18, was born with a club foot a deformity meaning one foot was twisted and underdeveloped.Big day: But Mariah had to wear trainers to the promOrdinarily, an operation or brace would realign the foot at a young age, but in extremely rare cases like Mariah’s, persist into later life.Her foot was so badly twisted she walked on the side of her foot with a limp, and was bullied at school. “At school, kids my walk and called me ‘peg leg’,” she says. “I played hockey and joined the cheerleading team but eventually the pain became so bad, and I was so embarrassed to wear my leg brace, I gave up school and was tutored at home.”By the age of 16, she’d had five operations, but her tiny, deformed foot remained.”I was sick of wearing ugly leg braces to try and fix my foot, and I hated not being able to wear the trendy high heels that I loved,” says Mariah.”Because one foot was much smaller than the other, shoes were a real issue. When I was 17, I remember being mortified, having to wear trainers at the high school prom.”Clothes and fashion have always been my passion, so the prom was extremely appealing to me. I made sure I was invited even before I was old enough to go to my own prom, and went to as many as I could.”My friends looked so pretty in their strappy heels, and even though Mum had helped me choose a fashionable pair of trainers in Macy’s, New York, they hardly went with my gown and I couldn’t help but feel jealous.”Illness: Mariah was born with a club footIn April 2009, Mariah saw the latest in a long line of specialists who told her there was one other option she hadn’t thought of: amputation.Mariah says: “My options were to persist with yet more operations and painful braces or I could have my leg cut off and replaced with a It seemed drastic to say the least.
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Sunday lunch at Edinburgh’s Sheraton Hotel. Elliott Gould is towering over a pram, making goo goo eyes at a baby boy named James. All broad shoulders and big palms, he’s an imposing sight. But he loves children, has three of his own. “I don’t think old, I think like a baby taking his first steps,” he says as he finally departs, leaving James’s mildly bewildered parents to ponder why this 73 year old Oscar nominated Hollywood legend, and former husband to Barbra Streisand, is making faces at their boy.

Clean shaven, wearing a suit and tie, Gould sits back down, carrying a carrot and coriander soup from the rather lavish buffet. He seems delighted by everything even the size of the Yorkshire puddings on offer and is unfailingly polite. He’s in town for the recent Edinburgh International Film Festival, partly as a star guest (last night, he was interviewed on stage), partly as a jury head.

Later in the week, he will award Here, Then, a story about rootless youngsters in China, the festival’s best international film. For now, he’s here to talk over a turbulent 48 year career that saw him go from the youngest box office star since Elvis to Hollywood pariah to cultured character actor. “You know what the definition of ‘career’ is, in Webster’s dictionary?” he asks. “It’s defined as emanating from a Spanish word meaning an obstacle course, like a racetrack. I appreciate that.”

Along the way, he worked with just about everybody; and if he didn’t, then he probably had lunch with them. Like a bridge between old and new Hollywood, you could play that “six degrees of separation” parlour game with Gould and get a hit every time. From icons such as Robert Mitchum and Cary Grant to peers Donald Sutherland and Warren Beatty to current A listers Brad Pitt and George Clooney, Gould has clocked more stars than Patrick Moore.

He is flush with anecdotes, one liners, quotes: bumping into Orson Welles for lunch at Hollywood hang out Ma Maison; encountering Elvis, with a gold plated .45 pistol, who had the gall to call Gould “crazy”. Going to see Ken Loach’s Kes at the cinema with the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman; changing Groucho Marx’s lightbulb (and the ageing comic telling him, “That’s the best acting I’ve ever seen you do!”). “You never know what to expect, where you might go.”

It’s also a bit like trying to steer an ocean liner with a paddle. “As un linear as I am,” he tells me, “it all has to do with what I’m feeling and where I am.” When I ask about Fred, a rather bleak new film of his that’s playing at Edinburgh about an aged couple struggling with illness, he goes from talking about the director Richard Ledes to a tangent about Christopher Walken and his brother Ken to a story about meeting Alfred Hitchcock after a tennis lesson. “I went wearing long red underwear and white tennis shorts,” he laughs; Hitchcock called him “a clown” and, due to his headband, “an Indian”.

He also talks in riddles. An early conversational gambit sees me asking, “Have you been here before?” meaning Edinburgh, a city I later discover he first visited after finishing A Bridge Too Far with Sean Connery. “I know where here is, but what is here?” he replies. “Here is what? Here is for any one of us. Or for me, is where I am. So wherever I am, I’m here.” Right. As it happens, one of his reasons for being here is to visit Babs, his family’s former nanny, who is now in her nineties and living in the Borders. “Babs knows my whole family,” he says.

Gould employed her after his first son Jason was born in 1966 the only child from his stormy eight year marriage (he once compared it to a “bed of lava”) to Streisand. They’d met while co starring in the 1962 Broadway show I Can Get it For You Wholesale. Gould was then 23, four years older than Streisand. The following year they wed, just as Streisand became the top selling female vocalist in the US in the wake of her first album; though, as he later told Playboy, “The happiest memories I have of Barbra are when we were living together before we were married.”

Quite simply, even at its height, his career couldn’t keep apace with hers. And there came a point when he could no longer stand to be referred to as “Mr Streisand”. “It was difficult to be married to someone who was married to their success,” he says. “I was very young, she was very young, and we went as far as we could together.” He calls her “my first wife”, rather than by her first name, and says she’s one of the reasons why he has yet to and may never publish an autobiography: “I thought it’d be too exploitative.”

While his divorce from Streisand was finalised in 1971, two years after an initial trial separation, it was during this period that Gould’s career hit its peak. An Oscar nomination for Paul Mazursky’s 1969 free love classic Bob Carol Ted Alice was followed by his beloved turn as party animal “Trapper” John McIntyre in MASH, Robert Altman’s hit military comedy. Gould became a counterculture icon; Time magazine put him on the cover, calling him “the standard bearer for the Western world’s hung up generation”.

Then the mistakes came he turned down Altman’s McCabe Mrs Miller, Mazursky’s Alex in Wonderland. “I can’t be sorry about things,” he says now. “I’m sorry I didn’t do it [Alex in Wonderland]. I’m sorry I didn’t do McCabe Mrs Miller. But I had to find myself.” He went off to Sweden to work with Bergman on sombre drama The Touch, an English language film the director later dismissed. Rumour had it that Gould was difficult to work with. “That wasn’t true,” he protests. “And I remember everything, and I don’t distort.”

Nevertheless, when he returned to the US, he went from hero to zero in an absurdly short period of time. The production of offbeat comedy A Glimpse of Tiger was halted after just four days, amid rumours that he’d come to blows with its director, lashed out at his co star Kim Darby and was whacked out on drugs. Gould was left in the Hollywood wilderness, untouchable. By the time Altman came calling with 1973’s Raymond Chandler spin The Long Goodbye, the actor was made to endure a humiliating psychiatric evaluation by the studio.

“For a while I was not employable,” he shrugs, simply. How did that feel? “I hate to say it, but it felt right. It felt right. Like who are we? To have such an enormous success and then to be beholden” He’s very coy, however, about whether he’s ever been a drug user. “I’m not in denial. Somebody had once asked me, on a late night show in 1988, if I had ever had a drug problem. And I said, ‘No, I didn’t have a drug problem, I had a problem with reality!’ But now that I accept it, it’s my friend whether I like it or not. I always want to know where I am.”

If it wasn’t drugs, it was gambling part of an obsessive compulsive streak that Gould characterised so brilliantly in his third substantial Altman collaboration, 1974’s California Split. His own mother, Lucille, would frequently tell him gambling was in his blood; her father, who abandoned her when she was just two, also suffered from the addiction.

Gould’s childhood wasn’t easy. Born Elliott Goldstein in Brooklyn in 1938, an only child, he was caught in the middle of his parents’ fractious marriage growing up. “I couldn’t deal with my parents’ relationship,
timberland cabot I had a problem with reality'
or lack thereof,” he tells me.

His father, a textiles buyer named Bernie, had tried to elope with another girl when he was 17. Their families stopped them, and he married Gould’s mother. They stayed together for 27 years until they finally divorced and Bernie (who died in 1988) reunited with his first love and moved to Florida. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Lucille was an ambitious stage mother who ploughed all her energies into her son’s future. She saved up to give him elocution classes. He was soon singing, tap dancing, and performing in local neighbourhood theatres.

When he was 12, his mentor was an “incorrigible” Irishman named Billy Quinn. “I didn’t want to learn. I didn’t want to know,” says Gould yet Quinn pounded away until he did. “He broke through to me. Years later, when I told him I was going to be doing Bob Carol Ted Alice, and they gave me $50,000 to do it, he said he just couldn’t believe it. He gave me the Webster’s dictionary, and I looked up ‘genius’ the definition of genius in the Webster’s Dictionary is ‘one of a kind’. And I believe that each of us is meant to be one of a kind.”

If Quinn was his inspiration, for years his rock was his second wife, Jenny Bogart. “Jenny is the best fighter I’ve ever met,” he once said. “She fights for everything, she fights for life.” They met in 1969, during Gould’s first split from Streisand. She was 18, he was 31. They married four years later, Bogart giving Gould two more children, Molly and Sam. Like his time with Streisand, it was a rollercoaster: they split, divorced, remarried, split, finally separating in 1989.

By this point, Gould had endured more than a decade of bad movie choices. As noted by Peter Biskind in his book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, his career, like so many of his peers, simply “collapsed”. Reduced to guest spots, voiceover work and forgettable Euro thrillers, he went from job to job, though at least he worked constantly during this fallow period. “I like to work consistently,” he notes. “I can’t work constantly. Well, constantly, that would be nice. I want to live constantly! I don’t want to be driven by desperation and insecurity; we are at war with ignorance, desperation and fear.”

He fared little better in the 1990s, despite the decade being bookended by two great roles as an ageing mobster in 1991’s Bugsy, alongside Warren Beatty, and as the Jewish mother’s boyfriend who stands up to Edward Norton’s white supremacist in American History X. More often than not, it didn’t quite click. Woody Allen wanted to cast him in Deconstructing Harry but Gould was already committed to a forgettable play. Altman let him cameo in The Player as himself (just as he did in Nashville all those years earlier), but he couldn’t get him into a major role in Short Cuts.

Warren Beatty also toyed with casting him in Dick Tracy, in a role that eventually went to Al Pacino. “Warren called me out of the blue. He said, ‘Do you think you could do for Dick Tracy what Robert De Niro did for The Untouchables?’ And rather than saying ‘Of course!’, I said to Warren, ‘Don’t you think I should read?'” Beatty agreed, sensing a weakness in Gould that stemmed from his years in the wilderness. He lost the role to Pacino.

If Gould was hanging on by his fingertips, his endurance paid off. Steven Soderbergh cast him as one time casino owner Reuben Tishkoff in his 2001 remake of the old Rat Pack movie Ocean’s Eleven, alongside Pitt, Clooney, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts. Two glitzier sequels followed, not to mention a recurring role in Friends as Monica and Ross’s father, Jack Geller. “Just like on Saturday Night Live [Gould hosted the seminal US comedy show several times] I like to work with newer generations,” he says.

He won’t stop working now. “I did seven films last year. Of the seven, two were studio pictures. Not only do I not mind not playing leading roles, I don’t expect to play leading roles. And I don’t have to do so much. But to have a reason to show up, to have a role or part that I can participate in, is very good.” Of his current batch, the highest profile is Ruby Sparks, a comedy due here in the autumn, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the husband and wife team behind Little Miss Sunshine.

Written by Zoe Kazan, the film is a romantic fantasy that sees Paul Dano play a blocked novelist. Gould stars as his therapist, who suggests he invent a female character as a therapeutic exercise. He does, calling her Ruby Sparks; before you know it, she becomes real. “They had originally conceived that a woman was going to play the psychiatrist,” says Gould. “Then they changed their mind and asked to meet me. We had lunch and I said I would do it.” It was, if nothing else, novel for Gould. “I’ve never worked for a couple who directed.”

He’s still harbouring hopes of making a sequel to The Long Goodbye, a chance to resurrect his role as Chandler’s hardboiled detective Philip Marlowe (surely Gould’s finest hour). “I’m still interested in making it as a much older Philip Marlowe; I’ve done quite a bit of work with the Chandler estate. I have material but it hasn’t been financed.” Based on the short story The Curtain, Gould wants to call it “It’s Always Now”. “As long as I believe that I can do it, I won’t give up.”

Even with Altman no longer around to direct, it’s a tantalising prospect, though Gould is nothing if not realistic. “I don’t expect to do it,” he says, quietly. If ever he was “difficult”, as Bergman once reputedly claimed, he has mellowed over time. “Ego and vanity there’s no room for it, and I find it toxic,” he says. “I’ve got to be realistic. I work to be sensible, and not to take anything too seriously, and to be respectful.” Though turning 74 next month, he nevertheless still keeps the advice Cary Grant once told him in mind: “Never do anything surreptitiously.”

We’re close to the end of lunch, Gould having devoured a sizeable roast across our hour and a half together. A PR from the festival has arrived to take him away for an afternoon screening. I’m left talking with Susan, his friend and business adviser, who has accompanied Gould from Los Angeles for the trip. She’s heading off to London tomorrow to arrange in advance his travel and accommodation for a brief stop over in London, where he will be participating in a Channel 4 documentary about Jewish mothers.

Before he goes, he fingers the plant next to our table, talking for a third time about vegetation, which he seems very keen on. “We are destroying nature so quickly,” he sighs. He leaves me with a parting gift. It’s one word: calm. “A great gift is to be calm,” he says. “It’s the first word that I imparted to my eight year old granddaughter: calm. But I also spelt it with true deliberation. Here’s how I spell it, it’s almost painfully deliberate: C. A. L. M.” His voice resonates as he elongates the four letter word. After a career as wild as his, calm is exactly what’s called for.
timberland cabot I had a problem with reality'

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timberland earthkeepers I go with gay strangers

The first time a friend took me “up the Heath”, cruising in the woods at the top of London’s Hampstead Heath, I was terrified and turned on in equal measure. Being summer, it was still quite light, but most people have had a lifetime of being warned about men lurking in the woods and here I was taking two buses to get to them.

Going “up the Heath” is a bit of a rite of passage for many gay men, often the first time you’ve done the anonymous sex thing, and it’s something you are usually initiated into by a friend who already goes up there.

Mine steered me down the steep path behind the pub car park to the main drag, a path through the trees about the size of a main road, lined not with lamp posts or speed cameras, but with men sitting on every available horizontal plane, leaning against every tree. They were smoking, ignoring their dogs (a lot of “straight” men use dogs as excuses for being here), giving lots of eye contact and, if they liked the look of you, provocatively stroking the front of their jeans or tracksuits.

The men who come here are all ages, from teenage to old age, done out in anything from chavvy sportswear to walking boots, shorts and jeans with the odd bit of fetishwear thrown in. After dark there can even be a naked man walking about, pale and ghostly. And the pace is slow. So slow it can look like that scene from Night of the Living Dead when all the zombies emerge from out of the darkness.

This is what it’s like if you go on a warm summer night. In winter it’s still busy (Christmas Day is especially popular), but you have to scale the steep slope behind the car park in pitch blackness, sliding in the mud: in London gay circles, the sudden appearance of muddy shoes in a hallway is the instantly recognised sign that someone’s been out cruising, by the way. In winter, the presence of “trade” (an old fashioned but still quite acceptable term for available men) is picked out by the little glow of their cigarette ends or a glimpse of white sock.

There’s a lot of walking around involved in cruising. On the Heath, there’s a sort of circuit and you can go round on your own or with a friend, though loud talking is frowned on as it seems to break the spell. Alternatively, you can sit on the sidelines and watch the circuit go past you.

When you see someone you like, it’s a case of eye contact, move on, come back for more eye contact. There are very strict unspoken rules of respect in a cruising situation: it’s simply not done to force your attentions on anyone who’s not giving welcome signals.

When you have established that you’re both interested, you move in. Again, talking is not encouraged. A raised eyebrow,
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a half smile as you move in to touch a buttock, maybe, or the front of the jeans. If you’ve got it all wrong, two little pats on your arm politely get the “not interested” message over.

Just because this is as casual as sex can possibly be, that doesn’t mean feelings aren’t involved. You can still feel rejected if you get the brush off, you can still feel a pang if a guy you have had your eye on gets off with someone else. Obviously, you’re over it before you’ve left the Heath, but it’s not entirely without emotion.

There is no taboo in gay cruising. Everything that can be done, can be done here, the resulting litter of tissues and condoms quite rightly angering local daytime users of these woods. If you like an audience, all you really have to do is make some noise and a crowd of men will appear to provide it. Some couples like to be watched and not touched, others like a general free for all: the same two taps rule functions well in establishing what you want here.

Anyone wondering what George Michael was thinking of, going with a much older, much less attractive man the other week, should certainly not assume that he was representative of what is on offer on the Heath. Personally, I’ve had a gorgeous twentysomething male stripper, a 6ft 7in Croatian brute, dressed head to toe in leather, and pretty much everything in between.

And if you were surprised that George should be up there in the first place, you have to understand that apart from the complete relief from commitment that comes from having sex with someone you’ve not even spoken to, the excitement of doing it with other people around can be part of the fun.

It’s not so much the risk of cruising in public that makes it exciting. The police, for example, seem not to worry about rounding up cruisers the way they once did.

But apart from the handful of cases such as Jody Dobrowski, murdered as he was cruising on Clapham Common, cruising is almost always safe, especially in the summer when the Heath can get borderline crowded. Besides, anyone you decide you’ll go back with after meeting in a bar gay or straight can be much more of a danger behind closed doors.

As to whether it would be a surprise to come across George Michael while cruising, the Heath really is, like much of the gay scene, the most mixed of bags: lawyers get it on with barrow boys, multimillionaires with the unemployed even celebrities with other celebrities.

John O’Brien’s name has been changed

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timberland boot co I go with gay strangers
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timberland website I foresee sparks

timberland kids boots I foresee sparks

Kaizer Chiefs coach Steve Komphela believes that Saturday’s highly anticipated Soweto Derby could be a defining moment in their season.

Amakhosi have enjoyed a fruitful 2017/2018 season and as the campaign reaches it business end, Chiefs will not have a better opportunity than now to potentially secure their first league crown in several years under coach Komphela.

The Glamour Boys are currently five points behind log leaders Mamelodi Sundowns and with just a point separating them from rivals Orlando Pirates, there will be so much more than just Soweto Derby bragging rights on offer at the FNB Stadium.

“This is one match which will be defining for us. On the tactical aspect, we both play 3 4 3. We both play it so well. I foresee sparks,” Komphela said.

“There will be a lot of activities. It becomes hectic but it comes with the magnitude of the game.

timberland website I foresee sparks
while the 50 year old mentor has expressed the importance of the encounter, he has revealed that they will approach the game that they approach matches against other PSL teams.

“Every team looks at our matches the same way we are looking at the Pirates match. It is always a big occasion,” he added.

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“The same preparation you go through for Pirates should be the same for every game because all the other 15 teams prepare that way for us,” Komphela concluded.

Meanwhile, the Derby could not have come at a better time for Chiefs who are currently undefeated in their last 10 games in all competitions,
timberland website I foresee sparks
but worryingly so is the fact that they have only won one of their last four league encounters.