timberland ankle boots Activated Carbon And Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

timberland tan boots Activated Carbon And Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

A Highly Effective and Economical Combination

Residential reverse osmosis systems are used to purify home drinking water. Any basic system utilizes two of the best water filter technologies known today, multiple activated carbon filters, and a single reverse osmosis water filter. Together they provide exceptional performance in eliminating a wide array of contaminates.

Activated carbon filters are also known as activated charcoal. Carbon is charcoal. Charcoal is manufactured by heating wood to a high temperature in the absence of oxygen. Wood is placed in a sealed steel or ceramic box and is heated to about 1,000 degrees F. This process evaporates (burns off) carbohydrates such as the sugars in the residual sap within the wood, and leaves behind pure carbon and minerals.

To make carbon ‘activated carbon’, the charcoal is treated to create highly porous surfaces within the charcoal. Oxygen is used to create millions of microscopic pores in the carbon increasing the surface area of the carbon considerably, and with it, its ability to chemically attract and trap many substances that come into contact with it. Activated carbon filters for filtering water are most usually granulated, and are excellent at trapping odors, and carbon based organic chemicals like chlorine, benzene and glycols (industrial solvents), pesticides, herbicides, and even dioxins,
timberland ankle boots Activated Carbon And Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
as well as many other water contaminates.

As good as activated carbon is at absorbing certain compounds from your water, sodium, nitrates and other impurities are not chemically attracted to activated carbon. Carbon filters need to be replaced periodically as the chemical bonding sites within it are used up, making it less effective as a filter.

The second type of filter in the RO system is the reverse osmosis water filter. A residential RO filter is made from a thin film composite membrane (TFM or TFC), which is made out of sheet polymer and is comprised of multiple layers. These layers are semi permeable in that they have millions of microscopic pores of various sizes, the largest of which are only very slightly larger than water molecules. This allows the membrane to act as a molecular sieve that will allow only water molecules to pass through it, but is impermeable to larger impurities. The reverse osmosis water filter membrane is tightly wound in a spiral and fitted within a filter housing.

Water is forced through the reverse osmosis water filter. Contaminates cannot fit through the pores, and are flushed away to the drain. Many harmful chemicals, heavy metals, salts, minerals, and bio pathogens are effectively removed from the water.

Together, the combination of activated carbon and the reverse osmosis water filter results in a compact, economical and effective system that provides safe,
timberland ankle boots Activated Carbon And Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
purified healthy water for you and your family in your own home.