timberland jumper action lawsuit filed

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Fred Busching claims his internet and landline were supposed to cost $80, but his CenturyLink bills packed a mean surprise. had one bill for $280, and I went through the roof, he said.

Jared Collin says his CenturyLink internet connection shut down for weeks, but he never got promised refunds. nightmare is the best way to put it, said Collin.

O who successfully defended George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case, is taking on CenturyLink. The federal lawsuit he filed in Orlando has been rolled into a giant class action lawsuit with two dozen other attorneys nationwide. The lawsuit claims employee whistleblowers say they were encouraged to run up customer bills.

former employees would walk in and go, why they have that complaint, because this is what we were doing to them, said O The lawsuit seeks overbilling refunds and some future rate discounts.

CenturyLink officials responded, telling Action 9 the company is operating with honesty and integrity, the allegations are unfounded and the company will vigorously defend itself.

Jared Collin and Fred Busching are still waiting for their refunds.

have yet to see anything taken off my bill, said Collin.

29 customers contacted Action 9 with overbilling complaints since 2016, and CenturyLink resolved

The company settled a lawsuit with Minnesota attorney general, agreeing to disclose the full price, and stick to it.

“The allegations in the lawsuits are completely inconsistent with our company culture. Our position is clear aim to operate our business with honesty and integrity.
timberland jumper action lawsuit filed