pink timberland boots for women Fargo couple accused in kidnapping have at least 9 kids between them

timberland tops Fargo couple accused in kidnapping have at least 9 kids between them

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FARGO The last thing Brooke Lynn Crews put on the public portion of her Facebook page are the words: “When you truly stop caring what the (expletive) anyone thinks of you, you will reach a whole new level of freedom.”

That was on New Year’s Eve, and only one friend commented.

Starting on Friday, Aug. 25, many more people commented, but they were calling Crews names and wishing her a long stay in prison. Several wondered whether she had children of her own.

Crews, 38, was arrested the day before along with her boyfriend William Henry Hoehn, 32, for their alleged involvement in the disappearance of a pregnant neighbor, Savanna LaFontaine Greywind, 22. Police found a newborn baby in Crews and Hoehn’s apartment who they believe is LaFontaine Greywind’s, but the mother was nowhere to be found.

In Bradenton, Fla., Aaron Edwards, who had a child with Crews 22 years ago, said he was shocked to learn from his daughter that her mother had been accused of such a crime. To him, she was not particularly dangerous but irresponsible, not having been involved with their daughter’s upbringing for the past 19 years and not paying child support.

He said his daughter is in touch with three other siblings who have been similarly ignored by Crews, and he knows Crews has at least three more children. “It just seemed like she was more into doing her partying, do her own thing and not have to have anything holding her back. And she wanted to go off and do what she wanted to.”

Hoehn has at least two children of his own, one of whom he physically abused in 2011 when the boy was a baby, according to court records.

The Forum tried to contact the mothers of Hoehn’s children and others who knew Crews but was unsuccessful.

Mother of seven

When Edwards knew her, Crews was a 15 year old from Bradenton named Brooke Doolin, and she had already been a mother for a few years, he said. He was 18 then, and she told him she was 18 also, he said, but he found out the truth when he took her to see the doctor while she was pregnant with their daughter.

She stuck around a couple of years but eventually left him to be with someone else, he said. He hasn’t heard from her for 19 years, and their daughter has only had contact with her over Facebook for a few months about seven years ago, he said.

From what Crews told him, she seemed to have had a rootless childhood bouncing in and out of foster care, though she never used that to justify her behavior, he said. She had a powerful temper, he said, but wasn’t violent except for their last fight over bills when she threatened him with a hammer.

Court records from Florida, Minnesota and North Dakota show Crews has had children by at least five men. Two of the men, including Edwards, and her eldest child, who’s now in her mid 20s, sued her for child support.

Edwards said the courts lost track of her for a while because she didn’t seem to have a permanent address. He said she paid a total of about $600 in child support.
pink timberland boots for women Fargo couple accused in kidnapping have at least 9 kids between them

pink timberland boots for women Adams Morgan News

timberland shoes black Adams Morgan News

The 32nd Annual Adams Morgan Day will be held on Sunday, September 12th.I went to last year’s fiesta and it was awesome. Lots of neat arts and crafts, tasty food trucks, and live performances.This year should be no different. Sponsored by the AdamsMorgan MainStreet committee, the fair features the various vibrant cultures that Adams Morgan is known for. and pets are welcome.More construction in Dupont? Yup.The community’s latest renovations have begun on 18th Street between P Street, NW and New Hampshire Avenue, NW. The road work is part of the 18th Street Reconstruction project to better serve pedestrians and public transportation throughout the neighborhood.This 18th Street construction is just the latest in a series of upgrades that the District Department of Transportation has ordered for the area. The project includes:Street and sidewalk reconstructionTraffic signal and streetlight upgradesNew crosswalks, bulb outs and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) safety upgradesThis is a multi phase project, so stay tuned for more information.WASHINGTON, DC (wusa) While crews worked to cut down a massive tree on Ingomar and Nebraska Avenue, PEPCO was repairing the wires it brought down.”It was like a sudden, big, loud bang,” said Bob Hagherty.Although Hagherty lives only a few houses down from the downed tree, the power outage did not affect him as it did others in the neighborhood.On South Dakota and 10th street, there were more problems with yet another stormy summer day. DC Fire Department put out a fire when wires were burning on a tree.Lieutenant Jimmy Seavy told us, ” What was unusual about this is when the breaker blew, some shrapnel flew off and it went off a windshield of a car coming down on South Dakota.”Lt. Seavy explained, ground saturation has caused plenty of uprooted trees to tip over and damage property. A big tree fell on a car on the 1600 block of Hobart and another on 20th Street in Woodley Park. prosecutors are opposing a request by the man charged in federal intern Chandra Levy’s slaying to turn over the names of summoned jurors to his attorneys. juries have a statistically significant under representation of Hispanics in a Friday court filing. juries. Guandique is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.But prosecutors maintain that even if the system could be improved, that does not mean the current system excludes Hispanics. They also questioned whether giving the defense access to potential juror names could discourage some people from returning questionnaires.WASHINGTON (WUSA) A man is dead after a shooting in Adams Morgan Wednesday night.Officers arriving on scene discovered a man suffering from a gun shot wound. Police say the victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died.
pink timberland boots for women Adams Morgan News