timberland earthkeeper Beanie Feldstein brings the best friend to center stage in ‘Lady Bird’

timberland t shirts uk Beanie Feldstein brings the best friend to center stage in ‘Lady Bird’

Beanie Feldstein plays Julie Steffans in this year’s stirring, soaring success “Lady Bird.” Cast as the lead of the school musical rather than her overzealous best friend,the titular Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan), Julie is portrayed with a quiet confidence by Feldstein. Next to Lady Bird’s antics, she often steals their shared scenes with a depth of character not typical of the archetypal role of “best friend.”

“When I read ‘chubby girl who loves theatre and is a loyal friend,’ I was like, ‘yep that’s me,'” Feldstein told The Daily Californian in an interview.

Like her “Lady Bird” character, Beanie also found her own voice in the theatre.

Beanie discovered her own love for acting and musical theatre from a young age at a Los Angeles children’s arts center. Her mother signed Beanie up for her very first part the 18th Von Trapp child in what might be one of the most inclusive stagings of “The Sound of Music.”

The now 24 year old actress has since made it all the way to the Broadway stage, singing alongside the likes of Bette Midler in the latest incarnation of “Hello, Dolly!” on the Great White Way. Though she debuted on Broadway before “Lady Bird” hit theaters, Beanie’s work on screen as Julie landed Beanie her part in “Hello Dolly!”

“I think of my life as sort of pre ‘Lady Bird’ and post ‘Lady Bird’ because it changed my life so much,” Beanie said.

Beanie says she was drawn to join the cast of “Lady Bird” in part because of the opportunity to work with Greta Gerwig on her first directing project. She shared her admiration for Gerwig’s previous screenwriting credits, such as “Frances Ha” and “Mistress America,” both of which also feature Gerwig as a central actor. This admiration for Gerwig’s unique vision led Beanie to sign on with the burgeoning auteur’s latest movie.

“This was Greta’s directorial debut, but you would never know it,” Beanie said. “It is so clear in knowing her how beautifully and uniquely she sees the world. She could not have been more giving.”

Like Beanie, “Lady Bird” also attracted several other up and coming Hollywood talents. Lucas Hedges, who starred in last year’s Oscar nominated drama “Manchester by the Sea,” plays Lady Bird’s first love. Timothe Chalamet, surrounded by rumors of a potential Oscar nomination for his part in this year’s “Call Me by Your Name,” follows as her second love interest.

“Lucas and Timothe are both in this film, on the rise,
timberland earthkeeper Beanie Feldstein brings the best friend to center stage in 'Lady Bird'
and [Gerwig] was able to get both of them,” Beanie said, considering those recent credits. “I think we will look back on this and think it’s really special that they were both in this film.”

This attention to supporting characters sets “Lady Bird” apart from other coming of age films. Smaller parts were written conscientiously by Gerwig in order to convey rich though little mentioned backstories within the brief time in which these actors grace the screen.

According to Beanie, what makes Julie in particular such a cathartic and relatable character for audiences is her deep loyalty to Lady Bird, and how Gerwig “gave Julie her own inner life outside of the film.”

Beanie reiterated the widespread praise for Gerwig’s careful writing, referencing one scene though there are numerous that gives a peek into Julie’s inner life. The moment comes when Julie lingers blissfully on a cast list featuring her name at the top seconds after Lady Bird, not receiving the part she desired, stomps away.

“[Gerwig] gives [Julie] her own quiet experience,” Beanie said. “[Gerwig] debunked the archetype of the best friend.”

The role of “best friend” typically functions as a setup to the main character’s storyline, resulting in something that resembles a persona, rather than a real person. In Gerwig’s vision, Julie not only responds to Lady Bird’s self destructive actions, she lives in her own storyline: messy, melancholic and leaving you wanting more. While Lady Bird’s behavior leads to hostility between the friends on screen, Beanie says her relationship with co star Saoirse Ronan was a friendship anything but hostile.

“We clicked instantly,” Beanie said. “We hung out and ate bagels at Greta Gerwig’s apartment we have the same sense of humor, we would quote ‘Bridesmaids’ to each other.”

Even more, in Ronan’s fictional mother Laurie Metcalf, Beanie found a role model. Metcalf, who shines as Lady Bird’s tough love matriarch, has had a long career straddling television, film and theater. While Beanie got her start on Broadway, she says she hopes to emulate Metcalf and expand her talents in new endeavors offstage.

“I have had the most joyous, special time discovering my love for the camera these past years,” Beanie said. “I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of bringing this film into the world.”.
timberland earthkeeper Beanie Feldstein brings the best friend to center stage in 'Lady Bird'

timberland earthkeeper Best concerts in the Twin Cities

how to clean timberland boots Best concerts in the Twin Cities

As one of the first all female rap groups, Salt N Pepa paved the way for future generations of women in hip hop. Unforgettable earworms like “Push It,” “Shoop,” and “Whatta Man” garnered these legendary ladies a Grammy, multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and a VH1 reality show. Almost 30 years after their debut album dropped, the MCs from Queens are still touring and spitting rhymes from five studio LPs. Onstage, members Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandy “Pepa” Denton, and Deidre “Spinderella” Roper preach independence, respect, and frank conversations on sex. Expect feminist anthems, freaky beats, and one can only hope a crop top or two. Nostalgic ’80s babies and newfound fans rejoice! Local DJ Shannon Blowtorch opens. All ages. 13000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley; 952 431 9200.

As soon as she hit the scene, it was clear dime store cowgirl Kacey Musgraves was going to shake up Nashville’s clichs and prevailing bromance. Her 2013 debut, Same Trailer Different Park, had some bite but didn’t blow Music City slickers away so much as undercut their pomposities and hypocrisies with cleverness, humor, and down home common sense. Her just released sophomore album, Pageant Material, is an even more subtly subversive and thoroughly charming advance in the name of true country music. In a mostly laid back, trad country context of galloping rhythms, pedal steel, and banjo, Musgraves’ sweet, limpid voice is siren like in asserting her independence and progressive leanings. The native Texan insists on being true to herself (“I’d rather lose for what I am than win for what I ain’t”), encourages others to do the same (“we’ve all got the right to be wrong”), and promotes tolerance (“mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy”) while enumerating the pleasures and foibles of small town life. The bonus hidden track, “Are You Sure,” is a wonderful duet with Willie Nelson on his vintage tune. Sugar the Hi Lows open. $59 $71.50. 13000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley; 952 431 9200.

Not unlike a swig of delicious holy wine, this one’s a little easier to swallow since the canning of Archbishop John Nienstedt. (None of the profits ever went to the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis directly, but still). The church y bash has a killer 2015 lineup with nerd rock heroes Weezer returning to BBP on Friday, plus fun. leader Nate Ruess and local pop punk stars Motion City Soundtrack. Saturday brings your tasteful dad’s favorite band, the always spectacular Wilco, along with twangy indie pop favorite Jenny Lewis and alt country stud Jason Isbell. and Mat Kearney on Friday followed by Fitz the Tantrums and Echosmith on Saturday. You can find us at the all local stage during those sets. Exactly how many times must the block be rocked before the Basilica is finally restored? Unclear, but this BBP bill is improved tenfold from the one that trotted out Train and Ben Harper last year. $55 $375 per day; $100 two day passes. 88 N. 17th St.; 612 317 3457.

Since disassembling his beloved band LCD Soundsystem in 2011 with Jerry and Elaine levels of well adjusted grace, the effortlessly cool James Murphy has done everything but climb up onstage. Between opening Williamsburg wine bars and soundtracking Williamsburg centric films, he is stepping out of his gentrified borough with a handful of DJ sets this month. Ever since Murphy blew up with the sarcastic braggadocio of “Losing My Edge,” he’s flaunted enviable taste in music that is at once impeccably curatorial while still remaining wide eyed and ecumenical. In his DJ sets,
timberland earthkeeper Best concerts in the Twin Cities
a trendy Italo disco cut can give way to a less fashionable AM radio act like Chicago, but those conflicting textures are always kneaded into something that remains body music through and through. It will be interesting to see how much of a spectacle Murphy makes of himself in the Mainroom. A couple years back, the man designed speaker stacks inspired by the long abandoned idea that a DJ should never be the star of the party. We’ll see how bright the crowd and club ask him to shine. 18+. $20. 701 N. 1st Ave.; 612 338 8388.

Often surreal, sometimes noisy, consistently frenetic, and always unpredictable: For more than 10 years Cows were a signature band for Amphetamine Reptile, a label with nothing but signature bands. Internationally, they destroyed stages from Minneapolis to Madrid. Locally, they somehow managed to be both beloved and criminally under appreciated; their 1998 breakup was neither bang nor whimper. If there’s an applicable metaphor, they basically snuck out your back door with your mom’s pearls. For years, conventional wisdom has been that a Cows reunion was impossible, but no one said anything about Cowz. Featuring three forths of the last Cows lineup (Shannon Selberg, Kevin Rutmanis, and Freddy Votel) with Hammerhead’s Paul Sanders stepping into Thor Eisentrager’s guitar role, Cowz promise to hit Grumpys Bash 15 with a set as brutally loud and fully absurd as the band ever did in its heyday. We haven’t even mentioned perennial AmRep sludge favorites the Melvins or the also recently reunited Run Westy Run, both also set to perform. Le Butcherettes, Hepa Titus, and Gay Witch Abortion round out the bill. $48. 1111 Washington Ave. S.; 612 340 9738.

The local soul revival scene is alive and kicking with the third installment of Funk on First. This edition will celebrate the release of Stay Up, the new full length release from Hustle Rose that takes musical cues from the likes of Parliament Funkadelic and Prince. Hustle Rose boasts a full horn section, synth, bass, and drums, with frontman David Glen on vocals, guitar, and talk box. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, the garage, soul, and funk band spent the past two years playing the Chicago scene and touring the Midwest. It should be a rowdy homecoming. They’ll be joined by local favorites New Sound Underground, Crunchy Kids and MPLS, three acts that will add a unique blend of jam band, R and hip hop into the mix. Dress to sweat, and be sure to wear your dancing shoes! +18. $10. 701 N. 1st Ave.; 612 338 8388.

Twin Cities concertgoers are due for some good karma. After Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Nickleback all nixed shows in the Land of 10,000 Lakes this year, notorious no shows Death Grips came through two weeks ago at First Avenue and killed. And while Morrissey is no stranger to crossing Minnesota off his tour schedule most recently canceling shows in 2012 and 2013 the erstwhile Smiths frontman and internet cat companion looks primed to bring his moody spectre to the Fitzgerald. Moz will visit St. Paul after a successful string of shows, including a supposedly vegetarian tour sendoff at Madison Square Garden that was later soured by the presence of meat. Here’s hoping the Fitz remembers to cut sliders and brats from the menu, ’cause Midwest fans have waited too long for this show just to have Moz storm out over chicken fingers. The principled cult hero is touring in support of his 2014 album, World Peace Is None of Your Business. Sold out. 10 E. Exchange St., St. Paul; 651 290 1200.
timberland earthkeeper Best concerts in the Twin Cities