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It desperately makes me wish I had a faster modem, because these shirts are beautiful and unique and stunning.

They been keeping it going for far longer than I expected them, and they always been concise, clear, and never ragging on people personally. Their reviews are excellent, their notice of things are also excellent, and, generally, I agree with everything they say.

Although I think my stuff doesn deserve what they say. It worse than they think.

Go and worship this design. No, seriously. Go. Worship. And once you done worshipping the design, read the fic, and then worship some more.

Puca got a great style and you adore the look as well as the fic. And how many sites can you say that about size>Another online comic, this one entirely about a science fiction club that actually ends up in the middle of events that seem science fiction. Mind control, vampires, aliens, and the occasional obscure pop culture reference that has me laughing like no tomorrow. Not to mention stunning artwork, and amazing writing. A class act all around.

Jerkbox Punk size= 1>

This comic book continues to just blow my mind. The art is fabulous, the storyline even better, and the guys who run it are downright amazing. It a hell of a lot of fun, but, then again, would a skeleton jack in the box and a pumpkin headed mobster running around causin trouble in Hell not be fun

Gemma has a site! Gemma has a site! I do a little dance!

No, seriously. This woman is like unto a god when it comes to writing. Her stuff is dark, deadly, and so very very delicious. Oh Christ, how delicious.

Original dark fantasy fiction. Fabulous design, incredible stories, and just generally amazes me overall. Wow. And again,
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Sandou Rising Sun Minifig Headquarters

Sweet merciful Jesus, the things this man can do with some Lego.

I still amazed at all he can do. Album covers, entire movies, and the link to his teacher site that has the Star Wars trilogy in Lego form.whistle

God, I love good design. It makes me want to curl up in a comfy blanket of HTML and attempt to redesign my site to make it as cool as things could possibly be.

And this site is cool. No, seriously. C O O L. Calming. Refreshing. And deliciously designed. Mmmmm.

Is this how low I have sunk Does it help that James is so painfully gay doesn I read Pok mon slash and I should be painfully, totally, ashamed of myself.

A respectable archive that getting bigger every day. All the X Men Slash you could want!

Having A Thought: The BuffyAngelImprov Archive

The archives for this amazing list I on. Every two weeks, you get a bunch of words, and you have to write fic around those words.

So everything pretty unique and interesting and just fabulous.

RIOTlist is a list devoted to pointing out homoerotic subtext in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. So it makes sense that they start doing recaps focused entirely on the homoeroticism. God bless them. Oh yes indeed.

My friend Selena new comic strip. It got a cute start, and I can only hope it gets better and better.

A tribute to the early issues of The X Men, back when it was just five teenagers, a crusty old bald guy, and fun fun fun! This site almost makes me wish I had a PC, just so I could read all the alt tags she sticks on the images. And the pictures are so funny. I just know my incessant giggling at this site will get me into trouble.

One of the best Bobby Drake (from the original X men) sites I seen. The fanfiction is fabulous, the design is gorgeous, and everyone seems to have a fabulous time. This site made me fall in love with the character, and most of the time, I hate superheros. But Bobby is just too darn cute!

A Generation X website with fabulous design, great graphics, and plenty of information. If I were to get people hooked on this comic book, I go with this site, because a pretty fan site means that people can ignore bad comics.

There not too much on this site yet, but oh sweet heavens, it so pretty. Fabulous design, great stories, and generally a site to love and envy at the same time. And it all Oz! Oz,
timberland mukluk boots d y m p h
the best damn guy on Buffy!

timberland mukluk boots British model denies kidnapping story was a hoax

timberland boots on ebay British model denies kidnapping story was a hoax

MILAN, Aug 8 (Reuters) The lawyer for a 20 year old British model at the centre of an alleged kidnapping in Italy has denied suggestions that the case was a hoax, after local media raised doubts about her story.

Italian police said on Saturday they had arrested the alleged kidnapper who confessed to being involved in a plot to auction the model online unless a $300,000 ransom was paid.

But people in the Italian village where Chloe Ayling said she was held captive told local media that she and the man went out together.

Some residents told state broadcaster Rai that the couple went to a bar and that she also went shoe shopping with Lukasz Pawel Herba, 30, a British resident born in Poland, before he released her to the British consulate in Milan.

“The implication that she was involved (in the plot) as I read with disgust in some newspapers this morning is just unimaginable,” Milan based lawyer Francesco Pesce told Reuters.

Ayling told police she had been lured to Milan last month for a photo shoot, according to police documents reviewed by Reuters. She said that on arrival at the studio she was drugged, gagged, bound, stuffed into a bag, put into the boot of a car and driven to a village in northwest Italy where she was held for six days.

Four or five men were involved in the kidnapping, according to her account. Herba told police he freed her and handed her to the consulate after the group became aware she had a young child, according to documents outlining his testimony.

Milan police, who are still investigating the case, declined to comment on Tuesday.

Pesce said the kidnappers had removed Ayling’s restraints in the village but threatened to kill her if she tried to run away or tell anyone she was being held there against her will.

“A 20 year old, drugged, stuffed into a bag and kidnapped .. I can well understand that she believed them,” he said.

“There doesn’t need to be a physical restraint if there is a death threat .. The girl said she tried to be very compliant with him (Herba),” Pesce added. (Editing by Mark Bendeich and Andrew Bolton)
timberland mukluk boots British model denies kidnapping story was a hoax