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environmental group.

As It Happens . apparel conglomerate VF Corporation has vowed not to use ancient or endangered trees in the making of its products. (HO Ancient Forest Alliance via Canadian Press) commentsRead Story Transcript

Major clothing brands like Timberland, Vans, Nautica and The North Face say they will no longer make products derived from ancient, endangered forests. Arc join boycottAS IT HAPPENS:After Trump win, Philly CEO says employees can relocate to Vancouver office”When America largest apparel conglomerate commits to eliminatingthe use of endangered forest fibre or socially controversial fibre from their clothing and their packaging and their paper, it really does provide a lift to global conservation and climate action efforts,”Rycroft told As It Happens guest host Helen Mann.

The company that owns Timberland products has promised to make its rayon production more forest friendly. (Leonhard Foeger/Reuters)

Trees in your clothes?The paper and packaging part of that pledge may not come as a surprise to consumers. But how exactly do jeans, boots and backpacks contribute to deforestation?

It all centres around rayon a syntheticcellulose fibreused as a cheapreplacement for silk. It commonly found in apparel from many of the world most popular clothing brands.

THE CURRENT: Why rayon is killing industry workersLogging looms over the Kootenays old growth forests”It not an intuitive link that that thing that you can get a splinter from can actually be that nice soft, silky fabric that next to your skin,”Rycroftsaid.

A section of Quebec boreal forest is seen after being clear cut in this undated photo. VF Corporation has vowed not to use wood pulp from ancient or endangered forests, including those in Canada. (Matt Medler/International Boreal Conservation Campaign via Associated Press)
timberland sale uk CBC Radio