timberland stores FBI chief says he had to tell Congress of Clinton email news

timberland earthkeepers chelsea FBI chief says he had to tell Congress of Clinton email news

On Tuesday, Clinton partly attributed her loss to Comey’s disclosure to Congress less than two weeks before Election Day that the email investigation would be revisited. But Trump tweeted a bit later that Comey actually “was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!”

Speaking at times with a raised voice, Comey said he faced two difficult decisions when agents told him in October that they had found emails potentially connected to the Clinton case on a laptop belonging to former Rep. Weiner’s laptop was seized as part of a sexting investigation involving a teenage girl.

Comey said he knew it was unorthodox to alert Congress to that discovery 11 days before Americans picked a new president. But he said he decided it would have been “catastrophic” to keep silent, especially when he had testified under oath that the investigation had been concluded and had promised to advise lawmakers if the probe needed to be reopened.

“I sat there that morning and could not see a door labeled, ‘No action here,'” Comey said.

The FBI obtained a warrant to search the laptop and sifted through thousands of emails, Comey said, including ones with classified information that had been forwarded to the laptop by Abedin to be printed out. Though officials found many new emails,
timberland stores FBI chief says he had to tell Congress of Clinton email news
there was nothing to change the FBI’s decision from July not to recommend charges, Comey said.

He also said he had not intended to harm the Clinton campaign with his unusual public announcement in July that Clinton and her aides had been “extremely careless” in their handling of classified information though there was not evidence to support criminal charges.

He said he had been concerned for months about how to report the investigation’s findings to the public, and because of Justice Department actions including an impromptu airplane meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch he had concluded he needed to make the announcement himself.

“My goal was to say what is true. What did we do, what did we find, what do we think? And I tried to be as complete and fair” as possible, Comey said.

He said he himself had been interviewed by the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office as part of the watchdog’s investigation into the Clinton email case. He said he welcomed that review and continues to believe he did things the right way.

Under questioning from Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Comey said he did not treat disclosures about investigations into Clinton’s emails differently than potential connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The FBI began a counterintelligence investigation last July into whether Russia had coordinated with Trump campaign associates to influence the American election, but he did not disclose that until a hearing in March, after Trump had been elected and taken office.

That prompted Democrats to complain of a double standard in the way the investigations were treated.

But Comey said that other than confirming the Clinton investigation existed,
timberland stores FBI chief says he had to tell Congress of Clinton email news
he did not discuss it until after it concluded last year. And he said the FBI does not expect to have anything to say about the Russia investigation until that one was over.

timberland stores How Hawaii is affected

timberland walking boots How Hawaii is affected

The federal government is now shut down. Friday HST. The final count was 10 votes short.

Many said the late night vote was poised to fail with no clear signs that Republicans and Democrats could come to an agreement over the budget and immigration. Rep. EST, so she’s hopeful the shutdown won’t last long.

“A vote is expected and that will probably be on what you call a clean Continued Resolution. In other words, we’re kicking the can down the road again, so I do not anticipate that people will be affected in that short a period of time,” she said. Sen. Brian Schatz is not as optimistic.

He tweeted: “I’ve never seen such a flawed negotiation. No one is in charge. Speaker concerned about his right flank, Senate R’s waiting for POTUS, POTUS changes from moment to moment. No one is sure if they have leverage or are over a barrel. It’s as bad as it looks.”

I’ve never seen such a flawed negotiation. No one is in charge. Speaker concerned about his right flank, Senate R’s waiting for POTUS, POTUS changes from moment to moment. No one is sure if they have leverage or are over a barrel. It’s as bad as it looks.

Non essential civilian workers were furloughed. Military members were still on duty, but their pay was delayed.

A supervisor at Pearl Harbor told us employees still have to report to work on Monday to sign papers if they get furloughed.

“The first bill that we usually will pass is called POMA, which is Pay Our Military Act, where we ensure that the military personnel, in other words their families, as well as our civilian workforce that are essential and working,
timberland stores How Hawaii is affected
will continue,” Hanabusa said. “In 2013, Pearl Harbor definitely fit in that category as did other parts of the federal workforce.

“In addition to that, those who were furloughed, they will probably remember that the other piece of legislation that we passed almost immediately before they returned is the fact that they are all paid. So they would be paid for the time that they are furloughed,” Hanabusa added. “Of course the length of the furlough will determine the inconvenience, and for that, we of course apologize, and that’s why I don’t know why we get ourselves in this position, because it really is not a financial savings, because what happens is that we pay anyway.”

Military commissaries were closed, along with national parks, including World War II Valor in the PacificNationalMonument, Hawaii Volcanoes and Haleakala national parks.
timberland stores How Hawaii is affected

timberland stores Friendly Men’s Swimwear Founded

timberland uk boots Friendly Men’s Swimwear Founded

Contact Us,For Isabella Cisneros and Ramiro Carranza, the launch of their eco conscious swimwear line was kind of a perfect storm. Both felt a profound connection to nature, with Carranza turning to the outdoors when he moved to Miami from Argentina as a young man. After watching A Plastic Ocean, a documentary on Netflix exposing dangerous levels of plastic polluting our oceans, the two felt restless about the consequences of pollution and somewhat powerless to make a major, lasting change.

These musings would remain simply that, until a 2016 trip to Tulum, Mexico, drove them to take an actionable course toward a more sustainable future. On that trip, Cisneros and Carranza spent a week at an eco friendly hotel. Electricity was forgone in favor of solar energy; the food served was grown in the hotel’s private garden. Spending a week off the grid was a sharp contrast to the typical Tulum experience, where bindhi sporting, designer threads wearing hipsters took molly and danced to EDM on the beach in an effort to connect with Pachamama. In exploring the multifaceted sides of Tulum, Carranza and Cisneros realized there might be a way to marry the fashion conscious and the eco conscious.

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In founding the Tropics, a swimwear line composed of plastic recyclable materials, Carranza and Cisneros aim to solve two persistent problems in the fashion industry. Fashion, one of the most eco hazardous industries EcoWatch reports the industry is the second largest pollutant in the world needs more innovative clothing brands that make use of recycled materials. By utilizing fabrics made from recyclable plastic, the Tropics is both eliminating harmful waste from the ecosystem while implementing a more sustainable production process and inspiring their peers.

“We’re on a mission to spread the word about sustainability,” Cisneros says. “It’s up to our generation to make a change.”

The Tropics Standard Trunk in the Plunge print.

Now sold exclusively through the Tropics’ website, the brand works with Repreve textiles, which are frequently employed by eco friendly brands such as Patagonia. Cisneros and Carranza handpick recyclable plastics usually at beach cleanups they’ve organized and send them to a Repreve processing facility that breaks those materials down into yarn. The two then send their designs hand drawn by Carranza, an art director by trade to a Colombian manufacturer for production.

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“We’ve saved 5,500 bottles out of the ocean,” Cisneros says, “and each swim trunk is made with 11 plastic bottles.”

In addition to its eco friendly mission, the Tropics was designed as an alternative to department store swimwear lines. Carranza long thought high quality men’s swimwear was hard to come by either the fit was wrong, the design was stale, or the price was too high. In designing for the Tropics, Carranza focuses on earth tones and minimal prints, paying homage to the natural elements that have rooted his love of his surroundings.

The Tropics’ mission is to elevate Miamians’ environmental consciousness. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the company donates a portion of the proceeds from every $95 pair of trunks sold to the organization. Carranza and Cisneros plan to host frequent beach cleanups to continue to draw awareness to ocean pollution issues, and they hope to engage new environmental warriors through targeted social media campaigns. The Tropics has recently partnered with influencer Chris Rogers to bring awareness to the brand and its cause.

While the Tropics is evaluating whether wholesaling its wares makes sense for its startup line, Cisneros has big plans for the future. “We would love to bring like minded people together and have a good time while doing something to give back,” she says. “I would love to see our generation turn the page and get together to make a difference for our environment. I would love to see the Tropics all over the world. We hope it catches on.”
timberland stores Friendly Men's Swimwear Founded